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Jupiter direct

(March 6 to December 8, 2014)

On March 6, 2014, after retreating for four months, Jupiter resumed its forward motion. Jupiter is the largest planet of our Solar system, hence we can expect its influence to be substantial. Jupiter's main theme is expansion, giving us faith and enthusiasm. Revealing infinite possibilities, he kindles our sense of wonder, setting us off to face challenges and explore the unknown.

We're at the center of the universe experiencing everything from our point of view. Because of Earth's own movement planets at times appear moving backwards.

Each time a planet comes to a standstill the overall energy shifts. It just so happened that Jupiter's turn concluded a two-week period of change, which had begun on February 18th with the Lunar nodes entering Libra/Aries, and the Sun's entering Pisces.

On March 6, cosmic fireworks were launched. In a rare sequence of events at least five fragments of a once bigger asteroid flew past Earth.

The show began on March 5 with 2014DX110, a 31m fragment buzzing by at 0.9 Lunar distance; to be followed on March 6, by 2014EF (7m, 0.4 Lunar distance), and 2014EC (10m, 0.2 Lunar distance). While these asteroids were detected by NASA's spacewatch program scanning the skies for potentially hazardous asteroids, two additional fragments produced fireballs over Santa Fe, NM, and Yellowknife, NT.

Close flybys of asteroids are significant events. We shouldn't forget, the 1908 Tungutska asteroid impact which flattened several thousand square miles of boreal forest was only 80m in diameter. While on a few occasions each year some small asteroids cut within the Moon's orbit, five space rocks intruding in one single day is indeed a unique occurrence, and may not have ever been witnessed before.

But the story gets even more intriguing. Also on March 6, NASA published the story that Hubble space telescope had observed an asteroid breaking up. There's perhaps a one in a million chance that this story would be released on the day such event is taking place.

The theme is clear, it's about the breaking up of something, delivering a spectacle. What's heralded is a breath-taking event beyond the scope of our influence. Something potentially destructive and frightening; and yet fascinating and absolutely exciting; a natural spectacle. Whatever got planted on this day would grow spectacular flowers.


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The cosmic event of the day was Jupiter's station, setting the stage for his nine-month jaunt into the unknown. Looking into the celestial web of this moment brings confirmation that this is a major turning point.

The symmetry of this chart is centered on Sun and Chiron, in the public tenth house. Recognition of what's wrong allows for a healing process to start setting in.

The central triangle of Sun/Chiron, the Black Moon in Leo, and Mars plus escort in late Libra, implies that pressing issues may become prominent and widely visible. Looking away and pretending that everything is fine will become impossible.

On either side of the Sun, at equal distance are Mercury and Uranus, backed by charged T-squares. The sign of Gemini is rising, appointing Mercury as the chart ruler. Back to forward mode, the messenger of the gods is in zenith position, in hexagram #49, Revolution/Reformation. Lending its voice to Saturn, Moon and Sedna; we can expect punch lines to be of rather serious nature. Protection and conservation may be the main topic.

Mercury is in the second line of hexagram #49: "This is the right time to go ahead. No fault."
Midheaven is in the fifth line of hexagram #49: "This is a great change that can be seen by all. Even before making a divination this change can be trusted. It is as clear and obvious as the stripes on a tiger."

Uranus, ruler of the zenith is in the eleventh house, commanding complex forces, pushing towards re-invention. In the coming months, Mars will fill in the missing link of the grand square, bringing the powerful cocktail of Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and a whole bunch of dwarf planets to a boil.

Mars is travelling with its entourage. He's empowered by the Moon's North node and has two asteroid attendants: focussed and dedicated Vesta; and grieving and caring Ceres. Mars' retrograde move 'til May 20 could manifest in renouncing lies. It's very well possible that this is the last straw, opening the gates of unprecedented disclosure. Mars in the fifth house (Leo), and in an empowering sextile (60 degree aspect) to the Galactic center, portrays courage and creative self-expression that could manifest in civil disobedience snowballing.

At winter solstice, December 21, 2013, Mars was conjunct CZ118 (outspoken, even though opposition and possible loss of popularity might be consequences). And on April 21, 2014, when the grand square materializes, CY118 (mistrusting authorities, refined and visionary) will be aligned with Mars. CY118 and CZ118, two mavericks (unusual high declination, 'off the beaten track'), were discovered in 1999. For the entire year of 2014, these two resonate intimately with the Pluto-Uranus square.

Jupiter is in hexagram #39, Obstruction; in Cancer and the first house (Aries); likewise climbing the barricade, breaking new territory, setting the tone. Will there be a chance to bite through obstruction and dissolve opposition? Will it become possible to mobilize enough energy to initiate change? If not now than probably never. 2014 is pretty much our last chance to turn the tide of events.


Auroras on Jupiter

Jupiter is in the second line of hexagram #39, saying that "he's the selfless minister tackling obstruction. Following a strong sense of duty he courageously exposes misunderstandings and lies." Jupiter is conjunct Cyllarus (realization of what needs to be changed, reformer). Jupiter's push into new territory will culminate on December 8, 2014, in the 23rd degree of Leo, which happens to be the midnight point of this chart. Could this indicate the mission's success?

The Ascendant is in late Gemini, in hexagram #12, Standstill; in line six, which talks about refusing corrupt gifts. The warning is, we shouldn't let material comforts destroy us. We shouldn't trade virtuous strength for unworthy things; like wealth, reputation and superficial glory .

The Galactic center at the Descendant hosts Chariklo (envisioning a different reality), Quaoar (eruptive force of creation), Hylonome (search for redemption) and Amycus (progress in aggravating circumstances). Aligned to the seventh house cusp, this galactic fanfare reinvigorates the sign of Libra, endorsing Mars and his entourage.

Above all, these coming months offer a one in a lifetime invitation to be sincere and submit to highest principles. Even if we should miss this opportunity as a collective, there will be breakthroughs for countless individuals.


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