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I CHING alignment

with the Tropical Zodiac


The I CHING is the ancient Chinese Book of Change, a magnificent source of widsom. At least 5000 years old, this oracle is reflecting the cosmos in its multitude of mundane and sacred manifestations.

Each of the 64 different oracles (hexagrams) consists of six lines, which can be either solid or broken. Each hexagram is a combination of two trigrams, which are groups of three Yin or Yang lines. Yin lines are broken, female and receptive; whereas Yang lines are solid, expressing the male or creative aspect of life.

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Emperor Fu Hsi (29th century BCE)

The basic insight of the I CHING is that change is at the very core of everything. Hence each line has the potential of changing to its polar opposite, Yin becoming Yang, and vice versa.

In 1953, the all-life unifying code of DNA was discovered. It was

quite  a surprise to find DNA organized much like I Ching hexagrams. Gouped in three pairs of two nucleotides there's a total of 64 combinations or 'codons'. Each codon holds the information for assimilating one particular amino-acid, the basic building blocks of life.

These scientific findings instigated a great renaissance for the I CHING. It became evident on how universally attuned the Book of Changes really is.

Overlaying the Tropical zodiac with the 64 I Ching hexagrams adds an amazing new dimension to astrology. In 1987, the Human Design System (HDS) was delivered to Ra Uru Hu, by an entity calling itself 'the Voice'. The I CHING overlay is just one peculiar piece of the amazing Human Design System which integrates two astrology charts into one bodygraph, charting the electric circuitry of our chakra system.

The sequence of the 64 I CHING hexagrams overlaying the Tropical zodiac is very profound. It goes back to emperor Fu Hsi who is believed to be the father of the I Ching.


TUI - Lake
LI - Fire
CHIEN - Heaven
CHEN - Thunder
SUN - Wind
KUN - Earth
KAN - Water
KEN - Mountain



Overlaying the zodiac with the I Ching opens our eyes to new dimensions of reality. Treasures of information are becoming available, allowing for the recognition of patterns and arrangements in an entirly new way.

I would like to promote and share the cornucopia of wisdom that comes out of this marriage. This is a true meeting of East and West which will contribute to the great renaissance of astrology.

At best, this wisdom will help improve understanding and appreciation of ourselves and the world around us. We might become aware of a divine plan far greater than our imagination may comprehend. And out of such understanding, compassion and patience are born.



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