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Meditation - Riding your breath


Following September 13's Partial Solar Eclipse you may have become aware of increasing intensity. We're approaching the fourth Blood Moon. Watch out, a most powerful two-week period of transformation has just begun!

When I watched the above animation, letting it play over and over some hidden magic struck me. My body's subtle energy began resonating in lockstep with the animation! And then all of a sudden I realized what a fantastic tool this clip might be... an activator, a device, inducing deeply meditative states. Even in individuals who may not have that much experience with meditation at all.

Just participate in the experiment: watch the clip for a few minutes, let it repeat, over and over. At some point you might sense what I did... your energy falling in synch with what's going on on the screen.

Are you ready for more? Well, first make sure you're sitting comfortably.

Now, synchronize your breath to the video!

Begin inhaling when the two balls of light emerge from above and below moving towards one another. Inhale very slowly and gradually, stretch it really out. Push yourself to the limit, fill your lungs with as much air as possible.

And then watch. When your lungs are absolutely full, for one short atomic moment breathing completely stops . In that one infinitesimally small moment space disappears, time disappears, and with it you disappear. There's this minute gap where nothingness is seeping in.

It is said, that more than 5000 years ago, Lord Shiva introduced the 108 aspects of meditation to his beloved Parvati. It is very particular that the first eight of these famous 108 techniques are all about breath... observing one's own breath.

In Vagyan Bhairav Tantra, Osho comments on Shiva's sutras, explaining what they imply, shining light on these timeless teachings from many angles.

Osho illustrates beautifully how Shiva is guiding how to direct our attention inch by inch towards these two gaps hidden between inhalation, exhalation and the next inhalation. According to Shiva these gaps are the real portals, that's where the real mystery hides. These stillpoints are sacred nodes where everything unites.... where boundaries melt down, where bodies and egos cease to exist, where the world literally comes to a halt.

But these fleeting gaps are so microscopic, they're hidden away so well! Only with a highly polished awareness one may even just start sensing that these gaps really exist, just getting a hunch there might be something else hiding!

The all-encompassing zero field energy, which - wonder oh wonder - is hiding inexplicable in plain sight. One could call it the primordial paradox... never really be able to wrap one's mind around it. Simply because it's way bigger than our tiny brain can comprehend!

So, these magical moments are shorter than one single nanosecond - because they're not really part of time... they esist outside of time... in spite of time! A discontinuum, a greater reality which exists outside of linear time.

At the peak of inhalation one is all and everything, one with the entire universe. And in the deep valley of exhalation all there's left is the Void. In utter relaxation perception of self vanishes. Source is all there is. Formlessness, nothingness. Everything has returned into the cosmic womb.

The animation is very well done, (I wish I'd know who created it so I could pay tribute).

When the two light balls merge and explode, that's when we're one with all.


And then, after merging and exploding into one another, exhalation is setting in. A series of waves and ripples are spiraling out into the universe, thus bringing fulfillment and deep relaxation. There's tremendous expansion and liberation. This phase of release is about expressing one's creativity, sharing the embrace of the one and all, expressing one's ecstasy, propelling it to the far corners of the universe.

Imagine, be the pebble plunging into a silent pond... or a starburst, a supernova  triggering a tsunami.

And when the last bit of air has left your body, then once again - but now from the opposite end - you're touching onto and eventually merge with the zero point field, falling back into the universe's central black hole.

But wonder oh wonder, merging with nothingness, forgetting who one is, becoming oblivious of all and everything, there's yet another rebirth! Out of nowhere the urge for the next breath arises, the dance starts over. Once again the universe reassembles, to peak in yet another unexplainable moment of absolute wonder.  

After a while allow closing your eyes. Be prepared, I tell you, you might get blown away! Realizing that the energy triggered by the video is pulsating through you...

From Micro to Macro Cosm

Aside from assisting us attuning our subtle bodies, on a much broader scale this clip depicts what's happening collectively in these coming weeks into September 27.

As I mention in my Blood Moon article, according to Matt Kahn, by September 27, 2015, one third of humanity will have completed the ascension from third to fifth dimension.

The energy waves this event generates will be tremendous! Critical mass in consciousness will be reached, thus setting off chains of events so much out of the box we have no ways yet imagining!




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