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JUNE 2014


Pulled by the Future


With the month of June a different tone is setting in, profound changes begin popping up, around and within us.

At first, progress may look timid. We're gently feeling our way out. From mid July on however, when Jupiter is entering Leo, changes will become more bold. New shoots will consolidate and the momentum will pick up.

Also, until the end of July, planet Mars is in the sign of Libra, bringing its skills of elaborate social interaction and teamwork to full bloom.

We've arrived at a most important watershed. We're coming out of an extended period of depression, enthusiasm is beginning to build. From here a bigger perspective starts opening up. Changes will gain momentum into the end of the year 2017. Slowly but surely a new backbone is forming.

As of late, the most significant cosmic seed planted has been the April 29 Annular Solar eclipse. It ignited a first spark of excitement, announcing that tides would start turning. From then on the fog began clearing. Contours got more distinct and it became possible to put our fingers on what's out of tune.


Becoming aware of the cacophony is the first step towards harmony, integrity  and perfection. One by one, many layers of illusion are peeling away, and we're coming to understand what's at the root of our problems. Correct diagnose initiates the healing. When seeing what's incongruent, right measures can be taken.

We're at the cusp of extraordinary global transformations. We might not fully see it yet, but we're entering enlightening times. Consider what great gift it is to be alive in this present time, to be able to actively participate in this quantum leap! This might be the deeper reason for Earth's present overpopulation; nobody wants to be left out, everybody wants to be present during this amazing countdown.


However, it would help to get a clearer picture of what our options are. Main stream media do a poor job on filling us in on important topics. On so many fronts we're left in the dark. The problem is, main stream media receive their funding from governments and corporations. These entities don't want us to know, hence news get censored, or at least whitewashed.


Some of the topics we deserve to informed about are: lying and cheating governments, available free energy devices, extraterrestrial life, weather modification, health hazards caused by food additives and pharmaceutical drugs, alternative cancer treatments,  growing opposition against GMO, the importance of organic food, etc.


The good news are, there is solid information available on these vital topics. But we have to consciously look for it. Facts are well tucked away, hidden deep within the jungle of the Internet. And needless to say, every newsfeed has to be questioned, its source closely investigated before being sure it's trustworthy. Social media are a ray of light. We have to make it a point to share what we know.


I chose to immigrate to Canada because this country has been one of the last strongholds of democracy and independent media. But not so anymore! Not enough that the Harper government has been continuously cutting CBC's funding away! The latest turn of events indicates that Canadians may lose their last independent voice altogether. Harper and his gang are planning to privatize the CBC! Just yesterday I signed this petition. I'm strongly urging you to do the same. If we care we have to stand up and make our voices heard!


Since May 23, Uranus is in hexagram #51, Thunder above Thunder, The Sudden, The Unexpected - or as Richard Rudd puts it - Initiative to Initiation. Uranus matches the thunderous and surprising character of this hexagram; thus synergy is generated. We can expect many doors being pushed open, blown away, or simply disappearing. For starters, Uranus will be in this hexagram until September 22.

Quantum physics is the one scientific discipline where the rational and the infinite are interfacing. Physics and metaphysics are merging. Rational thinking has reached such extreme dimensions that it touches on the irrational, therefore undermining its very foundations. In plain language, science and religion are meeting. The Latin word religio means reconnecting with our roots, and that's exactly where modern science is heading for.

We now know that existence is a symphony of frequencies. Nothing is solid, nor permanent - emptiness prevails. If we can stay in synch with the ongoing acceleration we may be able to move beyond the dividing intellect, entering a field of all-inclusive universal intelligence.

This won't happen overnight, real things need time to grow. But the process is under way. Indeed it has started long ago. Honoring the feminine within and around us is the key to move our focal point from head to heart. The concept of oneness no longer is just a metaphysical cliché. Quantum entanglement and existence' holographic nature give manifold proof that we're connected to everything in unexplainable ways. Remember, nothing is what it appears to be. Space and time are just one wavelength in the band of the cosmic radio dial. I enjoyed reading this article which offers ideas how we can raise our frequency.



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