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Horoscope for September 2013


The greatest challenge of our times is to stay light hearted and positive, despite all the enormous problems. And it’s not just global issues that are getting graver by the day, also our personal lives have gathered intensity and momentum. We might not be able to do much about pending world problems, however we may be able to find a more loving and non-judgmental place within ourselves, aiming to be more forgiving, first and foremost towards ourselves. And honestly, the only thing we may be able to change to the better is our own self. That’s really all we got to work with. Everyone and everything outside is in its own story, it’s not upon us to decide what’s best for them or not.

In Hindu tradition life is depicted as ‘leela’, which means dance, play or song. And another concept is that everything manifesting in this cosmos is simply god’s dream, which means this world is ephemeral and transient, barely as real as we usually want to think.

Having grown up in our Western world which evolved from the story of ‘serious’ science, one might conceive such concepts as romantic and naïve. With all due respect for scientific discoveries and their many practical applications which make our lives easier and more leisurely, we shouldn’t forget that it’s these same sciences that have to take the blame for all the seemingly insurmountable world problems we are facing in today’s time and age. So much so, that it’s become quite easy to gauge, that continuing on this same path of religious believe in ‘serious’ science will eventually drive us even deeper into the mess we’re already stuck in.

Rather than being submerged in gloomy and depressed thoughts, we may choose to focus on the many small everyday miracles. Be it a bird chirping, a cloud drifting by, a smile on someone’s face, or just closing the eyes to savor the air that is streaming into our lungs. It’s these ‘little’ things which make life immeasurably valuable. Open yourself to the wind and the rain, allow being touched at your soul and you will find that you are that cloud. Each time we manage to break the chain of ‘dark’ thoughts our personal frequency rises. It’s so easy to become messengers of joy and pass on the thrill of existence.  



Week 36: September 2 - September 8

Week 37: September 9 - September 15

Week 38: September 16 - September 22

Week 39: September 23 - September 29


Mars, the ruler of Aries is inspiring you, firing up your creativity. Playfulness and curiosity are traits most people are losing as they get older. Accept the invitation and revive this childlike adventurousness. -  You also might find yourself helping to sort out emotional challenges in your home environment, or act as a mediator amongst family members. In the bigger picture, 2013 is urging you to become clearer on what really matters. This might get strongly pronounced by the middle of this month.



You instinctively know that you shouldn’t rely on others experiences, you need to find out for yourself. Knowing something from inside out is what counts. Touching, feeling and tasting are essentials, you have to get to the core of the matter. And you know, you are able to discover new nuances, details others might have missed. So, stay true to your nature, don’t let others tell you that they know better, that it’s futile to walk the extra mile. Yes, overall you might be slower than if you were a mere follower. However, taking the time and not shying away from the effort makes you the owner of the experience.



Be careful to use your powerful mind wisely. All too easily adrenaline starts rushing up, making you feel as if you were in the middle of a battlefield. The moment you realize what’s going on, take a deep breath and reconnect with your body, ground yourself, literally!  - Overall, 2013 isn’t an easy year for Gemini. Duty is a four-letter word. When you’re in touch with your heart you have transcended that gross mindset. Love transforms duty into service and worship. Whatever the bonus for listening to others’ needs may be, the payback is immediate, there’s no time lapse. Once you recognize this, you will give freely without second thoughts. You will be grateful to those who are open to receive.



You’re learning to put the finger on the problem, truly recognizing what’s at the root of an issue. And then, communication is the key to find resolutions. - Similar to other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Capricorn), your life undergoes massive changes between 2011- 2016 (Uranus/Pluto square), most likely to the better. Having built up steadily, the one and only heliocentric 90 degree aspect between the two outer planets takes place this coming November. The main theme of this powerful alignment is biting through obstacles and rearranging the structure, so we can dissolve antagonism and disharmony.  


You’re not too happy about a situation regarding your home and family, there seems to be some disconnect and hardship. Be gentle however, don’t get too demanding or dominant. Everything will change at its own time, for now accept what is. This situation probably won’t disappear that quick, hence take it as a great opportunity to practice patience. Look at the bright side of life, as coined by the movie “Life of Brian”. Shifting one’s attitude can change everything. Without any expectation, it’s impossible to feel disappointed.



In life, change is the only thing permanent. Look at the clouds and you will understand how the whole of creation is reconfiguring itself at all times, in resonance with all there is. It’s a coming and going, somewhat bittersweet, but nevertheless very colorful and interesting. - All through 2013, social interactions are very important. You might learn new skills or become involved in community projects, which at first might be somewhat challenging. In the end however you will find that your world has expanded.



As your birthday is approaching you move into a zone of transition and a window for review opens up. Take some time out, find a quiet retreat and take inventory of what you’ve got and what you want to achieve. There’s some instability in your life, at times you’re feeling like living on very shaky grounds. However, that’s nothing new, nor any reason to worry. Simply accept it as a fact, come to peace with it and know that it will keep being that shaky and instable for many more years. - For 2013 in particular, the world presents itself bright and shiny, there’s excitement and opportunity. Beware of the danger to get ahead of yourself, to climb too high and too fast.


In many ways 2013 is a year of new beginnings. You might find that you’ve become more focused than ever before. You’re learning on how to zoom in on essentials and then stick to them. - During the coming weeks work might be quite demanding, nailing you down to the spot. Commitment and flexibility are key factors. Remember to stay true to your principles and allow going to your limits. Venus will enter your sign on September 12, joining Saturn; somewhat lightening you up, making your workload more enjoyable.



You probably would like to take on an adventure. Or you might feel somewhat stingy and radical, ready to raise your voice for justice. Particularly through the first 10 days of September there’s some potential for confrontations. Having said that, it’s important to hold yourself in check, and not erupt uncontrollably. – Overall, 2013 appears to be quite an emotionally charged year. However, if you’re accepting all the upset and distress  you may find yourself getting positively surprised by an increasing depth and honesty in intimate relations.


Planet Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn stands in the lime light throughout the month of September. Saturn is encouraging you to embrace responsibility for the situation you’re in. When something appears to go wrong don’t hesitate to stand up early enough, before things gets out of hand. Mentors and friends are offering great inspirations, helping you to get in touch with your inner strength and determination.



You are very ambitious, striving for success, and you have a good eye for what’s out of balance. Expose the flaws and make suggestions of what can be done to improve the situation, but only do so if it’s beneficial to all parties involved. If that’s the case then don’t shy away from potential conflicts, know that friction can be highly constructive. It’s important to honor your co-workers for their input and to listen to ideas and objections your companions might have. Live up to highest standards of being a good team player.



Come out of your hide away, don’t be shy, stop inventing excuses. An abundance of creativity is ready to burst forth from within you, wanting to be expressed and shared. There are moments when there’s self doubt and confusion undermining your confidence. Simply acknowledge that ups and downs are following each other in a natural sequence. Being creative is somewhat similar to giving birth, at first it may be painful and arduous. Persistence and discipline however are the keys to great satisfaction – and you might be amazed on how much your universe is about to expand in all directions.



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