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2016 Revolution - Rebirth of America

(part 1)

Watching what's going in the United States you will know that a revolution is taking place! Not surprisingly it's fifteen years since 9/11. The wheel is coming full circle, but more on that later.

As an astrologer I'm curious how this revolution shows in the United States' astrological chart. Casting a chart for an individual is kind of easy. All one need to know is the date of birth and preferably the exact time of day.

Figuring out the birth chart of a nation is not all that straight forward. We have to find the moment when sails were reset for a new direction and probable future timelines shifted. The signing of the 'Declaration of Independence' on July 4, 1776, is such a major milestone. Researcher, astrologer and author Dane Rudyhar (1895-1985) came to the conclusion that on July 4, shortly after 5 p.m. the signing process for this groundbreaking document was complete. 


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Why is the 'Declaration of Independence' so special and why is it considered a masterpiece? To understand we have to look  for a moment at the historical context. It was years before the French Revolution. Humanity just had started waking up from the dark Middle Ages. Feudalism was the common governmental structure, individuals had practically no rights. Taking all this into consideration we may realize what a huge step this was, when the representatives of the 13 original states agreed, laying the foundation for a new society based on principles of individual freedom and basic human rights.


This group of visionaries  standing together vowing to break away from European dominance set off a great experiment. This means that July 4, 1776, isn't just is the birthday of the American nation. It was a breakthrough for humanity at large, a first clear sign that a new era was dawning.  

So let's have a look at what's laid out in the 'American People's Chart', as Dane Rudyhar calls it. I don't want to meander too far from this article's topic so I'll keep it short and just skim the surface. An entire book could be written about this chart, so rich and multi-layered is its message!

1776 was the year of the Fire Monkey, and so is 2016! Every 60 years this cycle of twelve yearly characters and five elements repeats itself. Coming back to the original signature is deeply empowering. There's a resonance. It makes us remember and revives our forefathers great visions. It awakens our courage to reach out so we may build a better world.

On that memorable day 240 years ago, the Sun was in Cancer, portraying the American people's impressive and emotional nature. Cancer is the first sign of a season. Its cardinal energy wants to lead, it doesn't take orders easily. Cancer sticks to traditional values and displays a strong need for safety and security. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon represents the people. This shows that the American people have more influence on their nation's development then they might be aware of.

Now, here's the riddle: Residing in the 28th degree of Aquarius the Moon is 'void-of-course' (VOC). The Moon is at the tail end of the sign, past its last exact aspect with another planet. Therefore, as astrologers say, the Moon is running into the 'void'. Disorientation and confusion are common manifestations. Rational mind, logic, organizational skills, etc.; all affairs mainly processed by the brain's left hemisphere are somewhat subdued. Knowing this we won't be surprised any longer why the American people have been such easy prey for dark powers sneaking in through the backdoor, deceiving, spreading lies and hijacking the entire system!

But let's look at the bright side of this VOC Moon which favors the brain's right hemisphere ruling over creativity. Intuition is enhanced, the big picture is more important than details. Give it a try and you will understand: looking at everything in your field of vision makes it impossible to focus on anything in particular, you may not be a ble to continus reading this article.

The Moon's Aquarian energy shows affinity with the experiential, unusual, the wild and weird. Although is socially inclined and service oriented, Aquarius overall has not the most empathic energy. It even can indicate emotional disconnection, detachment, dispassion and over-rationalization.

Last but not least let's look at the Ascendant, the rising sign which is our main cosmic anchor, the umbilical cord. The Eastern horizon where the the Sun rises and from where the sky emerges from Earth is the main portal for celestial energies to come into this earthly dimension.

The 'Declaration of Independence' chart has Sagittarius rising, which is Jupiter's sign. Its nature is bold, expansive and filled with enthusiasm. There's a powerful drive and great intentions, we're signed on to explore, we're determined to reach the farthest edges of the universe, nothing is too big or too fast. Sagittarius represents high ideals and great passion. We won't stop before we undertand it all.

You may have gotten a sense how important this chart is. Next we will explore why now, after 240 years, finally the ice is breaking. You will get a taste of what 'dynamic astrology' is able to reveal and look into 2016's key moments and its turning points. And we will analyze the progressions and transits of the American People's chart.



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