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Age of Aquarius

There's quite a consensus that the Age of Aquarius is here. However, when this latest chapter of the 26000-year precessional cycle began is widely debated. My friend Michael O’Connor likes to muse that each Great Age is one ‘day’ within a much larger evolutionary cycle. New days begin at midnight.


  Water Bearer - Visionary art of Willow Arleana


There are many indications that some 500+ years ago, with the emergence of the epoch of Renaissance a huge shift took place; it was a time of re-awakening to ancient wisdom. A more objective world view arose, humanistic ideals began replacing dogmas, the scientific era began. In paintings we see the dimension of depth coming in. In contrast to the flat and iconic perception prevalent all through the Middle Ages, all of a sudden perspective is arising.

Every new day begins with a good night’s sleep. The first six hours are dark and unconscious; a time of retreat, rest and rejuvenation. And then, when the sun rises one wakes up, recharged and ready to face challenges, and act. Translating this idea to the present Age of Aquarius, for the last five centuries, aside from the few heralds and harbingers declaring the arrival of a new age, most of humanity enjoyed a good night's sleep. And now with the sun about to rise, we’re about waking up to the Age of Aquarius. An hour before sunrise darkness starts vanishing, the emerging light on the Eastern horizon announces the new day is about to break. Great excitement is in the air, nature is waking up. If one full 'day' is represented by 2160 years, then one hour equals 90 years. Supposed first signs of dawn emerged around the 1920's, then probably by the 1960’s birds started chirping. And now, in this second decade of the third millennium, we just about might experience the Sun rising.

No wonder, the Mayans by applying their own ways of counting time came up with December 21, 2012, as a time of re-creation and new beginnings. I have to admit, I didn't have big expectations regarding this shift. However, I'm very pleased to say that I was wrong. My perception tells me, there has been a definite shift, a rift in the fabric of space/time, if you wish. Yes, we’re still in the same world, facing all the same problems. However, I cannot help but say, something is different. There’s more light around, everything has become somewhat easier, more transparent. Judging by how this plays out for me, there’s more awareness of how I’m involved. I begin realizing my participation in generating the web of creation, something I didn’t recognize as clearly before. And, I keep meeting many people; family, friends and strangers who speak of a similar experience.

One important consideration regarding changes is that we all are part of nature. In general, there are no sudden leaps from one state of affairs to another. Usually progressions are integral and organic, they begin deep within the core, and then slowly but surely manifest. A good example might be the arrival of spring. First the snow has to melt. There will be very warm days, the Sun’s power being overwhelming, water dripping everywhere. As the Sun is setting and night falls everything freezes again. We might have thought spring was here, but then, out of nowhere another snowstorm rolls in. Rapid succession of events prepares the ground, makes us aware that something is happening. Two steps forward and one step back. After steep advance follows drawback, eventually consolidating – building the foundation for the next leap. The buds know all of that, they won’t open at the first spike of warmth. Slowly but surely they get ready from within. Hidden from the eye new leaves form and flowers prepare. And then one day, it might not even be a very warm one, nothing holds them back anymore. All in synch they pop open, declaring spring to have arrived.

Observing nature, humans have developed calendars. We say, spring in the Northern hemisphere begins around March 21, the day of equal length of day and night, the day when the Sun crosses over to the Northern hemisphere. Also by observation we learned that longer days produce rising temperatures, enticing the juices of life, boosting the vegetation cycle.



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