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Blood Moon #4

September 27, 2015


Are we approaching a dimensional shift?

Is this the prelude to the most powerful and miraculous changes planet Earth has ever seen?

(Posted September 9, 2015)

No, it's not just astrologers' hypes, these coming months have lots in store! Complex stuff is going on, as this article and this video show. Lots is in the making which mainstream media are completely blocking out.

I guess we all know it, something big is on its way. One can feel collective apprehension. And nobody can tell how exactly things will play out. There are too many possible futures. And really, it depends on each one of us how things eventually unfold; the sum total of our consciousness is what generates reality. Dark forces feed off our anxiety and fear - while our love and compassion pulls the carpet from under their feet.

So let me tell you, we're at the edge of a spiritual revolution! There might be lots of noise, disturbing events, false flags, etc. to keep us in fear and distress. However, thanks to Corey Goode and David Wilcock we know that higher density beings have stepped in, helping us earthlings to overcome the dark forces.

But first, let me introduce Matt Kahn, spokesperson for a forum of ascended masters. Already back in 2013, Matt began mentioning September 27, 2015, as a key date.

He calls this the 'first wave of ascension', saying that humanity is on the verge of experiencing a huge shift in consciousness. Many may find their relationship with reality will change quite a bit. We move from third-density to fifth-dimensional consciousness. This shift supposedly will find completion with this fourth Blood Moon, thus setting the stage for a huge spiritual revolution to begin.

Matt is a very humble guy. Whatever he receives he's sharing.  So when downloading information about the Blood Moon he tells us that he first had to go and look up what 'Blood Moon' means.



Naturally, shifting from 3-D to 5-D, we have to deal with the fourth dimension. And as we know, this ominous fourth dimension is 'time'. I guess Albert Einstein was the first one to point this out.

I guess we can assume, part of this process is understanding time, transcending the concept of 'time'. 41 min into his video Pleiadian Prophecy, of June 6, 2013, Matt illustrates how the rigid concept of linear time is at the very heart of all problems. Not only does it generate the ego, it is responsible for all misery and suffering.

In step with this expansion of consciousness we can see an unprecedented wave of disclosure sweeping across our planet, just think of Edward Snowden. Conscience is knocking at our doors. Despite serious dangers many individuals have decided to step out of the dark. Integrity is becoming the new maxim to live by. Lies are becoming unbearable.

We're in the very last supercritical stages of an enormous cycle, possibly 500 million years in length! Imagine, this is  the last nanoseconds before huge fireworks are going off! Supported by countless other dimensional beings we're about to rub our eyes as a fantastic new timeline is being activated! Step by step we have been prepared for this. Just think of the thousands of crop formations which manifested over the last 25 years - harbingers, magical signs of unknown origin. And there are countless predictions, speaking of the birth of a new era, of a Golden Age.

So here we are! Right at the cusp of a final blow, staring into an enormous opening of what could be called 'galactic consciousness'! This upcoming string of events will shatter the glass cage of human conditionings. And as far as the cabal is concerned, this might be the infamous ultimate straw which breaks the camel's back...

Really, we're living during such exciting times! At over seven billion, this is the largest gathering of souls Earth has ever seen. And we're all assembling here to participate in this evolutionary quantum leap!  

We're less than one Lunar cycle away from reaching critical mass...! Inside and out are evolving at breath-taking speed, with hair-rising momentum! One literally can feel the build-up. And simultaneously a subtle energetic overlay is gaining strength. Everything already appears in a new light, has taken on a different flavor. Our perception of 'reality' is shifting. So radically and rapidly one never could have imagined...

Naturally, again, doom and gloom theories are high in fashion.  One of the more interesting predictions is that Earth will get struck by "Wave X", a powerful pulse; possibly of inter-galactic origin. (more info: How Wave X Will Affect You)



If that's going to be the case, the effect could be similar to that of a hallucinogenic drug, with the only difference that these effects might not go away anymore. It might feel as if blinders were removed from our eyes. We might begin to 'see'. Consider that only a blind man has to 'believe' in the Sun. Once our vision is clear, all lies are dismantled and limiting concepts melt away in an instant.

If something like Wave X materializes, be it either an intergalactic burst, Solar event or close-by supernova, we could be certain that humanity's collective frequency would jump a few notches!


It might be of interest that during the last one thousand years only five supernovae occurred in our galactic backyard of let's say 10'000 light years. One of the candidates for an upcoming  supernova is Betelgeuse, the red giant in the constellation of Orion, which is only 642 light years away...!

Imagine what immense confusion such an energetic pulse could bring! And who knows how Earth would react to such a burst. Seismic activity may pick up, causing all kinds of systemic disruptions. Certainly not a bad idea to have an emergency plan ready!



Now let's have a look at the energetic buildup to this fourth Blood Moon of September 28, 2015:

September 4, conjunction of Lunar North node and Black moon. We collectively crossed through the heart of darkness. Everybody felt it. Drowned toddler Aylan's picture broke the hearts of millions. Also there were more than seventy suffocated Syrian refugees found in a truck. And the spotlight went to hundreds of stranded refugees in Hungary, and to thousands of desperate people ready to risk all and everything to escape from war.

On that day deep down something in humanity's collective psyche got struck. It was stunning to see countless individuals, governments and organizations alike - helping, welcoming and sponsoring Syrian refugees. It really felt as if something fundamentally changed on that day.  

September 7 - 1 CABAN - Red Magnetic Earth (Mayan Dreamspell)

1 CABAN initiates the thirteenth 13-day cycle in this present 260-day round. It's noteworthy that Blood Moon #3, on April 4, 2015, coincided with the first day of this present count. This is a very powerful synchronicity, most particularly as the four Blood Moons seem to be tied in with us humans waking up to galactic consciousness. After all, as the Mayans tell us, the Dreamspell's 260-day rhythm  is our galaxy's heartbeat.

The 13 days of CABAN (September 7 - 19) are a period of invocation, a time to dream up a new reality. CABAN (Earth, Earthquake) adds exotic, strange and unknown flavors. Everything begins with an idea, a vision, a thought, even the most amazing and complex of creations. CABAN is the eureka moment, the nanosecond when the space/time continuum breaks apart, when rifts occur.  


click for larger image


Sunday, September 13

Partial Solar Eclipse

visible from South  Africa, South India and Antarctica. This New Moon lays the ground for a very powerful Lunar cycle. We now enter the core of a deeply transformative period.

This eclipse occurs in hexagram #47, Besieged, Entrapped, Exhausted. Its energy might make us aware that we're sitting in a trap, that we're caught in a downward spiral. To illustrate this we might see structures and beliefs starting to give way. The deeper the entanglement the greater the frustration and pressure.


Extreme circumstances are ideal preconditions for transfiguration and transmutation. When the foreground gives way, all of a sudden we get what really matters. Countless individuals have chosen to be here during this climax, it's their life's destiny to wake up. We might have been procrastinating.  To this point in time there was no real urgency to come full circle. But now we may begin realizing what's really going on. As 'reality' gets ever more grotesque we start seeing through the many layers of deception.

What matters most is to lovingly embrace everything, without exception. Everything and everyone is a representative of the divine. Even the darkest of perpetrators has been put in place by the All-one, and provided with powers and tools to accomplish his dark deeds. There's a place of inner knowing. Connect with that place and you will feel compassion. Love heals. Love transcends. Love forgives. Love is what holds the universe together.



September 17, 2015, Jupiter and Neptune in exact opposition. This rare aspect indicates a whole new era about to dawn. Both Jupiter and Neptune are expansive forces, encouraging to dream big, inviting us to connect with enthusiasm. Getting excited about being pulled into a bright future.

Twelve hours later Mercury reaches the utmost summit of its 4-month cycle. Mercury comes to a standstill and turns retrograde (until October 9). Having paid attention to former Mercury retrograde periods you may have an idea of what this could imply....

It's very telling, while Jupiter and Neptune are at opposite ends, Mercury still moves forward. Shortly before climaxing, Mercury is at the peak of its powers. Rich in experiences and resources he's lending his voice to support Jupiter and Neptune's case.

Mercury represents intelligence, bridging the part with the whole. Mercury describes mind/consciousness interacting with the world. Mercury's Tarot card is the Magician. He's juggling the elements. Applying consciousness, Mercury continuously rearranges the puzzle pieces, finding ever new ways, inventing yet unknown outcomes. Consider 'reality' being a hologram. We're projecting energy from within us to the outside. And then, embracing our reflection, we may find out who we are.

Eight hours later, on September 17, Saturn enters Sagittarius, a deeply philosophical sign. Until December 2017, Saturn, the great teacher will remain in this fire sign. For these two years plus we're prompted to expand our minds beyond beliefs and concepts. The cosmos is the ultimate university. We'll come to realize layers upon layers of 'realities' hiding behind this 'reality', which we wouldn't even have imagined existed.

It's most interesting that Saturn's entry chart into Sagittarius has planet Mercury in retrograde mode, thus indicating that whatever we've been holding as truth will have to be revisited and overhauled. And because it's only hours since Mercury changed direction, the cosmic 'trickster's' foot prints are extra bold. The almost unmoving Mercury lets us know that contemplation is one of the best ways to find new orientation in a vastly shifting reality.  

By September 20, the Mayan Dreamspell calendar reads 1 OC, White Magnetic Dog. The following thirteen days through October 2, are governed by loyalty. Standing by and supporting one another brings CABAN's findings into a social context. There's no greater elation, no greater fulfillment than helping others. Reaching out to those in need we're reconnecting with our own humanness and we awaken our heart, which is also the heart of the entire universe.

And then, in quick succession, a few more important changes are taking place.

September 23, Fall equinox, the Sun enters the sign of Libra.

September 24, Mars changes from Leo into Virgo (where it will be 'til November 12)

September 24, Pluto comes to a standstill, returning to direct motion.

September 25, Mars is squaring Saturn. This waning square resonates with internal shifts. Admits radical changes one gathers courage to get out of what doesn't work anymore. The focus is on breaking free and being ready to shoulder consequences.


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Total Lunar Eclipse

at greatest magnitude


September 27, 8:48 p.m. MDT (September 28, 2:48 a.m. UT)

From beginning to end this celestial spectacle will last for 3 hrs and 20 min.

The Moon will be completely in Earth's shadow for 1 hr and 12 min. The Blood Moon will be visible from the East Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Africa and West Asia.  (more info)


One hour prior to the eclipse's apex the Moon comes closest to Earth. Because of this extreme proximity it's called a 'Supermoon'. Indeed one should call it a 'super-supermoon' as the closest monthly approach to Earth is happening while the Moon has entered Earth's shadow. This is a very rare event, indeed! Supermoons cause extreme tidal ranges and often coincide with powerful emotional experiences.

Last but not least, only ten hours after the eclipse's apex, Mercury comes closest to Earth. This is maybe the ultimate indicator of what groundbreaking impacts this fourth Blood Moon might have on our mind and psyche. Mercury rules perception, thinking, communication, ideas, concepts - in short Mercury is the hinge between the world and our consciousness.

There's every chance that this radical paradigm shift will change Earth's and humanity's destiny; giving us the first clear hint that the Golden Age is on its way!


© 2004-2015    -     Khoji J. Vihara