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Readings with Khoji

Astrology reveals. . .

Everything is exactly as meant to be. Deciphering the celestial geometry amongst planets and stars allows us to realize the divine plan. Getting a feel for the greater context brings objectivity and relieves pressure, giving the immense freedom of not taking things so personal anymore.


We become aware of life's hidden meanings and recognize sleeping potentials .


Recognizing the bigger picture leads to sound decisions.

When in harmony with the cosmos we have the inner strength to face challenges and avoid looming dangers.



           Western Tropical Astrology



     Mayan Dreamspell 







  Human Design System




Fee schedule:

Sliding scale, depending on your financial situation.

Paypal & major credit cards.

If you'd like to ask a question or book a reading please you may send a message by Facebook, or by email to cosmoswithin@gmx.com

Local readings will be held in person.

Preferred platformfor long distance readings: Skype

Readings are digitally recorded and will be shared through dropbox.

Your birth chart as well as additional charts relevant to your reading will be sent as email attachments.




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