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Courage and Compassion


 June 15, 2014

The last Full Moon before summer solstice was only five degrees from the Galactic center, calling to expand our vision and search for greater realities.

A very promising piece in the puzzle was the Moon's alignment with Pholus. This Centaur planet acts as catalyst and often shows up at turning points. Pholus suggests that we've come to a boundary line, entering new territory within ourselves. It only needs one tiny move to set out for major change. There's courage and confidence, we're ready to face headwinds, kicking off the first stone in a domino range. Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who came to international attention when she appeared as a contestant on the TV programme "Britain's Got Talent", singing "I Dreamed a Dream", has Pholus as highest planet in her birth chart.

Despite inherent strength and determination this Full Moon felt somewhat heavy. There are several reasons for this.



Earth-Mercury dance over two years


Mercury is moving backwards since June 7, and will still do so 'til Canada Day. The winged messenger came to a halt in close proximity of TD10, a scattered disk object (SDO) discovered in 1999 which takes almost 1000 years to travel around the Sun. Emerging from the dark recesses of the outer Solar system, TD10 provokes control issues and manipulative behavior, tending to pull oneself or others down to feel superior. Mercury and TD10 are in Cancer, which is the collective memory bank. We might remember and relive hurt moments, and the danger is to indulge in dark and painful feelings. Share what you're going through with your allies. Bring issues to the light and allow them to evaporate. Overcoming emotional hangovers will clear our perception.

A trademark of 2014 is Mercury backtracking through water signs, to revisit the air sign prior. Mercury's return to Gemini (June 18 through July 13) might shake us out of present doom and gloom mode and open the door for creative solutions.

Difficulties from slight to nasty have started to take a toll. A further detail of the actual celestial cocktail is the Venus-Saturn opposition which came exact at the same time as Full Moon, telling us duty should come before pleasure. Venus' carefree nature has to comply with Saturn's discipline and structure. The best thing Venus can do in such situation is putting herself to service, diligently working, helping to accomplish projects. Focusing on beautifying the world might be a great way to apply this energy. It will keep depression and pessimism from sneaking in.



Chiron, the wounded healer plays an essential role in this Venus/Saturn alignment. Observing the dueling planets from friendly angles, Chiron may take the charge out of critical situations. He offers a cooperative perspective and encourages us to look at reality from a alternate angle. It's the emotional charge which keeps conflicts looming.

We're in the middle of Chiron's Pisces transit (2011-2018). This 7-year period demonstrates how deeply we're interconnected, thus affected by tragedies and widespread mental disorders. The riddle is finding out in what way we're involved in creating disharmonies and distortions. When taking ownership and feeling responsible one inches closer to the core. In empathy we're all one. The heart knows no genders, no race, no parties.

It says that love is blind. However the truth is, love is yielding. When we connect through our hearts and feel love there's something much greater pouring in. It's a sweet nectar one only can call divine, making the ego's urge to stand separate and indulge in judgements a most foolish endeavor. The wonderful thing is that heart centered perception is infectious. The more individuals dare to jump into their heart center, the world eventually will change from inside out.


Chiron is the harbinger of consciousness, inciting self reflection. Chiron was discovered in 1977. This was around the time when the Human Potential Movement (HPM) arose, out of the counterculture milieu of the 1960s. HPM formed around the concept of cultivating extraordinary potentials which lie largely untapped in all people. Through the development of human potential, humans can experience an exceptional quality of life, filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment. As a corollary, those who begin to unleash these potentials often find themselves directing their actions within society towards assisting others to release their potential. The net effect of individuals cultivating their resources has since brought many positive social changes at large.


Chiron by accident was hit by Herakles' poisoned arrow. The irony is that Chiron himself had mixed the poison for his friend's weapon. In search of redemption Chiron tried all and everything, however his condition remained incurable. Eventually trying to ease his own condition, he became a healer. It's said that Chiron was the one who brought the healing arts to humanity.



Since May 10, and through August 1, Chiron is testing the waters of hexagram #22, Beautification, Grace. On and off, 'til January 2017, uplifting forces of grace will knock on our doors. Hexagram #22 indicates divine intervention. When ready to get involved a higher presence is invoked. This will generate the sensation of being pulled upwards, a magical process beyond logical understanding.

Through the years to come, Chiron's passage may allow for a more profound understanding of suffering. We may start recognizing the blessings enclosed within trouble and hardship. Such insight has the power to transform our lives.



The June 12 Full Moon occurred in hexagram #26, The Taming Power of the Great, also known as Sacred Trickster. Correct use of will allows harnessing the power of light and project it through our body, as action, thought or words.

In this hexagram, the sixth topmost line is activated. It has a strong spiritual twist. Hua-Ching Ni says: "Attaining greatness. Heavenly blessings." Yang energy has been gathered and carefully stored. Now it will be put to good use. Difficulties will be overcome. One is able to achieve one's goal and thus experience success.


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