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2016 - Year of the Fire Monkey

Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 8, 2016, which is the second New Moon after winter solstice.

Sun and Moon are meeting at 19° 15' Aquarius, in hexagram #49, 'Revolution', which speaks for itself! In numerology, this is a 1-day (2 + 8 + 9 = 19 = 10 = 1), indicating that 2016 most likely will be the key year of unprecedented changes and new beginnings!

In the Mayan calendar (Dreamspell), February 8's signature is 12 CHUEN, 'Blue Crystal Monkey'. This also is a Galactic Activation Portal. Strongly interactive and ingenious Monkey promises a year filled with magic, illusion, play, and, you bet... lots of smoke and mirrors...!

By all means, call this cosmic synchronicity! The Chinese Fire Monkey begins on a Mayan Monkey day: 12 CHUEN! Day twelve resonates with 'crystal' energy, facilitating understanding of complex issues, rendering awareness of hidden connections. Crystal Monkey crowns the idealistic 13-day round of AHAU, 'Yellow Solar Lord'. Insights are starting to crystallize, laying the ground for our visions to manifest.


FIRE MONKEY adds the perfect ingredients for this 'Quantum Leap Year', to outperform on all levels possible. Fire Monkey is full of wits and totally unpredictable. At times very confusing, and for sure totally overwhelming!


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This chart cast for Washington, DC, is particularly spicy. Uranus is rising (together with Vesta and Eris). Black Moon (Lunar apogee) is setting (7th house cusp).

Powerful Pluto (with Venus and Mercury) in the 10th house (public affairs) hints at great shifts in U.S. governmental structures. The New Moon in house 11, as well as the grand trine which Venus/Mercury, Sedna (in 2) and Jupiter/Lunar North Node (in 6) are forming hints that people are coming together beyond party lines, initiating healing and integration. (continue reading)


Most likely 2016 is the year when everything seriously starts changing. As outlined in several earlier posts, astrology illustrates this very well. Beliefs will be challenged to the point of their evaporation. This won't be an calm transition, birth isn't an easy process!  Concepts we've based our lives upon, ideas we've been defining ourselves by will get washed away. Naturally there will be anger! There will be confusion and widespread feelings of betrayal. Many people will get the impression as if their lives are falling apart. The ground we're standing on is not just shaking but giving in. We're about to experience the biggest shift in human history in thousands and thousands of years. And really, things are just starting to get interesting!

We're in the final episode of an epic battle. The wonderful thing is, and that's what we should focus on, there will be a happy ending! What so many ancient cultures have predicted, finally it is happening...! We have no way even imagining how immensely different our reality will look and feel by the end of 2017!

Allow for the underlying schemes of this world to get shattered, broken in a million pieces. Trust divine guidance. There's a plan. We're going through a cosmic upgrade. And before the new version can be installed the old one has to be uninstalled. Look ahead, celebrate! We're at the threshold of a Golden Age. This is what has been predicted by many scriptures, foretold by innumerous seers.

Once we get past fear and hurt feelings everything will be uplifting, exciting, promising and ultimately enlightening. On all fronts new doors will be opening. Each one of us, as well as humanity as a whole will go through radical paradigm shifts. Our minds are expanding at light speed. Literally everything will have to be redefined and rewritten; be it who we are, where we're coming from, where we're going to and what this amazing experience we call 'life' is all about!



Picture this: you're standing on an ocean shore and you don't understand what you're seeing. The ocean's surface is riddled with swirls, there's spray, weird currents, strange waves. The ocean seems to be boiling! You're standing there, your jaws have dropped, you're in awe. And you're confused, you rub your eyes, pinch your cheek, making sure you're not dreaming! You know, something big is about to surface. Something's emerging and it's going to be huge! But you can't yet make out what it is! There's great suspense and anticipation. Intuitively you know, something of unprecedented magnitude is taking place. Stay with this excitement, and make sure not to buy into fear!


Jaque Fresco - "Paradise or Oblivion"

Wherever you are, whatever you do be proactive and go with the flow. Trust the universe, welcome change, embrace it. As things progress boundaries will get more and more blurred. In subtle ways we're merging with one another. Still each individual will have his/her free will, but will kind of overlap with all other beings. It will feel like walls falling, we will feel each other's feelings and pick up on one another's thoughts. We will be able to tap into something so much bigger than we are. And eventually we will recognize and meet our galactic ancestors, our progenitors. Our narrow world is about to break wide open, we're on our way returning to the Garden of Eden.  



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