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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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Seven Squares of Uranus and Pluto

Seven times between 2012 and 2015, from Earth's perspective, Uranus amd Pluto are exactly 90 degrees apart from one another.

In November 2013, for one time only, from the Sun's point of view the two slow moving planets will be in a right angle. The Sun is at the center of our Solar system, therefore the helio-centric alignment is the midpoint of Uranus' and Pluto's oscillations.

We can expect the intensity of this aspect to peak in the last months of 2013.

These are the dates when Uranus and Pluto will be at 90° from one another:


1 Manik-Manik (MANIK)
geo-centric 1 *
geo-centric 2 **
6 Caban-Caban (EB)
geo-centric 3 ***
2 Ik-Ix (IMIX)
geo-centric 4 ****
11 Kan-Kan (IX)

4 Ben-Muluc (OC)

geo-centric 5 *****
P 8 Chuen-Men (KAN)
geo-centric 6 ******
9 Akbal-Cauac (MEN)

geo-centric 7 *******


Uranus (Hubble, 2004)

Uranus rules Aquarius. In Aquarius' Solar chart, Sagittarius occupies the Aquarian eleventh house. The Sagittarian twist comes as no surprise. Uranus certainly has untamed energy and an urge to explore, always open to look at the world in new ways. Its innovative spirit is motivated to reach out to the farthest star.

Uranus is the seventh planet, it circles our star once every 84 years. 27 moons are interspersed by 13 dark rings. Unlike other planets, Uranus rotates clockwise. Its rotational axis lies on its side, and its asymmetrical magnetic field is tilted at 59° from its axis of rotation.

Uranus behaves very differently from the other planets. One could call it an oddball, a strong individualist. Uranus is said to be ruling of the sign of Aquarius. You have heard it, we indeed are in the Age of Aquarius.

Uranus is always full of surprises, eccentric and at times bizarre. In a realm beyond Saturn (symbolizing law and order), Uranus lives by his own rules which are unpredictable and original. The frequency of the seven gives Uranus the status of an observer. Uranus also represents spirit, the fire of consciousness and sudden enlightenment.

Solar chart for Aquarius

Aquarius Solar chart

Pluto was discovered in 1930. The first one of its kind, Pluto is the archetype of mini-planets orbiting in the outer reaches of our Solar system, far past Neptune.

Pluto is not just a planet but a planetary system. In 1978, Pluto’s large moon Charon was discovered. Compared to its mother planet, Charon is the largest moon in our Solar system, about half the diameter of Pluto. The two are much closer together then we are with our moon. Their barycenter (shared gravitational center) is above Pluto's surface in space, somewhere between the two. Every 6.4 days (closely attuned to our weekly rhythm), Pluto and Charon revolve around one another, performing a dance, celebrating duality and partnership; complementing each other, two separate bodies and yet one entity.





Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, which in many ways is the darkest and most mysterious sign of all the twelve. Scorpio represents transformation, death and rebirth, intense attraction, merging and melting into one another. Scorpio follows Libra. We've crossed the line from the superficial, into the utterly intense and deep. The two dancersare so mcu in tune that they experience themselves as one energy...

No wonder, Gemini occupies the eighth (Scorpionic) house in the Scrpio's Solar chart. In music, the eighth note is the octave of the first one. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio both. Aries pioneers the outside world while Scorpio dives deep into the inner. Both apply will and represent creativity in action. Aries roots in the single-pointed view of the indiviual, while Scorpio is more complex; an interface, bridging the individual with the collective.

Pluto and its large moon Charon

Pltuo and Charon are mutually locked in to each other, showing each other always the same face. If you’d live on Pluto, Charon would always be in the same location relative to the horizon. They might spin around each other in wild pirouettes, yet they know exactly where they stand to one another, they totally can count on each other. The only variable is the changing star constellations they see their partner surrounded by.

Pluto and Charon are about 40 times further from the Sun than we are. To travel once around our star takes them 247 Earth years.


Scorpio Solar chart


In the mid 1960's, Uranus and Pluto appeared in the same place in the sky, forming three exact conjunctions as seen from Earth. You might have lived during these crazily exalted years, still having vivid memories of highly dynamic societal changes, full of rebellion and breakthroughs; sex, drugs and rock'n roll; Woodstock and Vietnam; LSD and the moon landing. 


What makes Uranus and Pluto so different from the rest of the planetary family?

Most other planets have their north poles pointing up, out of the plane in which they orbit around the Sun, much like spinning tops. The two exceptions are Uranus and Pluto. They are rotating on their sides, like tilted rolling balls, therefore obtaining a very different view of the universe.

One could say that planets with their north poles pointing out of the orbital planes are more in touch with each other, as they see each other passing by on a daily base, all experiencing the same stellar environment, their day/night rhythm being defined by how fast they rotate around themselves.

Uranus and Pluto however exist in an altogether different world. Because they're rotating on their sides like rolling balls, for the major part of their voyage around the Sun their day/night rhythms are extremely imbalanced. Uranus' one hemisphere is cold and dark for decades while its other side gets baked by scortching sunlight. And in Pluto's case the situation gets ever more extreme. On one hemisphere, for more than a century at a time, it's cold and dark; while it's the other one gets beaten by relentless heat. Furthermore, the panorama of stars observed from the surface of these two planets is very different from the views obtained from all the other planets which are rotating like spinning tops.

Instead of the merry-go-round feel experienced by all the other planets, Uranus or Pluto behave like ferris wheels, flinging up to extreme heights, and then pulling down to abysimal depths, exploring the Solar system's polar regions, reaching out to extremes.

Taking these astronomical facts into consideration, it's not surprising that Uranus and Pluto manifest as cross-thinkers, inventors, mavericks, unconventianal weirdos and eccentric visionaries. Everything in this universe is an open book. We just have to become keen observers, read the signs and use our inborn intelligence to connect the dots.


November 23, 2013 - heliocentric square

The highpoint of this 6-year redirection process will be the moment when the two planets form the heliocentric square, on November 23, 2013. From the Sun’s perspective all planets move steadily forward; a bit faster when closer, and somewhat slower when further away from the Sun.

As observed from Earth’s perspective, Uranus and Pluto's mutual dance is much more complex. This is so because of Earth’s own movement  of circling the Sun. Uranus and Pluto are very far away, they appear moving slower, while Earth appears moving faster. That explains why from our perspective every year for a few months Uranus and Pluto move backwards. And because each has its own rhythm, they are at 90 degrees to eacha other for seven times.

Seven exact squares is quite something. Uranus after all is the seventh planet from the Sun: 1=Mercury, 2=Veuns, 3=Earth, 4=Mars, 5=Jupiter, 6=Saturn, 7=Uranus, 8=Neptune.

These seven squares are initiations, seven steps of an integration process, stabilizing and strengthening a new evoltuionary direction. Uranus is in Aries since May 28, 2010, and remains in this fire sign till 2019. According to Tibetan astrologer Djwahl Khul (Channeled by Alice Bailey) is Uranus the hierarchical ruler of the cardinal sign of Aries. Every manifestation begins as divine inspiration, which at first always looks strange, weird , over-the-top and radical. It happens that Pluto entered the cardinal sign of Carpicorn just two years earlier, in January 2008, remaining there till 2023. Cardinal signs mark the beginning of the seasons, they initiate new directions. The years 2010 - 2019 will be remembered as an epoch of renewal and inspiration, full of sparks descending from the divine. If necessary, this energy also may manifest catastrophes like Fukushima, epidemics, great volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or devastating Solar flares.

The long and short, there are many indications that something big is under way. The world as we know it is ending, something new and different is about to emerge. Everyone will come to realize at a deep core level that we are All One. Cooperation and Love will become more important than competition. Earth is becoming a global village.

The individual astrological charts for the seven squares (click links in table below) speak of exceptional times. And the sequence of I Ching oracles as activated by Uranus and Pluto deliver the intrinsic story line with breathtaking clarity.


I Ching synthesized with Astrology

The super-position of the I Ching oracles over the Tropical zodiac is a most brilliant concept. If you've studied astrology you know how powerful a tool it can be. And f you happen to call the I Ching your companion, you will say the exact same thing. Combining astrology with the wisdom of the I Ching  literally gives a three-dimensional image of the ongoing evolution of human consciousness. It's like unraveling a conundrum or decoding a puzzle. Everything starts making sense. It's absolutely mind blowing to realize of how perfectly attuned everything is. It's like accessing the master plan; existence turns out being a miraculously synchronized chaos, reborn over and over again.

The I Ching is a complete mirror image of human reality. It’s a cloud of divine wisdom, ready to shower its wisdom on anyone who dares to listen. If the I Ching is new to you, all you'll need for a start is obtaining a book describing the 64 oracles; three coins, and your first question. There’s even a more easy way to test the waters. There are some great I Ching sites online - just google and you will see. A single mouse click can be enough to get a meaningful answer to your question. However, if you really want to learn about this ancient Chinese wisdom, you better get a hard copy, at least that’s my humble opinion. You'll see, there are many translations available. I probably own about twenty different ones. However, my favorite I Ching book is Hua-Ching Ni’s version. He’s a contemporary Chinese scholar who was born in China into a traditional country-physician family where the ancient Taoist and Confucian culture were still part of daily life.

I put this table together. It helps finding the matching I Ching oracle to any zodiacal posititon, also giving the exact segment for each of the six lines, as well as the new hexagram that arises when the line in question has changed.



Uranus/Pluto 1455 - 2221 in the Age of Aquarius

waxing square
waning square


printing of Gutenberg Bible (1455)

end of 100-year war (1453)

fall of Constantinople (1453)


Copernicus' first observations

Columbus, Vespucci, Vasco da Gama, Cabral: trips & annexations


first English Bible printed (1537)

first university in Americas (1538)


frist settlements in US

religious wars break out in the Netherlands and in France


France grants equal rights to protestants

Boris Godunov's domestic reforms


steam turbine invented (1621)

first submarine tested (1624)


30-year war comes to an end

First US labor organization

Maryland Toleration Act


first woman awarded doctorate

Habeus Corpus Act in UK (no false arrest and imprisonment)


first ascent in hot-air balloon (1709)

piano invented (1709)

first copyright laws UK


Seven year war (1756-63)

Pope allows Bible translations (1759)

Industrial revolution begins


French revolution (1789-94)

US government established (1789)

Jonas Bering discovers Alaska


first steamship crossing Atlantic (1819)

South America independence

Antarctica discovered


Jeans invented in California

Gold rush begins in San Franscisco

first women medical school (Penns.)


Telephone and Record Player invented

first Black Catholic Bishop in US

first transcontinental railroad to SF

Electricity available for households


Thoedor Roosevelt gov. reforms

Oil discovered in Texas

first transatlantic radio signal

first motion picture theatre LA

Aircraft invented (1903)


Hitler's rise to power

Great Depression

TV broadcast experiments

discovery of innumerable galaxies


Vietnam and Woodstock

LSD - Moon Landing

anti baby pill and sexual liberation

Human Potential Movement



End of Mayan Calendar


Age of Enlightenment

The Global Village

'Mars One' Project





Galactic Center 0° Capricorn,

Winter Solstice conjunct

the Galactic Center (2225)




1965-1966 Conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto


Uranus' degree

Uranus' hexagram.line

--> change

Pluto's degree

Pluto's hexagram.line

--> change

Mayan Calendar


geocentric 1
October 9, 1965
17°09' Virgo
47.1 --> 58
17°09' Virgo
47.1 --> 58
C 9 Cauac-Men (Chuen)
January 7, 1966
16°48' Virgo
64.6 --> 40
16°48' Virgo
64.6 --> 40
8 Muluc-Ben (Ik)
geocentric 2
April 4, 1966
16°27' Virgo
64.6 --> 40
16°27' Virgo
64.6 --> 40
4 Cib-Eb (Ben)
geocentric 3
June 30, 1966
16°06' Virgo
64.6 --> 40
16°06' Virgo
 64.6 --> 40
13 Akbal-Manik (Chuen)


The 1965-66 Uranus/Pluto conjunction marks the beginning of a 139-years stretch, taking us from 1965 into 2104.

Like New Moon, a conjunction of two planets is a new beginning. For the first quarter of the cycle, in this case till 2012, the seed develops into a fully manifested form. Then the waxing Half Moon (or waxing square) adds a new overtone, redefining the purpose, redirecting the focus, adding on a fresh layer, obtaining a new perspective, offering an expanded view of the situation.

The first conjunction sets the basic tone for the entire 139-year cycle into 2104. Is it not so, the very first impression almost always turns out being the most important one. Hua-Ching Ni translates hexagram 47 as "Besieged-Entrapped-Exhausted". Under 'guidance' he writes: "Entrapment. A time to keep to oneself. A great person nourishes his personality to alter his future." How well is this describing our present times! No one will disagree, globally we've reached a place of exhaustion, literally we're about to run out of space and natural resources. And as the oracle suggests, the Human Potential Movement is the the best that could have happened. The only way out is the way in. Individual spiritual evolution, reviewing our thoughts and actions, taking responsibility and overcoming addictions will enetually alter the future and deliver joyousness.





The first line speaks of desire, which is like a dark valley not allowing things to be distinguished clearly. One is unable to find one's way out. This difficult situation takes a long time to dissolve. Struggle in such entrapment is futile. Only by becoming calm and slowing the mind down the situation possibly may decrease or disappear. When one is inwardly balanced and not dependent on external forces, such as reputation, beauty, property or position, one is able to make adversity into a spiritual pilgrimage. Being confined to darkness one may develop the ability to see in the dark; an ability which later on may reveal many hidden treasures. Hence the oracle says: do not despair if you find yourself in darkness, instead grow by it!

This first line makes hexagram 47's lower trigram change from the abysimal water to pleasant lake - evloving hexagram #47 to hexagram #58, lake below and lake above, called "Joyousness".


The position of the changing line reveals from where the impulse for change is emerging

The two lowest lines of any hexagram represent the material plane, the physical realm, or the body.

The two center lines relate to the mental plane of human experience, the intersection of matter and spirit.

The two top lines represent intuition and inspiration,the forces of spirit, the realms of the beyond.

The first one of the four Uranus/Pluto conjunctions took place in a first line, while the remaining three meetings bring movement to the topmost line. This is an intriguing configuaration, revealing that the riddle of entrapment is generated by the material plane. The advice given is to surrender to the experience of exhaustion and darkness. If we manage to relax into this, making peace with being entraped, then there's the promise of joyousness to manifest.

Geocentric conjunctions two and three - as well as the heliocentric conjunction all took place in the 17th zodiacal degree of Virgo, activating the sixth or topmost line of hexagram 64, "Before Crossing the Water".


The 64 is not an easy hexagram. The trigram of fire resides above, and water is below. Fire tends to move upward, whereas water is flowing downwards. Moving in opposite directions indicates trouble.  The hexagram speaks of the young fox who has no patience to wait for the best season to cross the stream; hence he gets his tail wet, which is humiliating. Hexagram 64 speaks of a preparation phase, a time of getting ready for a leap.

The changing sixth line at the very top of the hexagram evolves from Yang to Yin and causes the upper trigram to transform fire to thunder. The new hexagram coming into play is #40, "Dissolution of the Problem".Water below and thunder above, this hexagram is also known as "Deliverance".

Because the moving line is the topmost one, the problem is eventually dissolved by what is disseminating from the beyond, inspirations, visions, out-of-this-world ideas.


There's no question, the final outcome of hexagram #40, "Deliverance", is full of promise and excitment. However, at first, before we're there, the sixth line of hexagram 64 takes us through a labirinth. The I Ching says: Something great is in the making. Excitement is big and expectations easily go overboard. There's over-confidence, self-discipline is sacrificed, hence trouble is created and humiliation experienced.



2012-2015 Squares of Uranus and Pluto

Uranus' degree

Uranus' hexagram.line

--> change

Pluto's degree

Pluto's hexagram.line

--> change

Mayan Calendar



The waxing half moon is the archetype of the 90 degree square aspect; it marks the first big test/crisis of a cycle. The waxing square has the energy to conquer; it's expansive, creative, highly dynamic, and not shy at all of confrontation. The original impulse of this present Uranus-Pluto cycle has been set in motion by their last mutual conjunction in the 1960. Right now, half a century later, this impulse is about to be trained into a new direction. Foundations were laid in the 1960's. Now the next floor is added to the building, allowing for expanded views and greater clarity on priorities.

The I Ching oracles' emerging story line is quite fascinating: 'Joyousness' (#58), as well as 'Dissolution of the Problem' (#40) are basic promised changes manifesting in this present 139-year cycle, which will lead humanity into the year 2104, that's when their next conjunction will be occurring.

In 1965, the cycle started on the note of  'Besieged - Entrapped - Exhausted' (#47). This is a great paraphrase of materialism reaching its climax and going overboard into excess, caught in a viscious circle. The good news is that the energy generated and released by the two slow planets shifts hexagram #47's to hexagram #64 'Before Crossing the Water'. The sixth line of #47 says: "Entrapped by wild vines. One's arrogance causes discomfort. Thus he must be humble and gather himself in order to break out of bondage. Good fortune."  - The narcissistic ego which by design tends to separate itself by making itself very special, is hitting the ceiling. Self-aggradizment and pride have come to such extremes that remorse starts sneaking in. A deep readiness to take corrective action is growing, with the promise to transcend duality and break free from the prison of separation. This sixth line is full of hope, change has become\ possible, a new start promises good fortune.

And now, 48 years later, as we work our way through the intensity of the seven square aspects, once again hexagrams 58 (Joyousness) and 40 (Dissolution of the Problem) come into play, reassuring us, that despite all the difficulties, the intention set when the two planets had their celestial meeting is still strong and alive. But let's look at the configuration of these seven quares one step at a time:

The first two squares of 2012 (and the one of November 1, 2013), highlight hexagrams #17 'Compliance - Following' (Uranus) and hexagram #58 'Joyousness' (Pluto).  In June 2012, the focus was on fifth lines, in September 2012 on forths, and on November 1, 2013 the sixth lines of the two hexagrams are activated.

When slow planets align there are two distinct layers of manifestation.The first layer is hidden from the public's eye. Manifestations occur at the hub of creation. Here the new is emerging. Ideas are born, new visions perceived, and it may take decades for such intial sparks to come full circle and succeed in expressing the original conception.


On this inner level one merges with source, seeds are sprouting, ideas conceived, eurekas experienced. Tiny ripples setting out in all directions, likely taking decades (or centuries) to come full circle. one is immediate and spontaneous; events visible to everyone and quite often covered by the news.

The second level however

Reality is multi-layered, every new moment, over and again is giving a home to all there is. Countless dimensions, a multitude of time lines criss-crossing, in THIS very instant - right now. THIS moment, incredibly complex, the sum total of all that ever was and will be. Crowning that which has been, and giving birth to all that ever will come.

With this in mind, the seven Uranus-Pluto squares are nodes, intersections of space and time, crystallizations in the fabric of reality. Each of the seven frames is displaying one aspect of how the 1965 conjunction is extended and redirected. The main evolutionary themes of the 30+ years, leading into their 2046-48 oppositions will come to light.


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