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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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Week 41


October 7 – 15

The only way is in

There’s no question, we’re living in highly challenging times. Within the last one hundred years our world has changed more dramatically than in the last ten thousand years taken together. And just in the last 20 years alone, since the Internet has come into existence, things have geared up to even greater intensity. We’re all exposed to an immense culture shock. Boundaries get run over. Cultures, as well as individuals clash into each other. Rules seem to make no sense any longer, and laws have no grip anymore. People are confused, what they believed in is evaporating, what they were leaning on is caving in.

The world is changing way too fast to get comfortable with. Large numbers of people are becoming so desperate that leaving Earth for good seemingly becomes a valid option.

I was astounded to hear that within a few months, 200’000 people were signing up with Mars One. Starting in 2022, every couple of years, four people will leave Earth to call Mars their final home. Mars is a barren planet with an average temperature of minus 55 degrees Celsius. This whole idea seems crazy. However there’s certainly a fascinating aspect in it. It’s the ‘ultimate survivor game’, financing itself with a reality TV show that begins with the selection process, eventually broadcasting 24/7/365.

The wise ones are telling us that there’s no way out. The only way is going in. Escaping to Mars might sound like a good idea, however I have the unpleasant suspicion that this project will end in a great tragedy. I have been visiting Biosphere 2 in Arizona, a fabulous complex of huge buildings enclosing all the different climate zones. The experiment had eight people living in there for two years, totally cut off from the outside world. Despite extensive preparations, the experiment failed because the individuals couldn’t get along with each other.

We’re living in a crazy world, and most likely things won’t get better soon. The present Uranus-Pluto square adds to the pressure. It feels like standing in a doorway, exposed to stormy winds. We might try holding on to the door frame. And there are no signs that this blazing wind would give us a break, or offer the chance for a retreat. The only direction is forward, we have to allow going with the currents, it’s pretty much our only option.

In every moment there is choice. We can react or respond. Reaction is blind, triggered by past experiences and ultimately harmful. The trick of getting out of this automatism is to create a gap, to give oneself a moment in order to process and reflect. Listening is the key. When we’re dealing with charged situations, when strong emotions are triggered, it’s very difficult to not shout back, but keep still and simply absorb.

In this gap, the chain of automatic and blind reaction can be broken. Sometimes just seconds will do. At other times we might need twenty-four hours for murky waters to settle. Establishing some sort of daily practice helps keeping that sanctuary of the inner serene, centered and calm; even admits chaos and aversion.

The key question is whether we’re at peace within ourselves. When caught up in intense thoughts and powerful emotions we feel alienated and cut off from our true nature. Physical activity that we enjoy can do wonders. In a physical workout energies can get redirected, worries and hurt feelings dissolved. Overall, thinking and feeling are great human attributes. However when they’re out of control, taking on a life of their own, they can viciously turn on us.

We live in a dual world, full of paradox. Everything manifests as opposites; or, when in harmony as complementaries. We are separate from each other, and yet we’re all one. It’s our choice of where we put our focus. We wouldn’t be able to survive without an ego. However this ego exists only at the very surface, like a wave. Hence it won’t be around for too long.

Each one of us has to find his and her own unique way of attuning to the ocean underneath and around, that space where we’re all connected, the ‘vesica piscis’ where we intersect and overlap with one another. Great freedom and ecstasy are arising when we realize that we’re more than just this wave, that indeed we are one with oceanic existence.

The Latin word ‘religio’ means reconnecting with our roots, uniting with the formless. In this sense, religion is something very private, much more of a feeling than a thought. To be religious is to dance with the mystery. The knowing that there’s much more to life than what our small ego can grasp won’t diminish the pleasure of enjoying our personality. To the contrary, everything will become so much more light hearted and fun when there’s no anxious attachment anymore.


Monday, October 7

3 Caban-Imix (MEN) – Red Electric Earth

I mentioned in last week’s forecast that synchronous with New moon, the nineteenth of twenty waves of the Dreamspell Calendar is intiatiated: MEN, Power of Vision. - Monday, Red Electric Earth is the third day of this 13-day cycle, which will find its conclusion on October 17, once again beautifully attuned to the Soli-Lunar cycle. October 18, Taurus Full moon and Penumbral Lunar eclipse will be the first day of the 20th and last wave of this present 260-day round.

Caban, Earth days are dynamic and innovative. Imix, the Dragon is the’ Inner Guide’. The froth at the ship’s bow and the foam on top of the wave are moving in rhythm and are delicately beautiful. However zooming in, they appear mesmerizingly chaotic, an interplay of constant death and rebirth from one moment to the next. This is a powerful day to initiate projects; even more so because Venus is entering Sagittarius just minutes before noon MDT. Also, this is a great day to find solutions, which makes me hope that there could be a breakthrough in the American stalemate of government shutdown.

Tuesday, October 8

4 Etznab-Ix (MEN) – White Self-existing Mirror


The Moon enters fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarius at 6:21 a.m., joining Venus. An abundance of emotional energy is hanging around, so much so that we should be careful to hold ourselves back. Spontaneous moves can be dangerous, because most often they’re lacking strategy. Clarity may descend if we pay attention to our intuition. Staying alert and watchful helps to see the signs and understand the magical nature of all that manifests around us. Mirror days are never easy, they’re always somewhat challenging. Maybe they’re showing us that everything out there is nothing but a mirror image of ourselves.


Wednesday, October 9


P 5 Cauac-Manik (MEN) – Blue Overtone Storm

Unexpected coincidences are the nature of Storm days. Exchanging ideas can be very stimulating. Patience is a virtue we will need on this day. Trees are the greatest teachers of patience. Just consider of what it means standing in one single spot for your entire life! Difficult situations may need our attention. Addressing them in an impartial way is what counts. So, in other words, don’t take things personal, always try looking a bit deeper. You will understand that all words and deeds emerging from a person are trademarks of the reality/delusion he lives in, they’re colored by his conditionings and experiences, and therefore may not be anything of what they look or sound like.

Thursday, October 10

6 Ahau-Ahau (MEN) – Yellow Rhythmic Sun

The Moon enters solid and conservative Capricorn at 9:17 a.m. MDT. And later the day, the now waxing Moon will have its closest monthly approach to Earth. At best, we might be able to take some constructive steps towards realizing a dream or getting a project streamlined. And at worst, there could be depression and delusion. Often times the attitude we bring into a situation makes all the difference. Be careful, don’t sacrifice or compromise on your ideals.

Friday, October 11

P 7 Imix-Ben (MEN) – Red Resonant Dragon

The waxing Half moon is very dynamic and expansive, however too much of the good could result in clashes and confrontations. The Resonant Dragon initiates the last column of this present 260-day Tzolk’in round, which will end on Halloween. - As was Overtone Storm, so is this day a Portal day; one of 52 within the 260-day round. Portal days are nodes between Solar and Galactic energy, intersections facilitating the reception of cosmic knowledge. Thus be open to receive universal wisdom as it spirals down into our lives.

Saturday, October 12

8 Ik-Cimi (MEN) – White Galactic Wind

Before noon the Moon is void-of-course. So remember, go with the flow, accept temporary disruptions and unexpected setbacks. If this is your shopping day, wait till noon when the Moon in Aquarius has cleared the scene, otherwise you might buy things you don’t really need. - Wind days can be quite instable. Energies may move fast, changing direction without warning. Wind is the carrier of spirit. Great insights can be delivered and received. Cimi, the World Bridger is the ‘Inner Guide’, helping us to make peace with what is and transcend physical form.




Sunday, October 13

9 Akbal-Cauac (MEN) – Blue Solar Night

There’s something hard and relentless about this Aquarius moon. Such emotional distance could be necessary in order to gain clarity, be less identified and take things less personal. Akbal, the Night, is a very private energy, deep and rich; full of unaccounted treasures as represented by the innumerable stars in the infinite depth of night. Cauac, Storm, is the ‘Inner Guide’. Expect the unexpected. Storm clears the air, so release the vital energy that wants to be expressed and shared.


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