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Celestial Rhythms


Week 35:  August 26 - September 1, 2013


Friday, August 23 – Wednesday, August 28  I CHING hexagrams: 

55 Fullness

59 Dispersion 

Enjoy the fullness of creation. Worries disappear. Stay focused, mindfully direct your strength. This is a bright, sustaining and enlightening time. Allow to be consumed by life, distribute your love impartially. A time to go far. Disperse the blockage and dissolve tensions.


Wednesday, August 28 – Tuesday, September 3 I CHING hexagrams:

40 Dissolution of the Problem

37 Family  

A good time to initiate new projects, there is a natural flow to everything. It's easy to express emotions, and therefore to build new bonds, or deepen existing ones. The waning moon adds maturity, that also means any motion and movement is coming from a place of insight. This is a great week to realize that every manifestation starts out as an emotions, which then tranforms into thought to finally lead to action.



Wednesday, August 14 – Monday, August 26 Dreamspell  Wave:   AKBAL

Night, Darkness, Heart of the Mountain, Abundance, Depth, Infinity.

Challenge: Don’t get lost in the realms of your inner self for this may cause depression. Let go of rigid ideas and for a moment ignore your strong need for security. Find the part in you that dares to be adventurous, and join the world of the unknown.



Tuesday, August 27 – Sunday, September 8 Dreamspell  Wave:   CIB

The 13 days if the warrior wave is a time of high performance, of exposing oneself to the world. It can mean standing up, making one's voice heard and applying one's will power. The warrior wants to find out how strong he is, therefore it may be his choice to face challenges. Trust your intuition and don't give in to fears of rejection. A good belly laugh frees up the flow of your life force and reconnects you with your senses.




Monday, August 28    

13 MEN - Cauac
Blue Cosmic Eagle
Moon: Taurus

Moon phase: Disseminating


Tuesday, August 27    

1 CIB- Cib
Yellow Magnetic Warrior
  Moon: Taurus/Gemini 
Moon phase: Waning Half moon


Wednesday, August 28

2 CABAN - Muluc
Red Lunar Earth
Moon: Gemini
Moon phase: Waning Half moon


Thursday, August 29

White Electric Mirror
Moon: Gemini
Moon phase: Waning Half moon


Friday, August 30

4 CAUAC - Men
Blue Self-Existing Storm
Moon: Cancer
Moon phase: Waning half moon


Saturday, August 31

5 AHAU - Lamat
Yellow Overtone Sun
Moon: Cancer
Moon phase: Balsamic


Sunday, September 1

6 IMIX- Imix
Red Rhythmic Dragon
Moon: Cancer 
Moon phase: Balsamic




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