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October 2014 - Eclipses and beyond


With Fall equinox we've entered the final 3-months of 2014. Fall season carries a similar energy to the phase before New Moon which is about re-orientation. 
On October 8, we'll have the pleasure of witnessing the second of four consequent total Lunar eclipse in 2014 and 2015. This is a rare spell of 'blood moons'. The fact that all four of them are culminating over the Americas hints that the New world is where polarities are expressing most prominently. And two weeks from now, in the afternoon of Thursday October 23, Canada and the US will be treated to a partial Solar eclipse (see chart).    
Eclipses always carry important messages, they are creation events. They're re-tuning our intentions, opening doors, revealing new possibilities. 

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The October 8 total Lunar eclipse in Aries indeed is a multiple eclipse. While the Moon is eclipsed by Earth, planet Uranus will disappear behind the Lunar disk, causing a Uranus occultation. Geometrically speaking, the Sun, Earth, Moon and Uranus are coming into one exact line. Two waves superimposing may create the potential for a celestial tidal wave splashing tons of Uranian vibes up our shores - ranging from revolutionary, futuristic, original and unusual - and all of that coming out of the blue, with the power to knock our socks off.
Overall planetary occultations happen quite regularly, they show up in series. Between December 2013 and October 2014, thirteen times the Moon passes over Saturn for an hour or so. And since August 14,2014, and into December 20, 2015, the Moon occults Uranus nineteen times. However because the Moon is much smaller than Earth, occultations can only be seen from certain areas.
Earth's satellite functions like a lens, it bridges us to the planets and stars, allowing for celestial energy to activate the vast spectrum of feelings and emotions.  
Saturn's Scorpio passage (October 2012 - December 2014) has definitively proved being a difficult stretch. After we were one year into it the Moon's path started crossing right over Saturn, difficulties and challenges became more tangible. Hardly anyone has been spared from rough waters. We aren't just working through personal karma, woven into our personal story many broader issues have come up in our collective face.  


For three months, from August to October 2014, Saturn and Uranus both are within the Moon's path, thus being occulted. Saturn represents the old, Uranus the new. We're in a transition providing a prime chance to make peace with the past thus freeing up tremendous resources.               
Nothing like the Jupiter/Saturn cycle allows us to understand our present times. Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest planets of our Solar system. Called 'social planets' their cycle represents society in its slow but steady evolution from one state to another.
Since 1802, the two gas giants have been meeting in earth signs - Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, setting the precondition for our extremely materialistic society.
It so happened that in 1980/81 the two planets had their first meetings in cardinal air, in Libra. Thus the year 1980 opened the gates for a new epoch which eventually will take us into the year 2219.

Their following conjunction occurred in May 2000. The new millennium beginning with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was a great omen! It was a euphoric time, full of expectations, dreams, and visions of an approaching new dawn.

However, anybody knowing just a little bit about astrology could have guessed that continuation of the free spirited and interactive flair of the previous two decades was very unlikely.

The fixed earth sign Taurus was where Jupiter and Saturn were meeting in May 2000. The two giant planets were back in fixed earth, setting the pace for another twenty years, a timespan that eventually would bring this materialistic episode to its completion. Most likely by pushing their measures to ever crazier extremes.


Jupiter auroras


And as we all know, Taurus' backslash was pretty malicious, crushing in with a big boom. Preceded by a total Solar eclipse right on summer solstice 2001, at 0° Cancer, the 9/11 attacks shook us to our bones and marrow.
It soon became clear, it was not all that easy to leave the past behind for good. Spiritual eighties and mighty nineties had lifted our feet off the ground. From such aloof vantage point the danger was we would see the world through colored glasses.
However there's no question, great ideas were born in these last decades of the twentieth century. After all, by May 1998, Earth's axis was dead-on aligned with the Galactic equator. Galactic emanations were downloaded into the our planetary grid, the medicine wheel of solstices and equinoxes. Such thing last occurred 26,000 years ago.
We're now 14+ years into this 20-year cycle. It's a fact, 9/11 catapulted us right back into dark ages. Amidst endless wars, ongoing worldwide financial crisis and accelerating environmental destruction we're looming at the edge of the abyss.

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But let's look ahead for a moment. On winter solstice, December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the first degree of Aquarius! You don't have to be an astrologer to understand the significance of this celestial event. For two centuries the two giants' meetings will take place in the air trine - Libra, Aquarius or Gemini.


Then we'll be able to pick up from where we left in the year 2000. The 20 years into 2040 will be truly mind-altering, the 'sunrise' of the Aquarian age.


Over the coming decades local communities will replace central governments, interstellar travel will become an everyday affair and extraterrestrials living amongst us will be part of our daily life. Technology will jump to whole new levels. Artificial intelligence will take on most of the workload, leaving people with way more free time. Wealth will be re-distributed and poverty only will exist as a faint memory.


For now however be braced, edging closer to the year 2021 we're still going downhill. Most likely there won't  be any major, fundamental and lasting changes kicking in before then. From an onlooker's perspective the coming six years might appear increasingly chaotic.
However, deeply underground and well-hidden there are intense preparations going on. Taurus is mid-spring energy, so likewise these 20 years are the phase were we lay seeds into the ground. In this sense Taurus represents a time of darkness, but also a necessary and very important step in the process.


In order to take wind out of the sails we have to face the ghosts of our past. And despite growing pains we have to make sure to hold the vision of a harmonious future. We have to allow being pulled by what's to come, to zoom in on the small light at the far end of the tunnel. As this might be an age of darkness we should know that before sprouts can break through the ground, first a supporting root system has to be in place.



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