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Week 2


January 6 - 12

Beware the Power of Mind

2014 began with celestial fireworks, adding a special encore to the exceptional January 1, New Moon. The first of two strong Solar flares occurred at Eastern Europe's zero hour. And the second explosion, a powerful M9.9 flare, erupted at high noon on New Year's day, right above North America. Recent extreme winter storms are one of the expressions of strong celestial currents. However for the most part, these two outbursts added a magic touch, introducing the new frequency band of 2014 with a drum roll.

As I pointed out in last week's column, 2014 is a 7-year. The seven stands all by itself, it's the most unique number amongst the single digits. Dividing a circle into seven equal segments is an impossible task if one tries with a pair of dividers and a ruler. And the mathematical division produces a number with infinite digits, what mathematicians call an 'irrational' number.

Seven is the main structural number in the design of the Egyptian pyramids, one of archeology's unsolved puzzles. To this day we have no indisputable answer as to how it was humanly possible to build them, and nobody knows their true purpose. All we realize is that these colossal structures were deemed so immensely important that no obstacle was too big to be overcome in order to produce them. Egyptian scientist Robert Bauval realized that the three big pyramids of Giza are a mirror image, the earthly representation of the Belt of Orion. Number seven holds a mystery, much like the pyramids do, directing us to another dimension, another world, resonating something of the beyond.


Yes, numbers are manmade, and some randomness cannot be negated. However, the mental field generated by seven billion people holding the same thought is immense. Numbers are thought forms, every creation begins with a thought. Before the universe was born it must have been a thought in God's mind.

When we pay attention we begin recognizing the self-fulfilling power of our thoughts and emotions. We absorb what we surround ourselves by, we take in and amplify the energy fields we expose ourselves to. And from that frequency spectrum arise our expectations, which then assemble reality.

When we understand this, it becomes clear that mind has to be disciplined, in the same way we educate animals. Some methodology has to be applied, so our mind may become a valuable and trustworthy servant, and there are many ways to accomplish that. It could be learning to play a musical instrument, acquiring a skill which involves discipline and regular training, the practice of sports, martial arts or dance, just to give some ideas. The bottom line is to constructively and creatively use our mental and emotional energy, and keep participating in the ongoing creation process. When we're creative we're closest to divine, in fact we become God's agents. There's nothing more satisfying than riding the wave of creation, participating in making this world a better place.

We live in a colorful world, full of inspirations of all sorts. In fact, there's an abundance of possible directions, one easily can get overwhelmed and confused. Hence it's very important to choose aspirations wisely. For the past couple weeks I enjoyed some fascinating shows on Oasis HD and Smithsonian channel, two commercial-free TV stations which offer free previews into mid January. Oasis HD aired some great documentaries on our Sun and the universe at large. And on the Smithsonian channel I was particularly intrigued by a documentary on tightrope walkers in Eastern Europe. Once more it made me realize how strongly our thoughts assemble our reality. Students with fear in their minds would never succeed dancing on the high rope. And to those who do succeed, for them walking on a rope feels no different than walking on the ground. Overcoming fear might be the biggest challenge of all. And the elation that comes having overcome fear is the most valuable reward. It motivates us to stay on track, to keep moving, deeper and deeper into this mystery we call life.



Power of the Mind (Alan N. Lehman)

Monday, January 6

3 Lamat-Eb (CIMI) -

Yellow Electric Star

In the morning, the Moon is void-of-course in late Pisces, to enter fiery Aries by 12:45 p.m. MST. Over and again there's something fresh, innocent and deeply curious about the Aries Moons. The small child within comes back to surface. Be inventive and experiment. You might engage in your daily routine, however do things in slightly different ways. Any new projects we  start today and tomorrow will be successful and rewarding. Yellow Electric Star aims for excellence. It can be a bit edgy and impatient at times, so tread it carefully.


Tuesday, January 7

4 Muluc-Chicchan (CIMI) - Red Self-Existing Moon - Galactic Activation Portal

We're approaching the waxing half Moon, generating a strong and expansive momentum. We might feel tempted to interfere and should be prepared to face resistance and opposition. However, things will turn out well, if we remember to apply our force gently. Red Self-Existing Moon adds empathy and gives a sense of connectedness, of being part of a bigger picture. Paying attention to our gut feelings can be extremely beneficial. This is also a Portal Day, for that everything could be somewhat enlarged, more challenging, and more colorful too.


Wednesday, January 8

5 Oc-Etznab (CIMI) - White Overtone Dog

Once again the Moon is void-of-course for the better part of the day, starting after 9 a.m. MST and lasting 'til 7:30 p.m. MST, when the Moon enters the sign of Taurus. Going with the flow, doing what needs to be done and knowing that things can be slightly different is what might navigate us safely through this day. The square between Mars and Jupiter is exact today, hence there's some danger of being too impulsive or impatient. White Overtone Dog reminds us how important it is to care for friends and family. Holding together we're much stronger.  


Thursday, January 9

6 Chuen-Chuen (CIMI) - Blue Rhythmic Monkey

With the Moon in earthy Taurus, this is a rich and prosperous day. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is still moving backwards, hence we might be well advised to closely examine our desires, see if they're in tune with the world around us. Nobody is an island; it's critical to consider our fellow beings, make them part of your abundance and share freely. There's no greater happiness than making someone else happy. Blue Rhythmic Monkey shows us that life is a divine drama. Fun, humor and playfulness are its key attributes.



Venus dancing around Earth over an 8-year period

Friday, January 10

7 Eb-Kan (CIMI) - Yellow Resonant Human - Galactic Activation Portal

Venus is closest to Earth today, however because she's between the Sun and us we cannot see her. Within a week or so she will be reborn as morning star. This is not the easiest day. We might have to say goodbye or let go of something dear to us because life calls us into a different direction. Every ending is a new beginning. Proceeding slowly and with care allows to adapt to the new situation. Yellow Resonant Human gives an inner knowing of cycles, that everything passes, that nothing remains forever, that difficult days are followed by sunshine.


Saturday, January 11

8 Ben-Caban (CIMI) - Red Galactic Skywalker

We wake up to a communicative and busy Gemini Moon.  Probably a very rich day, full of new insights and impressions. Make a list of what's really important in your life at this point. This will help you to make the right decisions, which path to choose. It comes easy to do things in rhythmic and systematic ways, and this could be a really good day to do some long-term planning, or start on a new project. Red Galactic Skywalker gives confidence. We feel supported and inter-connected. 'Pillars of Light' is another name for this day-sign, and the Corn plant is its symbol. Close your eyes and feel your core within, the 'central pillar of the World Tree' which is a source of integrity and genuine vision.


Sunday, January 12

9 Ix-Oc (CIMI) - White Solar Wizard

Planet Mercury is now in Aquarius. It will be in the Water Bearer for the rest of this month. It's always good to remember to keep an open mind, to carefully listen to all the different opinions. This Aquarius Mercury encourages us to find our own independent standpoints, regardless of what those around us and society in general are thinking. We keep tapping into new territory. Focussing on what's meaningful and making best use of present mental clarity will propel us in uniquely creative directions. In the afternoon after 2:30 p.m. MST, the Moon goes void-of-course, so enjoy the dreamy energy. White Solar Wizard has profound psychological understanding of the complexities we humans live in. It helps us pierce through obstacles and untie knots. The wizard stands between the worlds, he's the mediator.


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