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Total Lunar Eclipse

of April 15, 2014

You must have seen the bright Red planet which dominates the Eastern night sky. So get ready for a very special show! The upcoming Total Lunar eclipse, starting at midnight of April 15, and peaking at 1:45 a.m. will be a rare treat. Not only will the dark red and fully occulted Moon be exactly in zenith position, it also will be right next to planet Mars. Rarely is the night sky so stunningly beautiful and ominous at the same time as it will be in the early morning hours of April 15! (chart)

Mars is the central player however. Just 16 hours prior to the eclipse, on early Monday morning, Mars comes closest to Earth. In synch with this critical alignment, Moon and Mars are within two-and-a-half degrees, literally hugging one another.


At the pinnacle of its' closest approach Mars recharges planet Earth with a fresh impulse, laying foundations for the coming 26 months, 'til the next close encounter is due. We're invited to consciously participate while new structures crystallize and plots are outlined. It's upon us to take an active stand in determining which role Mars is going to play in our lives, what kind of characteristics we wish its latest incarnation to incorporate.

We should be aware that Moon and Mars' energies don't necessarily go too well together. Too easily the Moon gets triggered by Mars' intensity. Emotions andpowerful drives threaten to overrule


consciousness,causing situations to get out of hand. Overreactions and clashes are possible. Even Earth as a whole may react in unexpected and sudden ways. What makes the entire situation even more delicate is the overall building tension of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars which are forming a grand cross that will come exact on April 21.


Present planetary alignments indicate that the latest rise in seismic activity all over the globe may continue, possibly surging to even higher levels. During the last two weeks all along the Pacific ring of fire, clusters of strong earthquakes emerged. It's worrisome, many of these latest earthquakes took place deep within Earth's crust. Seismic waves propagating through liquid magma could increase the pressure on massive magma chambers tunneling up close to Earth's surface.   


The Mars perigee chart of April 14 for Yellowstone has the Jupiter-Pluto opposition centered in the plumb line, the axis of power. Jupiter at the root infuses gargantuan amounts of physical energy. Pluto up at zenith calls for radical re-creation. After all, the lord of the Underworld pushes for transformation. Pluto's spiritual totem is the magical bird Phoenix which is reborn out of its ashes.

There's a chance that larger earthquakes may occur in the Yellowstone Park area, reawakening the sleeping super volcano. Energies are most critical around April 17. However, present planetary tensions will prevail for the coming two months. Reports of herds of bison and other animals fleeing the park were downplayed by officials.

Mars perigee, April 14, 2014, Yellowstone Park

click image for full size


This diagram shows that since mid 2013, the number of earthquakes in and around Yellowstone is on the rise. And lately some scientists have found that the Yellowstone caldera began releasing increased amounts of  helium gas, rising up from the magma chambers deep below. Such patterns were observed heralding other volcanic eruptions. Furthermore, in many areas of the Park the ground is swelling at rates of several inches per year, as I learned from this documentary. And in the town of  Jackson, some fifty miles South of Yellowstone Park, ground movements are causing worries. The bulging caused waterlines to break, roads and parking lots to crack, while rendering some buildings unsafe to live in. As of Wednesday, April 9, emergency evacuation orders were delivered to residents of affected areas. At this point we just can hope that the situation relaxes again and that the restless beast goes back to sleep.


There's no questions, we've arrived at a critical juncture. Over the coming weeks we're dealing with excessive forces, many things and situations are super charged. It's very rare that so much energy is set free all at once, seeking for manifestation. Powerful geometric structures like the heavenly cross generate surges which easily can build up to tsunamis. At worst we will get overwhelmed by excessive forces and ploughed under. At the very best though, these boundless forces may invigorate us to overcome idleness, generating the necessary motivation to overcome hesitation, giving the courage to re-invent our lives.

One thing is clear, enormous creative potentials are set free, breakthrough and re-orientation are initiated. If we dare to go with our visionary impulse, chances are we may enter a stream of innovation which eventually may demand radical turns. Once we've assigned to new directions we may find surprising footholds. Latest by May 20, when Mars gets back to direct motion, the new momentum will start gripping, pulling us towards greater realizations.

The saving grace is Venus in Pisces, in an intimate rendezvous with Chiron, the wounded healer. Venus in Pisces want us to know that above all grace and compassion are the noble values that are bonding us together. In times of emergency and unrest, caring for one another becomes ever more important. Staying true to our hearts and sharing with the less fortunate is what ultimately matters.




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