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Canada at Crossroads

In 2015, federal elections will be up. Longing for change I looked a bit deeper into the Canadian birthday chart. At the precise moment when the Sun comes back to the degree it occupied when Canada's independence was proclaimed, Mercury is still moving backwards. This is a strong indicator that change is brewing, that our nation's present direction is in transition.


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Canada's original rising sign is Aries, reflecting our nation's pioneer spirit, but also hinting at vast resources of both untouched nature and original minds. Furthermore, the sign of Aries reveals Canada being a role model for a new era, a workshop where all kinds of nations, cultures and religions live in peace and mutual support - generating synergy, pooling countless unique talents, trades and gifts.


By these riches, we're living admits enormous wealth, and too easily we take it for granted. For my first forty years I lived in Switzerland. Wherever I was and whomever I met, Canada was everybody's favorite. Known as fortress for human rights, abundantly spacious, a beacon of freedom and tolerance, Canada is a rare country with a diverse population living harmoniously and peacefully.

It's too sad, some of this immaculate stature has been lost in the last ten years. And aside from our severely tarnished reputation, since the last Canadian election,  so many grants, research programs and facilities have been rationalized away and closed down. And now we even may lose our unifying voice, the CBC, a traditional institution designed to bring us closer together, giving stage and paying tribute to the Canadian spirit's numerous colors and facets; promoting, supporting and sharing our unique blend of cultures.



Let's have a closer look of what's in the cards for our nation this coming year (see bi-wheel). First of all, retrograde Mercury could indicate increasing confusion and an accelerating loss of confidence into our government. This could lead to an identity crisis which hopefully will form the base for a reorientation, eventually reviving Canadian core values. Canada's birthday Moon is in Leo at farthest distance from Earth, activating Canada's Saturn-Pluto opposition. This could manifest in increased hardship and internal struggles. Spurred by a government favoring corporations over its citizens, we might see more and more Canadians realizing what's really going on. People are hopefully coming together, uniting strengths to expose harmful developments and stop ill-fated projects. In the bigger picture, through the coming five years, Eris' throws in her golden apple of discord, challenging our nation to overhaul principles and redefine maxims.

Until the end of March 2015, Scorpio energy is dominating and the atmosphere is prime for clandestine moves and possible deceptions. We're at the tail end of a long cycle. By July 2015, with a progressed New Moon in Sagittarius, Canada enters a fresh 30-year period. It will be most interesting to see what's developing from April 2015 onwards, as by then the progressed Moon will enter Sagittarius.

2014 will fill the barrel to the rim and, approaching the 2015 federal elections on October 19,  will be the time when things begin spilling over.


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