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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

Celestial Rhythms

Week 34:  August 19 - 25, 2013


Friday, August 16 – Thursday, August 22  I CHING hexagrams:

29 Abyss

30 Radiance 

We’re passing through troubled waters, emotionally challenging times. Things are that precarious, we have no clue of what the outcome will be. It is important to remain frank and be absolutely honest with yourself and others. Accept the challenge of a yawning abyss and embrace it. Trust the natural flow. Connect with the fire within yourself, that flame which keeps you alive and which illuminates your soul.  



Friday, August 23 – Wednesday, August 28  I CHING hexagrams: 

55 Fullness

59 Dispersion 

Energies shift on Thursday evening. Enjoy the fullness of creation. Worries disappear. Stay focused, mindfully direct your strength. This is a bright, sustaining and enlightening time. Allow to be consumed by life, distribute your love impartially. A time to go far. Forgive, disperse the blockage and dissolve the tension.



Wednesday, August 14 – Monday, August 26 Dreamspell  Wave:   AKBAL

Night, Darkness, Heart of the Mountain, Abundance, Depth, Infinity.


Challenge: Don’t get lost in the realms of your inner self for this may cause depression. Let go of rigid ideas and for a moment ignore your strong need for security. Find the part in you that dares to be adventurous, and join the world of the unknown.






Monday, August 19    

    6 LAMAT- Lamat  
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Moon: Aquarius 

Moon phase: one day before Full moon

Everything is perfect the way it is. Struggle is important, it sharpens our awareness. Fairness matters, try to remember this even in the middle of a heated battle. Beauty and elegance is everywhere, let yourself be inspired by life’s breathtaking appearance - and dance with it.




Tuesday, August 20    

7 MULUC – Imix   
Red Resonant Moon
Moon: Aquarius 
Moon phase: Full moon

Beware the intensity of this Full moon! Be sincere, remain with the flow, and don’t push the river. Emotions may be intense, however make it a point to take on the role of the observer. Listen well and don’t engage in premature action. A new inspiration may descend.




Wednesday, August 21 

8 OC – Ix  
White Galactic Dog
Moon: Pisces
Moon phase: Waning Full moon

Complex issues can be handled today. One may feel confident and enter the maze. A solution is possible, but first one has to attune to the subtle and dreamy presence everything is soaked by.  Be loyal, honor your companion. Be thankful that someone is grinding off your sharp edges.





Thursday, August 22

9 CHUEN – Manik
Blue Solar Monkey
Moon: Pisces
Moon phase: Waning Full moon

Be playful, cherish the unexpected. Be careful though not to get carried away or go overboard, so practice some self-restraint. Handling confusion and temptation may create balance. Unreasonable desires can disturb joy and harmony. The secret is to blend in and dance.





Friday, August 23  

10 EB – Ahau
Yellow Planetary Human
Moon: Aries 
Moon phase: Disseminating

We’re human beings with frailties and talents. Celebrate the subtle nuances which make us so different from one another. Make peace with the fact that every coin has two sides. Light and shadow come in one package. Taking the initiative is great, just remember to be patient and courteous.




Saturday, August 24

11 BEN – Ben
Red Spectral Sky Walker
Moon: Aries
Moon phase: Disseminating

Connect with the pillar of light within which bridges heaven and earth. Rejoice in your individuality, be your own best friend. Trust your inner determination and follow through on your plan. We are different so we can complement one another.




Sunday, August 25

12 IX – Cimi  
White Crystal Wizard
Moon: Taurus 
Moon phase: Disseminating

Cutting through problems and sorting out deep issues is easy today. The wizard is the mediator, standing in between the two worlds. Forgiveness is the key, most of anything forgive yourself.





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