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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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Week 39: September 23 – 29

Fall 2013 –

Zooming in on the Uranus-Pluto Plot  

Sunday September 22, at 2:44 p.m. MDT, the Sun is vertical above Earth’s equator. Only twice a year this happens: day and night are exactly 12 hours long, all over the globe, at all latitudes, even at the North and South Pole. This rare moment of equilibrium and perfect balance facilitates relaxation, peace and harmony. As the Sun is passing over the equator to the Southern hemisphere it enters the Tropical sign of Libra, initiating fall season.  

The astrological chart cast for this moment is the ‘birth chart’ of the new season. Similar to the birth chart of an individual, placement and mutual configuration of Sun, Moon and planets tell us about potentials and challenges as well as opportunities and dangers.

These coming three months will be dynamic, deep and intense. As seen from the Sun’s perspective, on November 23, 2013, Uranus will be exactly 90 degrees ahead of Pluto.  And from Earth’s perspective, between 2012 and 2015, these two outer planets form seven exact squares.

The last time these distant planets teamed up to align their forces was during the 1960s. If you’ve been around for that long you will remember. It was a crazy decade full of dynamic changes, rebellions and breakthroughs; sexual liberation and drugs; Woodstock and Vietnam; LSD and the Moon landing.

Uranus and Pluto lay on their side; their rotational axis is within the plane in which they travel around the Sun. In contrast, all other planets behave like spinning tops, with their rotational axis more or less perpendicular to the orbital plane. 

Uranus rules Aquarius. It is eccentric, full of surprise and at times bizarre. Living by its own rules it can be pretty unpredictable, occasionally stubborn and certainly original.

Pluto and its large moon Charon call Scorpio home. Astronomers label them as ‘planetary system’. They’re mutually locked in to each other, always showing the same face to one another. Because of that they’re profoundly able to rely on their partner, having the confidence to take on the entire universe. Pluto and Charon’s intense mutual attraction facilitates transpersonal and collective experiences which may lead to transfiguration and transformation.

Joining forces, these two planets are able to propagate huge evolutionary leaps and lasting societal changes. The plot of this decade is biting through problems and overcoming disharmony.

Problems however first have to come to a climax. Only then intelligent solutions have the chance to find the necessary support. The good news is that there are many creative and brilliant solutions readily available.  

I was only seventeen when I started smoking heavily. Relatively soon I recognized the ill effects, however it took me fifteen years to fully quit. The breakthrough came when my body started telling me that I was inhaling poison. This deep sensation spoiled the last little bit of pleasure smoking had given me.

It is important to begin with ourselves. First we have to stop avoiding and denying problems. The only way to overcome addictions is to allow ourselves to feel the pain and discomfort deep within. When fully touched by an issue the solution arises as natural as the sun comes up after a long night. Light disperses shadows and darkness.  What was impossible will become the new law and standard.



Monday, September 23

The first day of fall season leaves us in limbo, lets us float somewhere between the worlds. The Moon is void-of-course for the entire day. This blurs our focus, there’s no clear direction of where things should go. Hence, keep things simple today. Be practical, one step at a time. Organizing and planning is not this day’s forte.


Tuesday, September 24

The Gemini Moon is very inspiring. All kinds of new ideas are popping up. Doors we didn’t even know  existed are opening. In the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, today is the ‘Yellow Electric Seed’. Yellow is the color of the South, bringing a four-day mini cycle to culmination. South signifies flowering and accomplishment. Electric is the attribute of day three of this 13-day cycle which began on Sunday. The Yellow Electric Seed resembles a fast moving current of inspiring thoughts and creative ideas.


Wednesday, September 25

Connect with your navel, the center of your body, your hara. Listen to your belly, trust your instincts. You can do it! It will certainly pay out if you have the courage to initiate and take the lead.


Thursday, September 26

The Moon is V/C till 1:24 p.m. MDT, when it enters the sign of Cancer. The void Moon in Gemini invites us to meditate, to forgive and reflect. Deep thoughts and conversations may allow us to see things in a new light. Engaging in a creative process is another way of making best use of this profound and complex energy. With the Moon’s Cancer ingress we’re back in business. For the coming week we might want to focus on eliminating flaws, locating problems and applying improvements.


Friday, September 27

Waves are high today, emotions may get very intense. It’s most important not to become reactive. Listen well, have a good look and let the experience sink deeply into your being. As difficult and demanding as an emotionally charged situation may be, absorbing and observing what it awakens within you can be extremely revealing and ultimately  facilitate healing.


Saturday, September 28

 Inspiring and expansive are today’s main attributes. A day to celebrate beauty and perfection. The square between Mars and Venus becomes exact today. This could indicate some misunderstanding or rivalry, however it also could express as creative outburst, generating some stunning fireworks.


Sunday, September 29

Now the Moon is in fiery Leo, while Mercury has entered inquisitive Scorpio. It might become quite pronounced today of how different we are from one another. We may be exposed to the same situation, and yet our experience can be worlds apart. One single word may hold opposing meanings. Realize that there’s nothing objective about reality. All and everything is subjective. We interpret and label our surroundings based on our backgrounds, our origin and our story.

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