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Mars in Scorpio -

Regaining focus and direction

From March 'til November 2014, the Black Moon is in Leo, intensifying drama, bluster and narcissism.  (Black Moon is the term for the point where the Moon is farthest from Earth.) 

Just recently, on July 16, Jupiter entered Leo as well.  You may have observed, hidden intents come to the surface and situations become increasingly aggravated. Manifestations blast things out of proportion which can cause quite some pain.

As hard and unjust as certain situations might appear, these experiences have a soul cleansing effect. The challenge is to remain grateful for whatever life is delivering. Every situation can become a canvas for profound realizations. Such awakening into greater reality gives maturity and wisdom.



On July 26, 2014, only hours ahead of the New Moon in Leo, Mars changes into Scorpio. Synchronicities like this don't happen too often. And when they occur we can be certain that we're entering a new zone within this space-time continuum.

For more than seven months Mars has been cruising back and forth through Libra, a rather difficult environment for Mars. Mars in Libra feels out of place, hence we were lacking a good enough grip on reality for successful accomplishments. Whatever action we initiated was not too well received, attitudes caused wavering. We experienced spells of indecision, confusion, distraction, scattering, deadlock and stalemate. Things took off in directions we didn't anticipate. Or we might have overlooked crucial details which made us go back to the drawing board.


With Mars' entry into Scorpio new dynamics will come into play. Direction, focus, dedication and passion re-emerge. Mars is at home in Scorpio, this sign of transformation is Mars' second domicile (Aries being the first). In Scorpio, Mars internalizes the energy, the charge accumulates, much like in a capacitor. Great potentials are building up. And then, at the right moment, in well aimed pulses this charge may be released.

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The Leo New Moon has a self-assertive and outgoing undertone. After all, Sun and Moon are meeting in Jupiter's vicinity which emits an expansive vibe, also promoting enjoyment and celebration. 

It so happens that the 2014 Sun-Jupiter conjunction resonates with Nikola Tesla's astrology, thus reactivating his legacy. It's very fortunate, finally this brilliant scientist starts getting the recognition he deserves. Tesla has answers to so many of mankind's current problems. It's very timely that by August the first Nikola Tesla series will hit primetime.

The Leo New Moon occurs in hexagram #31, Mutual Attraction, Sounding your Truth (Richard Rudd). Hexagram #31 is one of the most powerful configurations within the I Ching, it initiates the second half of the 64 oracles. With this oracle strong leadership qualities will be set free, self-assertion and inner clarity may lead to willful and well orchestrated actions.


Crop formation of July 16, 2014


The challenge is identifying the best entry point into a routine or a system, finding the weakest spot, pinpointing where with least effort biggest changes are possible. Or, in economical terms, this is about maximizing the return on our resources. Once you see a possible opening motivation will kick in. Trust the drive and have the guts to zero in on the target.

The moment Mars enters Scorpio, the Moon is in its final phase before lining up with the Sun in a New Moon. This balsamic phase is resourceful and facilitates foresight. This Moon also brings Eris to full life. Exaggeration is a way to expose extremes. One is shaken out of comfort zones and can

count on confrontations. Throwing in unexpected and disturbing facts may even derail heavy freight trains, like corporations and governments. As Adyashanti says, nothing can wake you up like a dreadful nightmare.

The smokescreen put up by corporate media has been quite efficient. Over and again it pulls red herrings out of its hat. However, alternate voices are getting ever more numerous, bringing light to facts which official channels have been blinding out. With Eris in such strong position, slowly but surely voices of truth can't be withheld anymore. Eris disturbs fake harmony, instigates dispute and confrontations which give rise to underlying truth. It's very likely and possible that one discovers yet unknown twists and angles disguised within reality.


Muluc glyph by Shimaart


July 26 also is the beginning of the Mayan year. This coming year's glyph is the Red Solar Moon, 9 Muluc. Not too long ago, on July 18, a fresh 260-day cycle was initiated. Red Solar Moon is the ninth day of the first wave. Its attributes are to unify, nurture, giving birth to new ideas and revamping intentions. The celestial Snake (Chicchan) is the guide. We may find that we're getting better at listening to our intuition and respecting our gut feelings.




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