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The twenty Mayan day signs



IMIX: (pronounced - ee'meesh ) - The Sea-Dragon, The Crocodile, The Earth Monster .

Day # 1    Dream-spell: Red Dragon   belonging to the earth family that speaks

Planet: Neptune   Finger/Toe: Right index finger



Initiator, creator, ground-breaker, fresh, child-like, innocent, nurturing, ability to be in the moment, dreamer, little material concerns, courage and strength.

Being born on the first day of the 20 Mayan day signs makes you an initiator, a groundbreaker. You very much still are living in oneness and you have the wonderful gift of staying in this moment, without concern about past or future. You are still linked with primordial energies which lie beyond the mundane. Although you are a creator and sparkle with new ideas you are more of a dreamer. You are lacking the desire to succeed in materialistic accomplishments, challenged to follow a project through to completion. You own outstanding courage and strength. But you also are a very vulnerable soul, childlike and innocent. You relate to the world mainly through your feelings. As a friend or a parent you can be very nurturing. Be aware not to act overprotective or dominating. Sorting things out by rational mind is not your strongest point, you tend to ignore unpleasant subjects until a crisis occurs. Then you can act quite reactive and unreasonable. Learn to reflect immediately. Speaking up or keeping a diary will help you recognize your issues and stumbling blocks. You will find balance in your life by creating your own home or owning your own business. Give yourself some quiet time in natural spaces, away from the crowds - nature is rejuvenating and healing. Communicate your truth and share your dreams. The universe will provide everything for you - but you need to allow for it! 

Challenge: Follow a project through to completion. Rational mind is not your strongest point, you tend to ignore unpleasant subjects until a crisis occurs. Then you can act quite reactive and unreasonable. Release judgements and limitations; learn to reflect immediately. Trust life and communicate! Beware not to overprotect or dominate others.


IK: (pronounced - eek' ) - The Spirit of the Wind, The Divine Breath .

Day # 2    Dream-spell: White Wind   belonging to the earth family that translates

Planet: Uranus     Finger/Toe: Right middle finger



Change is your nature - flow with life, move like the wind. Often you might appear contradictory, inconsistent of even unreliable, unpredictable and sudden. You hear the call of the unknown. Expansion, learning & teaching, travel, movement. Powerful mind, thirst to understand. You are an idealist, very sensitive and highly appreciating the aesthetic side of life.

Challenge: Concentrate and focus - be ready to dive deeper, not just skimming the surface. Disperse rigid ideals of perfection. Connect with your feelings and emotions - your sensitivity and psychic abilities. Move from being a spectator and choose to become a participant. Your fickle nature will become more decisive, you will start accepting commitments, responsibilities and obligations. This will make you more real, give you roots and anchor you in your heart.




AKBAL: (pronounced ak'bal ) - The Power of Darkness, The Night, The Heart of the Mountain .

Day # 3      Dream-spell: Blue Night   belonging to the earth family that feels

Planet: Saturn     Finger/Toe: Right ring finger



Akbal is symbolized by the dawn, the coming together of the old and the new, of darkness and light - a creative and destructive place both. Home and family are important, a sheltered space and secure foundations, a protection from life's many dangers and inconsistencies - enclosing you like a womb. You are a private and reclusive person. There is a sacred place within yourself that can't be shared with anybody - your inner sanctum. This makes you appear aloof and could cause problems in close relationships. You have great respect for tradition and history and you are tempted to stick with conventional solutions, only ready to let go of rigid attitudes during major crisis. You enjoy appearing inaccessible, mysterious and unknowable. Logical and systematic you enjoy solving problems. Akbal gives incredible endurance to actualize your goals, no matter how long it will take.

Challenge: Trials are the gateways to spiritual treasures. In search for the innermost light the perils of the soul have to be faced, confronting all kinds of fears. Light is found at the very core of darkness. Dare to go with adventures, diving into the unknown. Open yourself to revelations and visions.




KAN : (pronounced: k' an ) - The Cosmic Seed, Corn, The Lizard .

Day # 4   Dream-spell: Yellow Seed   belonging to the earth family that anchors

Planet: Jupiter     Finger/Toe: right pinky finger



Truly individual, acting out of an instinctual, primal wholeness - unique in expressions and full of seeds - hidden potentials to grow new life. In the beginning just dreams, ideas and plans - plant them, give them away to the fertile soil, allow life force and light to break their shell, give them a chance to germinate. Don't wait for the perfect time or place to cast your seeds away. Live life as a dancer, a musician or a mischief. You have a fiery nature and a lot of deep and strong physical energy. Outdoor activities are balancing your mental pursuits and interests. Sexuality is of great importance, giving you an outlet for all the primal energy roaring within. Trust your intention in the now and take the first step towards fulfilling yourself. Deep down you are very serious about life. You own powerful senses and you often operate on instinct, on auto-pilot. You are very receptive, reacting quickly, catching opportunities and making contact to the right people. You are a strong thinker, diving deep into intricate subjects like science, philosophy or metaphysics. Your success is based on patient effort, daily routine, strong dedication and commitment. You don't care so much about other people's opinions and you are far from compromising yourself in any way. You have a strong desire to appear in public and you show a natural talent for leadership. You are competent and outstanding in whatever you choose to do. You attract wealth and good fortune.

Challenge: Concerned with safety, there is the tendency to hold on to your energies, thinking you have to unfold your life. This egotistical point of view leads towards depression and hopelessness. Show your true temper, be light-hearted and enthusiastic. Dive deeply into sexuality, pass through all kinds of obsessions, and face upcoming problems and confusions. You crave for challenges and crisis in order to heal the split between mind and body. Come down from your head, center within the fire of your heart, allow it to burn away conditionings and limitations.




CHICCHAN: (pronounced: cheek'chan ) - The Celestial Snake, The Serpent .

Day # 5   Dream-spell: Red Serpent   belonging to the earth family that receives

Planet: Asteroid belt     Finger/Toe: big right toe



Strong willed and charismatic you can embody the highest and the lowest forms of existence. Rising to the highest you will transmit light and truth - embodying spiritual ideas. Falling into the Underworld you might represent the poisonous snake diving into excesses. You can draw and hold attention, you radiate a mysterious and secretive aura and you can be quite dramatic. You know the knack of getting attention, but you're rarely understood. Although delighting in public focus you are a solitary being, enjoying privacy and seclusion, thinking in terms of "I" instead of "we". Harmonized and balanced within yourself you attract others instead of repulsing them. Only then will you be able to use your high intelligence in constructive ways, transforming your instinctual wisdom, developing healing powers, accessing sorcery and witchcraft.

Challenge: You own powerful emotions, which are challenging you to look deeply into unsolved inner conflicts. These emotional tides can be dramatically intense, for yourself and for the people close to you. Your penetrating psychic energy is at times intrusive. Internalize feelings and learn to express anger in constructive ways. Unless you really gather the courage to face fear and emotional upheaval again and again you will fall into paralyzed states of indecision. By refusing to take responsibility the universe makes decisions by default, leaving you unhappy; trapped within your own life - even more so because personal freedom means a lot to you. Sensual pleasures and survival instincts stimulate your primal awareness, activating your intuitive wisdom. Don't rely too much on hearing and seeing. These senses may fragment and distort your intuition, enticing you to start reasoning. Connecting with touch, smell and taste brings you to the present moment, aligns you with instinctual wisdom.




CIMI: (pronounced: k' ee mee ) - The Bridge between the Worlds, The Death .

Day # 6 Dream-spell: White World-Bridger   belonging to the earth family that speaks

Planet: Mars     Finger/Toe: Right index toe


Day of forgiveness, a very lucky day to be born on. After having quenched all physical needs there comes the challenge to extend consciousness, encompassing the mysteries of death, awakening to limitlessness. Cimi is dedicated to deep inquiry, ready to look inside. Passing through periods of solitude, turning points are experienced. A close encounter with death might create a sacred wound within you. Allow pain – it's a blessing in disguise, it will boost your transforming process. In the light of life's immense questions, religion and metaphysics might help building faith and trust. Pushing understanding beyond the limits of intellect reveals the mysterious, opens the doors to the nonphysical world of spirit. When polarities are dissolving, true inner wisdom is generated. Cimi cooperates well with others, having great dedication for community and partnership. Deep inside there is a strong sense of obligation towards humanity as a whole - you are a living sample of true sister- and brotherhood, feeling great compassion for all the suffering beings.

Challenge: Preoccupied with helping you often forget caring for yourself. Remember: you can love others only as much as you are able to love yourself! True giving will come out of abundance, when overflowing your riches are shared naturally. So be generous and compassionate with yourself first.

Being a perfectionist you take life very serious. You are gracious, and yet reluctant to share your core feelings. Although capable, you don't feel like leading others, preferring to contribute behind the scenes. In partnership you are torn toward strong individuals, tending to conform, wanting to fit the cast, almost neglecting your own personality – to the point of playing the passive role of a victim. There is no need to sway dynamics covertly from behind the scenes to get the results you desire.

Contemplate on transitoriness and you will realize that death doesn't mean destruction; but liberation, reconnecting the limited self with universal consciousness.




MANIK: (pronounced: man eek' ) - The Hand that Heals, The Deer .

Day # 7   Dream-spell: Blue Hand   belonging to the earth family that transduces

Planet: Earth     Finger/Toe: Right middle toe



The hand is symbolizing your abilities to improve upon nature by adjoining creative genius, applying the proper tools to achieve the envisioned results. Manik is the archetype of advanced intelligence - recognizing potentials, and following through to their completion. Caring for projects and futuristic ideas with intense commitment you never get tired of expanding your skills to fulfill highest standards of accomplishment. Intuitive and sensitive to the concerns of other beings you hold the desire is to improve upon the quality of others lives. Community and family issues are important generous, peaceful and inspiring. You enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship. Generous, peaceful and inspiring you enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship. Manik is unconventional, experiential, owns powerful intuition and a sharp mind. You can be pretty bold, speaking up the truth, regardless of any consequences. Although you prefer contributing from behind the scenes having no desire to be a leader still at times you might be the sovereign manager.

You have strong feelings for nature, plants and animals. Farming, outdoor work or sports are empowering. You are very sensual - appreciating eating and sexual pleasures. You own a strong sense for aesthetics and artistic talents, especially a strong sense of rhythm. You love dancing and body movement.

Challenge: Deriving security from close relationships you have to learn being more comfortable with your own individuality. In fact, you are an incomparable individualist. Give yourself the personal freedom to roam around - be just yourself, a wanderer or world-traveler. Be aware not to get too much identified with certain perspectives, don't get confined to certain ideals and roles. Playfulness and versatility are loosening up tensions, opening you to this moment - attuning you to your heart! Manik symbolizes sacred rhythms of life, the rhythms of giving and taking. Often you might suffer from inadequacy, imperfection and procrastination, becoming overwhelmed by what you've started, fearing displeasure at possible outcomes. Completion will become much easier if you allow excitement and satisfaction during the creative process. The journey is the goal - enjoy each step!




LAMAT: (pronounced: la mat' ) - The Venus-Star, The Rabbit.

Day # 8     Dream-spell: Yellow Star   belonging to the earth family that feels

Planet: Venus     Finger/Toe: Right ring toe



Lamat vibrates with perfectionism, beauty, elegance, ingenuity – exclusive taste, unique ideas and visions. You own an extremely intelligent and complex mind and you're constantly living on razor's edge of getting lost in its labyrinth. Always busy doing something or other your intense and nervous energy often lacks focus. Deeply ingrained habits, which are structuring your life - are tending to become ruts. So knowing this, create positive routines that generate order and rhythm, assisting you in bringing your high values down to earth. To bring your fast spinning electric energy down to Earth you need physical activity, rooting you within existence. <With roots and wings>, as Zen people say, you will stay in touch with the multidimensional universe, ready to face changing winds. Often you try to figure out your purpose. Quit trying so hard - just be. Dive into this moment - invest your total being into the now. Follow your heart, not your mind! You are a graceful being and you have a harmoniously glowing aura around yourself, which others easily can get deceived by! That means, you're not all that tender and sweet as it may look from without. Actually you enjoy challenge and opposition and love a good fight. Knowingly or unknowingly you take great risks, even in order to create situations of adversity. You thrive on strong attention.

Challenge: You've got life energy in abundance. Being a strong thinker this untamedenergy could get stuck within your brain, causing endless circles of thoughts, which might even lead to symptoms of paranoia and craziness. The key is redirecting this exuberant energy from your head down into your whole body. Sports, martial arts, dance or exercise (active meditation techniques) are some of the options to ground your energy back to Earth, completing the circuit. Bring more consciousness to your breath.You are greatly influenced by others' opinions. So for the purpose of self-protection you tend to get over-opinionated, so much so that you might loose overall perspective. Stay flexible, adapt your views in accord with a constantly changing universe. Make it an everyday practice to look at life afresh, unwind your mind, make room for the new and unexpected - break old habits of being and thinking. There is more then one way to accomplish your goals. It is crucial to harmonize your own energies, your thoughts and ideas. Then you won't end up in tense and disharmonious settings, finding more positive outlets for feisty oppositions and debates. Connecting with your heart will help resonate more positively with other people and their ideas. Once your self-confidence has stabilized you become capable of completing large projects.



MULUC: (pronounced: moo' look ) - The Changing Moon, The Universal Water .

Day # 9   Dream-spell: Red Moon     belonging to the earth family that anchors

Planet: Mercury     Finger/toe: Right pinky toe



You are part of an infinite ocean, deeply interconnected with all beings. Powerful emotions are expressing through you. Whatever you do originates in your intense feelings. You are impressible, changeable and flexible - able to adapt to any situation you're put in. Definitely not moderate, one could call you exorbitant or even excessive. "All or nothing" is your principle. You might show instinctual and domineering manners and you are not attempting to appear sophisticated at all. Once you have decided to engage yourself for something you do it whole-heartedly with your total dedication. You live very much in the moment and you are aware - always ready to change course if the situation demands to. You show intense behavior and bizarre interests. Unless you have heard your inner call and found your mission it is very hard for you to gain stability and containment. You need a form, a structure - something or somebody giving you boundaries and self-discipline. You like to be involved with others. You can be incredible giving and reliable - an appreciated member of a team. You have absorbed some quite strong conditionings from your mother's role model. If you were lucky you have got positive imprints. Then leadership and responsiveness will be your natural gifts. Otherwise you still might have to become more easy with sharing and giving. However, bringing light into your childhood will reveal many lost keys. You have a good connection to your unconscious self, and once your channels are clear transmission between different dimensions will become natural. You rely on your power of discernment and your sharp mind pierces through problems quickly. Being independent and highly individualistic, you make a natural performer of great authenticity. You draw and create from the brilliance of your inner being, able to stir the souls of your audience.

Challenge: Your greatest challenge is taking responsibility for your own life, understanding that you are attracting certain energies; drawing in particular experiences in order to grow stronger and become more mature. Besides that, recognize your limits - don't take on too much. Step back of being overcritical, there is no need to grumble and complain. Rather allow yourself to shine your light to the world. Take the risk and expose your truth. Master shyness and over-sensitivity. Share your dreams and powerful imaginations - discover your charisma. Trust in your instincts and your inner guidance. You have all the keys to embrace this moment. And within this moment the whole eternity will be found.





OC: (pronounced: oak' ) - The Loyal Heart, The Dog.

Day # 10   Dream-spell: White Dog   belonging to the earth family that receives

Planet: Mercury     Finger/toe: Left thumb



The dog is a highly evolved animal. He is guiding you on your inner journey through the Underworld. His fire of faith provides the light to walk through <the dark night of the soul>, the process of integrating your unconscious self. You own a complex consciousness based on high sensibility, strong senses and a good intuition. You trust yourself and you know the knack of enjoying life. Your desires are directly generated by your sensual awareness - smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing. Your aims to fulfill basic needs are pure and simple longings for comfort and well being. Recognizing your own desires alerts you to the surroundings and to others' desires as well. You are warmhearted, sociable and a devoted companion. Mainly fortunate and happy you make a generous and dedicated friend, always willing to help out if asked for favors. You are a good team player and if needed you excel as a courageous and charismatic leader. Regardless of your social position, you are the heart of your tribe, inspiring loyalty in others. You enjoy the limelight, have many creative talents (creative arts, communication) and you love travelling.

You respect the ideal of family highly. As a child you strongly asked for your parents' approval, delegating important life decisions. While you admired your father and lived up to his standards you were ignoring your own needs. Developing your own personality you had to free yourself from this predominance. You started reacting, rebelling against any control and influence you had allowed your family to have over you. Still you might carry some old resentment for lacking material or emotional support. Once you can understand your parents' limitations you will have made peace with them. You're an idealist and you can get quite fixed on certain beliefs. Loyalty to ideas can narrow your vision, blinding you for the many colors and shapes truth can have. Your life is full of dramas and you're challenged to just witness them. Look without evaluation and you will find the positive intent. Tune into your heart and its sacred rhythms. You are inter-connected with all existence. Allow trust arising and you will know that you're never alone.

Challenge: You are the boss and you are defending your territory. Unconsciously you assume deserving more then the others - you have double standards, with one set of rules for yourself and another for your partner. Strong negative emotions like jealousy and possessiveness are simply reflections of your incapability of loving yourself. Dare to look into your hidden wounds and unresolved conflicts. Learn to walk in the other's shoes and see from their perspective. Working towards emotional integrity and finding compassion within your heart are the most important issues of your life's journey.



CHUEN: (pronounced: chu' wen ) - The Power of Illusion, The Monkey .

Day # 11   Dream-spell: Blue Monkey   belonging to the earth family that speaks

Planet: Venus       Finger/toe: Left index finger



Two different levels of consciousness are meeting within you - one is sensual, untamed and wild, the other one is more evolved, sensitive and perceptive for future outcomes. Their balanced union generates creativity and the delight to play. Intuitively you know that life is a divine drama, leela . You are an illusionist, a gambler; playing your favorite role - the hero or the heroine. It's all a divine joke anyway - so, let's have fun! You are curious, loving interesting and dramatic situations to the point of obsession.

Humor and playfulness are your big gifts to the world. You got the magical elixir to break through the dramas of others. Your laughter brings light into life. You play "life", breaking down the rigid structures of society, bringing relief from harsh reality. But be aware, ridiculing can also mean downplaying serious inner conflicts. Laughing can be a denial, avoidance of feeling the pain of your inner wounds.

You would like to get public attention. Chuen is a born performer - creative excellence is your spiritual path. Born on the day of the "masters of all the arts" you do well as an artist, artisan or a crafts-man. Or, you might magnify life into a weekday soap opera, indulging in gossip or inflicting havoc. You definitely know the knack of getting attention. Not a follower of any kind you're either independent or a leader - preferring leadership because of increased attention. You are very curious, intelligent and adaptable. You learn quickly, but often abandoning a project or intention before completion. You are managing your own promotion - this is viewed as funny, charming or even glamorous. Inner insecurity keeps you concerned about your reputation, you require constant reassurance about your efficacy. In close relationships you prefer to remain emotionally distant and aloof. You are not comfortable with strong feelings. Others are influencing you so much already, so you get afraid of losing your center. Close relationships want you to cut away facades and false fronts.

Challenge: Your challenge is to find the balance between fun and play, responsibility and work. Not caring about obligations and commitments could lead to deterioration of your social and economic foundations. Disguised as a two-sided mirror you are not able to see yourself but only the reflection of what is around you. Your play becomes so all-embracing that you can't see your true self. The danger is to get lost in the world of personality, over-reaching egotism and pride are the pitfalls. Meditate on the koan "what is real?". Don't get identified with your role, step back, watch the cosmic play unfolding through you. Get immersed with deeper layers of your being to discover your true self. Move with the challenge, seize the illusion; become a true, authentic human being.





EB: (pronounced: eb ) - The Heart of the Human, The Road of Life, The Grass .

Day # 12   Dream-spell: Yellow Human   belonging to the earth family that transduces

Planet: Earth     Finger/toe: Left middle finger



You have an open mind with the natural ability to attain expanded awareness. Able to directly access your higher self you may become a vessel for spiritual inspiration, a channel for divine potentials. If unaware, this wisdom gets filtered through your conscious mind and often is distorted and contaminated, loosing its purity. Attune to your wonderful gifts. Recognize your conditionings and prejudices, keep on releasing limiting concepts and beliefs and focus on the precise moment of receiving to fully understand the transmissions.

Like the grass you pass through many vegetation cycles. Reborn and rejuvenated after the trials of winter you burgeon out fresh blades, again and again. You are transforming and refining the raw soil of your inner self into gracious and delicate foliage. You are a very sensitive being, courteous, kind and chivalrous. You are generous and giving and you do not expect any thing in return. Everybody loves to be around you because of your warm glow. Express and live your desires for power and sexuality, be human. Relationships are extremely important for you. Romantic love and friendship are nourishing your self-value. You have a good humor and you can be a successful entertainer. You are alert and conscious to the needs of others. Intuitively you sense what people like and you enjoy pleasing them. Strong driving ambition and persistent hard work make you achieve your goals. You are practical, a problem solver and attracted to trace and uncover lost wisdom. You have the ability to regenerate and revive the past. You have a strong bond with nature, especially with healing herbs and flowers. Take advantage of these gifts. Spend more time in receiving nature's bounty and allow to be healed by the Sun. You are part of nature. Trust the cosmos, feel nurtured and loved as a simple human being. You are on your spiritual path, refining and polishing your being. Use all the challenges for reawakening, continually becoming stronger - approaching your destiny.

Challenge: Often too nice you are closing your eyes, escaping into a foggy state of ignorance when others are violating your boundaries. Afraid of rejection and criticism you have a hard time drawing the line. Your emotions are very fragile and you can get hurt easily on deep levels. Allow others to see when you're upset, learn to release negative emotions. Express your resentments immediately and forgiving will become easy and natural. Repression will lead to bitterness and anger, causing chronic health problems.




BEN: (pronounced: ben ) - The pillars of light, The Corn, The Reed .

Day # 13   Dream-spell: Red Skywalker     belonging to the earth family that feels

Planet: Mars     Finger/toe: Left ring finger



You certainly are on the way, fulfilling your destiny. Nourished by mother Earth and pulled by the mysterious starlight you get a lot of support from nature. You are helped to unfold your unique potentials, encouraged to gather inner strength. Delicate and flexible like a reed or a corn-plant you are embedded and protected within a large family of like-minded individual beings. You know about this interconnectedness and beneficial support, deeply devoted to your family or clan. It is your responsibility though to find your place within this net of mutual subsistence. Ben also symbolizes the central pillar of the World-Tree, a source of integrity and genuine vision, radiating authority. You are ahead of your time, full of potent ideas - a crusader for new and broader horizons. You are a loner, like a barren red rock spire reaching for the sky, centered within yourself. You are self-contained, neutral and aloof from strong feelings. You are an example of confidence and personal integrity. You own deep ethic principles and will stand your ground in the face of opposition. You take command of your talents and make a success of anything you put your mind to. You are capable of intense, hard work and extremely disciplined if necessary. You are highly intellectual and most probably well educated. You are a natural leader, having a good instinct for reading others' characters, also understanding their positions on important issues. You might be a risk-taker or pioneer, you have clear goals and intentions, combined with an ambitious nature. The expansive unlimited energy of wide-open spaces in nature is enriching your being. Traveling, hiking - or even journeying into the unknown - allows you to explore expanded perspectives, broadening your horizon.

Challenge : You tend to be opinionated, intellectually rigid and prone to argument when confronted. You can be an extremist and may have a propensity for excess, resulting in imbalance, getting burned-out or lost in destructive obsessions. Loosen up rigid attitudes and develop good social skills. Learn the basics about human nature and do not let your ego dominate your life.





IX: (pronounced: eesh ) - The Wisdom of the Shaman, The Wizard, The Jaguar .

Day # 14   Dream-spell: White Wizard   belonging to the earth family that anchors

Planet: Asteroid belt     Finger/toe: Left pinky finger



You are a very sensitive being, needing lots of privacy. You are gifted with many psychic skills. Challenged to develop these abilities you first have to penetrate and dissolve your inner darkness. As long as you try to draw personal profits - taking advantage form your special gifts - you will get entangled in struggles and suffer through co-dependent relationships. You have to allow the divine working through you, learning to step back as an ego. Your growth process will confront you with all kinds of temptations and naturally you will fall back many times. In relationships you connect on deep levels, intertwining your energy and getting caught in many ties and obligations. These experiences give you profound insights into the human psyche. When your telepathic skills are emerging you will make a great counselor, therapist or healer. You can read people intuitively, connect on deep levels and explore the hidden. You're doing well educating and developing counseling skills, merging your mental and psychic abilities. You can expand your mind and alter consciousness. You can be quite aggressive, fiercely dedicated to achieve your goals. But you avoid direct confrontations. Rather cutting and sarcastic you are rarely coming right out to say what you think. You are courageous, daring, forceful and proud. If still restricted and enslaved by your ego you can be conceited, mercenary and tyrannical. You are a good planner and investigator. Fighting for just causes gives you a stage to use your power, stealth and sense for strategy. You own strong imagination, you are a good communicator and you might get attempted to impose your views on others. You feel great devotion for the sacred and the spiritual realms.

Challenge: Move down from your head into your heart - surrender to existence and become a channel for divine forces. At the core of your heart you will feel oneness with the whole cosmos. Compassion will soften your intensity. Balance and harmonize complex relationships and release your need for approval. You already are the magician! Tune into the silent center of your being. Become a transmitter of light and clarity. All the answers are there - within you !





MEN: (pronounced: men ) - The Power of Vision, The Eagle .

Day # 15   Dream-spell: Blue Eagle   belonging to the earth family that receives

Planet: Jupiter     Finger/toe: Left big toe



With mental clarity, focus and the ability to envision you have the potentials to create abundance. The eagle's ability to see things from a distance denotes seeing the whole picture. This means the ability to accomplish tasks. Owning the power to meet the challenges lying before you. Soaring high in the sky your vision is from above, unlimited and clear. Expanding into the unknown and integrating higher vision are crucial for this solitary hunter in quest of truth. You are self-confident, proud, courageous and daring. Your genuine friendliness and true concern for others' wellbeing resound in sympathy and popularity. Even though you do not fit into standards - living according to your own set of rules - you evoke fascination or even adoration. You are a loner, tending to be shy, introverted and private. But you can be quite dramatic as well. You are ambitious and hard working. However, you don't like to compete, rather avoiding confrontations unless you have to fight for realizing your goals and interests. You think in rigid concepts. Although overtly curious you are not easily influenced. You are a good communicator, radiating authority. At times you can appear even commanding or intimidating. Being a free spirit at heart you demand a lot of independence and you would love to be a world-traveler. But most probably you have entangled yourself in complex and unconventional relationships. These unconscious choices may originate in your soul's urge to discover deep roots, to learn about commitment. Take time to soar within your inner world. Use your power of visualization and dream your utopia. Dreamers are the true creators. Once everything real has been a dream. Allow your fantasies to take you off into a better world. Your visionary gifts can bring hope and light to humanity. Always give yourself the space needed to regenerate. You can only love others as much as you are able to love yourself. You can't save the world, but you can find your own fulfillment. Let go of possessions and ideas which stand in your way, preventing you from living joyously. Drop the heavy luggage, believe in your vision, and fly!

Challenge: You enjoy challenges of all kinds, they are provoking your intelligence to become sharper. Being a perfectionist you can be over-critical and quite hard on yourself and others. Struggling with jealousy might be a big issue. Only in a climate of mutual freedom love can really blossom. Celebrate your aloneness. There is no higher value then freedom. Your beloved will feel being supported, appreciating your non-possessiveness, giving you back refined love.





CIB: (pronounced: ceeb ) -The Cosmic Warrior, The Vulture .

Day # 16   Dream-spell: Yellow Warrior   belonging to the earth family that speaks

Planet: Saturn     Finger/toe: Left index toe



Cib gives the experience of solitude. The Vulture separates himself from other living beings by preying on the dead. Feeding off of completion seems to have more appeal then interacting with others and maintaining ongoing relationships. You have a need for solitude and a desire for separation. You are a powerful being - representing the summit of creation. You are highly attuned to your intuition - radiating light, grace and trust. Standing at the precipice of higher dimensions of consciousness you're getting ready to leap - gathering the necessary courage to challenge the illusion of death. You are exposed to the heat of a merciless midday-sun; consuming the decaying remnants of your past - burning off karma. Your life is pregnant with deep meaning - and sure enough you take life very serious, maybe even gravely. Withstanding the turbulent and tempestuous climate, you have got hardened and suntanned. You live admits harsh conditions. Hence, you either might have become philosophical or you simply cry about it. Dwelling on such critical twilight zones you are blessed to receive guidance from spirit. You are a very exposed person, getting a lot of attention and absorbing much of other people's vibrations. To find inner clarity you frequently need time alone - readjusting and realigning. You are extroverted and outspoken, and you know how to lighten your load with a great sense of humor, spiced with some sarcasm and cynicism. You excel in giving beneficial advice, able to understand the context of any given situation. You are an authority figure, often struggling with other nominated father figures and bosses. You make an excellent manager or executive. You are highly productive and you know where the problems are hiding. You are very aware of your status and social position. Afraid of falling from your rank you might get overly self-conscious, loosing yourself in insecurities, fearing rejection. You even might invite others to dominate you, giving the responsibility for your life away. You are full of evaluations and judgements and you easily are tempted to criticize.

Challenge: Become more forgiving - look through the eyes of your heart - love yourself - discover tolerance and compassion for all beings. Stop comparing and become more patient, estimating other beings' feelings. Meditate, slow down the traffic within your mind - surrender to divine guidance.





CABAN: (pronounced: ca ban' ) - The Earthquake, The Navigation of the Earth, Incense .

Day # 17   Dream-spell: Red Earth     belonging to the earth family that transduces

Planet: Uranus     Finger/toe: Left middle toe



Burning incense reveals the "brains of heaven". Swirling fumes in motion are releasing enchanting scents, representing the fluid, free-flowing thoughts evolving to higher levels of understanding. You possess strong mental abilities with the potential of clarity - but these energies can also be overwhelming and confusing. You live on unstable ground, constantly there are tremors perceptible, shaking your concepts and beliefs. Change and movement are ever present in your life. Allow living on shaky ground. Be in a flow and don't hang on too much on certain ideas and comfort. You're a nomad - enjoy the freedom! Go where your heart directs you. You are mentally very active, rationalizing and clever. You could be called a mental acrobat, constantly shifting focal points and foundations. Your ideas can be controversial or even extremist. You are freedom loving and you will do radical things. Your personal power roots in your confidence into your profound ideas. You are ahead of the times and you seek positions of leadership. You are strong at problem solving, explore uncharted territories and find answers to stubborn problems. You are striving for independence, not tolerating being told what to do. You don't have too much of a cooperative nature. You're looking for a generally compliant and compromising mate.

You have a good sense of humor - your sharp mind can penetrate human illusions. You can be a comedian; loving good jokes and good belly laughter. This is a great gift - reconciling you with life. If it hurts, laugh about it; if it's scary, burst out roaring. Laughing is a knack. It breaks the pattern of your strong mind, creating an opening, allowing you to encounter strong emotions directly. You are brought back into this moment - connected to the pulse of life - merging with the Now - the only real thing there is.

Challenge: You tend to be overly mental, neglecting your own and others emotions. This could lead to a point where poor choices are made. You only see a small fraction of truth - don't think you know it all! Rather listen to the subtle hints of cosmic truth: watch for coincidences and synchronicities happening around you. Take time every day to sit in the Sun and feel the Earth's energy nourishing you.





ETZNAB: (pronounced: ets' nab ) - The Mirror of Self, The Sacrificial Knife .

Day # 18     Dream-spell: White Mirror   belonging to the earth family that feels

Planet: Neptune   Finger/toe: Left ring toe



You recognize the need for change and you are ready to move through temporary conflict and disorder. To get access to deeper levels of understanding, the outer shell has to be cracked open. You are enforcing transformation, accepting a shattering, or even destruction, if needed.

Being a mirror you always are standing in between, reflecting everything; but having a difficult time being seen by others, and an even more difficult time seeing yourself. You're aware of both sides of the coin. You rise above obstacles and personal limitations, approaching new accomplishments. Main themes in your life are transcendence and enlightenment. You are reflecting human pain and the consciousness of suffering. Loosing innate unity, becoming aware of opposites is a painful process. But ultimately you are integrating duality and experience the opposing sides as true complementaries. You can become a healer, a curandero whose knife cuts away infection. You have the eyes to see the spark of the good hiding within the bad, and you see the seed of the bad hidden within the good. Your style is barren and unencumbered by clutter - your crisp reflection cuts away illusion. Being around others excites you strongly. You are a social being, full of high ideals, a true philanthropist. But, being a mirror, you might not pay sufficient attention to your own needs. Hence you tend to touch on extremes: either totally sacrificing yourself for others, or - out of disappointment - encapsulating yourself into vanity and self-absorption. Often, in early life struggles and hardship are encountered. You might have got acquainted with darkest assets of human nature. You have an incredibly sharp mind and you understand even the tiniest detail of a chosen subject. You are curious and open to learning. Very practical, as well as mechanically and technically inclined, you exhibit good coordination. You are polite, courteous and non-competitive and you can be compromising and self-sacrificing. Seize the moment; good fortune, honor and riches could result from your actions. Hesitation, insecurity, self-doubt and fear hold you back. Don't be so hard on yourself, allow for committing all mistakes possible. Life will be an incredible learning experience! Realize that you are human - after all!

Challenge: Anger can be a pressure to ignite transformation. Neither hold on to it as it may block your creative flow, nor get consumed by it. Allow anger to be released and be completed with it. No longer than for a brief moment you should maintain the energy of anger. You will find your own power when you use your good social skills without loosing your center - with the awareness how important it is to care for yourself first. It is all your own hands; you can be a victim or a prosperous, enlightened being.






CAUAC: (pronounced: k'a wak ) - The Thunderbeing, The Storm, The Fire Rain .

Day # 19   Dream-spell: Blue Storm   belonging to the earth family that anchors

Planet: Pluto     Finger/Toe: Left pinky toe



Your life is filled with lightning-quick transformation. You have taken on tremendous lessons to sear limiting illusions away towards becoming the totality of your being. Sometimes you might feel you're chasing yourself - there is so little time to integrate before the next wave of transformation washes ashore. The rules are changing constantly. Release attachments and old concepts you once considered being truth. You have come to the final wall between yourself and divine oneness. Your intense feelings will propel you through into a new world. Just be - allow the universe to catalyze. Welcome the storms, and breathe the clean and crystal-clear air deep into your being. If you resist transformation the storms will intensify. Existence is tremendously compassionate, shaking you out of your deep trance of forgetfulness. You are a warrior for truth. Go to the very bottom and break down the walls of illusion. You are full of youthful curiosity, mentally active, talkative and friendly. You have a good intuition and you know how to improvise when in a tight jam. Although you greatly care for the welfare of others your stormy energy is widely unappreciated. Rarely you receive gratitude, most people still don't feel ready to be shaken out of their dreams. So, be compassionate and patient, few are the daredevils appreciating your frequency. Relationship is your primary focus. Being in love you get intensely involved. You are exceptionally faithful and sexuality is treated with great respect, being a sacred and spiritual experience. Deeply devoted you anchor yourself in home and relationship. You feel the need to realign energies that are out of balance; for outsiders this might look like controlling your environment.

Challenge : Surrender to your extraordinary sensitivity. Be aware when you escape from it, retreating in addictions of all kinds. You attract turmoil into your life. Looked from a narrow point of view you might call it bad luck. Change your perspective and you will recognize the blessings in disguise. Existence is pushing you to find completion within yourself. Meditation is the key to discover your innermost center - the eye of the cyclone. Whatever you long for - bliss, peace, harmony - has always been within you, waiting silently for your turn inward and know.



AHAU: (pronounced: a how' ) - The Solar Lord, The Ancestors, The Flower of Life .

Day # 20   Dream-spell: Yellow Sun   belonging to the earth family that receives

Planet: Pluto     Finger/Toe: Right Thumb



Ahau is the most sacred day within Mayan cosmology. This day signifies a rainbow-bridge, linking the past with the future. Your destiny is becoming a gate for higher consciousness descending into our material world. You personify an intimate meeting of individual consciousness with both the extremes - the collective unconscious and the collective superconscious. Ahau depicts an open and receptive face. It is in the face that we recognize an individual's sincerity - reflecting a lifelong journey, condensed into this very moment. You are able to transcend time, comprehending this totality of past and future as inherent parts of the eternal now. You are a dreamer, opening doors to new visions for humanity. In your enlightened and ultimate form you are an expression of divine light, a presence of unconditional love. You are an incurable idealist with high and unbending standards. With strong focus and commitment you work towards actualizing your goals. You are stubborn and not willing to compromise your ideals easily. If challenged you can become authoritative or opinionated, defending your unusual perspective. Being friendly and gracious you try to expose your good intentions, but often your refined approach is in sharp contrast to the coarse and bold world around you. At such moments you feel awkward and out of place. You are carrying all these great visions of what life and relationship should be - high expectations, unrealistic and hard to obtain. And only the unattainable seems worth attaining! This can create a subtle neurosis in you, schizophrenia: you are trying to reach the impossible. Knowing perfectly well that it is not going to happen - it cannot happen in the very nature of things…But you rather would die then accept less than perfection! This unwillingness to compromise grants you frequent disappointment and disillusion.

Challenge: Your high vibration has a hard time slowing down to earthy levels of reality. Embodying and grounding your intense frequency is your big challenge. You appear to be up in the clouds, a mirage from another star. Touch down to earth, become more human and face your own imperfections. Celebrate your flaws, learn to laugh about them! Come down from the world of ideas and explore your earthly senses. Feel your body from within, allow life energy to move through you. Active meditation techniques could be of great benefit. Take deep breaths and be nourished by the Sun's warmth and light. Compassion will arise from within your heart. No more only a mere idea, but a radiant presence. Then you can allow others to have their own ideas and perspectives. True diversity will reveal hidden perfection.



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