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Why would we choose Greenwich as a location to cast astrological charts for the entire planet?

What is so special about this place?

Earth is an almost perfect sphere, rotating once around itself every 24 hours. At any time, exactly half of Earth's globe is experiencing day light, while the other half is in darkness. The poles are unique, no rotation is experienced there. What prevails is the yearly rhythm of darkness and light which makes days and nights last months at a time. The equator on the other hand is very special too. There the angular momentum and the centrifugal forces are at their maximum. The length of days and nights varies little, causing seasonal changes to be minimal.

Aside from these two particular areas, all locations on Earth have their unique mix of daily and yearly rhythms, causing the climate to be extremely diversified and multifarious.

Understanding, organizing, and distinguishing our world are human privileges and necessities both. As far back as we can probe, humans have counted time, created calendars and organized the randomly distributed stars into constellations. When humanity started navigating the vast oceans, discovering different continents, to define a grid of longitude and latitude became vitally important. And as we came into the modern age, when spatial boundaries became inceasingly irrevalent, time zones came into fashion. And today, we couldn't function as a global village without clearly defined time zones anymore.

By convention, the observatory of Greenwich, England, has been chosen to function as the center of our world. This means, the zero meridian runs through Greenwich, dividing Earth's globe into an Eastern and a Western hemisphere. This allows for each place on Earth to be defined by its angular distance from the equator, as well as its Eastern or Western angular distance from Greenwich.

It is noteworthy that Greenwich's angular distance from the equator (latitude) is 51°29'. This angle is almost exactly a seventh of a full circle (51°25.7'). Such exactness cannot be accidental, making me assume that whoever chose Greenwich as Earth's navel knew much more about our planet and its geography then one would expect. One thing is for certain, it's not a natural phenomena, not something given by nature. It's been created by inspired human mind, probably channeling divine intelligence. And then, proving to be a practical solution, it became a universally accepted convention.

Greenwich in this sense is an archetypal place, a representative of the entire planet. Not only does it make absolute sense to look at important alignments from the perspective of Earth's navel; but also - and this matters even more - insights and clues obtained from this viewpoint are congruent with what we see manifesting. After all, astrology is an empirical science. Wisdom and insights are distilled from observation and comparison. There must be some universal truth in what works over and again, thus giving consistent results. Greenwich is Earth's navel, a fractal which allows us looking at Earth as a whole, gathering insights of what's going on, of what moves our collective human psyche.


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