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September 27 - Great Disclosure?

Fourth Blood Moon -

Climax of Mercury's retrogration

(part I - posted September 20, 2015)

'Cosmic synchronicity` is remarkable! At the core of this 22-day period, when Mercury comes closest to Earth, a Total Lunar eclipse rewires and resets Earth's consciousness field!

These three weeks are about unlearning. Letting go of opinions and beliefs. Naturally this takes quite some courage! But believe me, surrendering one's opinions eventually pays out big time. It will allow us to open our blinds, to obtain expanded visions and graduate to explore realities we wouldn't even have imagined existed.

Matt Kahn condenses it into transcending `my understanding`. Listening to his explanation it becomes pretty obvious. All disagreement, conflict and war is contained in these two words... 'my understanding'.

So be courageous, leave your understanding behind, realize how many conditionings there are in your way. When we were young we were craving to understand. Readily we inherited and accepted any opinion offering a somewhat reasonable explanation in order to maintain a safe place in our family, clan, tribe or other social structure. And because there's such a deep urge to belong we were ready to adopt any given explanation, however impartial and perhaps even irrational it may be upon deep examination. And before we even realize we have allowed certain ideas to define who we are, thus using them as measuring sticks for our environment.

Time has come to be absolutely honest with oneself. X-ray every thought. Ask yourself how much the drawing of lines between you and the world is serving you. See how you define yourself by your ideas and beliefs. How your thoughts help you to generate an identity, how they help you to get a superficial idea of who you are. Contemplate and you will agree, it's really nothing else other than 'our understanding' which separates us from others; helping us to feel special and superior, more right, better than the other.

Lots of hidden stuff is coming to light in our present time. We all experience it, each and everyone in his own way. Our world is changing unbelievably fast. Almost every day could go for a lifetime...

Lately Deborah and I enjoyed listening to Dr. Steven Greer. He says: `The truth will set you free. However, first it will piss you off!`.

Dr. Greer, originally a medical doctor  is maybe the most prominent and successful UFO disclosure guy. Last April he released the documentary `Sirius Disclosure`.

But let's get back to Mercury who appears being the key player in the three weeks leading into October 10.  

Yesterday Corey Goode posted a powerful message. While digesting it all of a sudden it struck me. Most likely we'll be exposed to a massive data dump. A disclosure of unbelievable proportions could be scheduled for the weekend of September 27!

Imagine, huge parts of humanity will be in utter shock. All at once so many mental constructs will collapse. For many, in one single blow their entire life's work and purpose will vanish. Many pillars our very existence is based on will give way. What we were holding for true will look ridiculous, appears futile.  


This is a Mercurian thriller!

Mercury, the divine messenger stands for what makes us different from the animal kingdom. Cognitive intelligence, memory, the desire and need to understand. Mercury incites to analyze everything, in search of origin, essence and meaning. Ultimately Mercury wants us to integrate the gift of abstract thinking, to apply the power of consciousness, joining in with divine creation, contributing to make it ever more miraculous. Mercury bridges the part with the whole. The Magician, the juggler, mind/consciousness interacting with the world.


Mercury's retrograde period began in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity



On September 17, the trickster reached its apex at 16 degree Libra. This segment and degree of Libra resonates with the first line of hexagram #57, transcending confusion.

Hx. 57: The Power of the Gentle, Penetration of the Wind, holds a key role in the circuitry of our chakra system. The body graph in our Human Design illustrates this nicely. This gate belongs to the group of four most fundamental necessities which eventually would allow for life to take foothold on our planet.




The energy of 'the Power of the Gentle' is persistent, it penetrates every fibre like the wind. In the HDS bodygraph beside, gate #57 emerges from the Spleen (brown tringle) which is one of our three centers of awareness.

It's body-centered awareness which anchors in the spleen. Emotional awareness emerges from the Solar Plexus, while mental awareness expresses itself through the Third Eye (Ajna).

Splenic awareness connects us with the Now. In evolutionary terms it's the oldest form of awareness. It's the main node, the connective link to all other life forms. Intuition arises from here, and so does this awareness' shadow which is fear.  


'The Gentle' is the gate of hearing. Sound always occurs in the Now. Intuitive clarity is the result of spontaneous recognition. However, for this to happen we have to allow listening with an empty mind. We have to put everything we've ever been told aside. We have to really allow existence's voice to penetrate the many layers of our mind.

It's an existential truth. You can observe it all through the animal kingdom. Only when rooted in the Now we're able to adapt to changing circumstances, and thus remain healthy, thrive and survive.



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