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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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Week 44

October 28 – November 3


Solar Cycle #24 - In for a surprise

With the Sun's entry into Scorpio, intensity levels have been shooting up. There's no question, we have reached the core of the Water Snake which so far has been full of unprecedented disclosures, revelations and powerful  intrigues. 

On October 25, while writing this, the Sun is flaring like crazy, showering Earth with intense radiation, reminding us that the maximum of Solar cycle 24 is not quite over yet. Impressive coronal mass ejections are billowing out from our star, possibly triggering great displays of Northern lights in these coming weeks (check for details). Eight major flares erupted within 48 hours alone. The Sun hasn't been that active since May of this year.


You might know, we're still within a Solar maximum. Every 11 years our star goes through a stretch of exalted chaotic behavior. High numbers of sunspots appear on the its surface. Modern research found that sunspots are expressions of twisted and convoluted magnetic fields. Solar flares occur when the charge within these magnetic fields becomes unstable. Solar flares are huge explosions, releasing enormous amounts of energy, thousands of times the power of nuclear warheads.  Research by Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky shows that during periods of solar maxima big political and social changes are taking place.

The present Solar cycle came into the red zone in 2011, the last two maxima occurred between 1989-91, and 1999-2001. Chizhevsky also found that during such periods charismatic individuals, new trends and movements emerge. Also, there seems to be an increased tendency towards individualism, urge for freedom and social unrest.

While we experience this most recent spell of Solar unrest, Jupiter, the largest planet of our Solar system is closing in on the Uranus-Pluto square, pumping the two maverick planets, infusing them with potency and pushing energy levels into the red zone. Jupiter has come within one-and-a-half-degrees of opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. By November 13, the T-square will be dead on. Till December 1, the three powerful players will remain within this one-and-a-half degree window.

On October 25, just 40min before the second X-class flare erupted, the Moon was at furthest monthly distance from Earth, where strong emotions are collected and stored.  Just hours after this mega flare a strong 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck within a few hundred kilometers of the crippled Fukushima Dai'ichi nuclear power plant.

One year ago I predicted that Saturn's passage through Scorpio would bring the public's awareness to fully understand the magnitude of the Fukushima accident. In my opinion this is the most pressing problem humanity is facing today.

The 7.3 earthquake hasn't taken the building down, we've been lucky one more time. However the situation is extremely precarious, and this is another facet of this present Uranus-Pluto craziness. TEPCO announced that starting November 8 they will attempt to remove 400 tons of highly radioactive material from the spent fuel pool of unit 4. This is an extremely dangerous undertaking. It is hoped that TEPCO will be able to accomplish this operation without escalating the situation (more in this article).

Fukushima is contaminating the Pacific Ocean. Not only has the deadly radiation arrived at our doorstep, it is threatening many life forms.  If you want more information, read this article. Our household has stopped eating fish from the Pacific, most particularly due to the fact that Canadian safety limits are ten times lower than the Japanese standards. We may well question why it is that our government allows fish contaminated with 1000 bequerel per kg to be consumed!


It might be a good thing to contemplate what could be done to get us earthlings out of this amnesia and denial. After all, we're approaching Halloween, the times when veils between worlds are thinnest. November 1 is the Day of the Dead, All Saints Day. By celebrating death we are honoring all who came before us. Being grateful to our ancestors means to act and behave responsibly, to preserve this fragile and transitory world.  Let's engage in and love this blue planet paradise, to preserve its splendor and beauty for our kids, and all the hopefully many generations still to come.



You might find this column to be very different from what you're used to. Writing about the different days of the week, I consult and combine different systems: The daily motion of Sun, Moon and planets including latest additions; the common Tropical zodiac with the I CHING overlay; the 260-day Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, as well as latest space news by NASA.

I would love hearing your feedback!



Monday, October 28

11 Etznab-Etznab (LAMAT) -

White Spectral Mirror

The Leo Moon is void-of-course for the entire day. Leo Moons tend to be dramatic, easily emotions could spill over. Spectral days carry some sort of incongruency. Things get reshuffled so we can find a new balance. Mirror speaks of inner knowing. Whatever happens is for the higher good of everything. For that, it's the more difficult things that tend to happen on Mirror days. Not surprisingly, another of the Mirror's symbols is the Sacrificial knife, inflicting sacred wounds making us set out to expand our consciousness.


Tuesday, October 29

12 Cauac-Chuen (LAMAT) - Blue Crystal Storm

The Virgo Moon carries powerful healing energy. At 9:33 a.m. MDT, Saturn crosses into hexagram #1, the Creative, joining Mercury. The proactive environment of Cauac inspires to bring our thoughts into concrete forms. More startling disclosures might pop up. Crystal (number twelve) is a diamond with many brilliant facets reflecting the many aspects of reality. This day belongs to the West, the direction of procreation, where Yin intimately embraces Yang.


Wednesday, October 30

P 13 Ahau-Kan (LAMAT) - Yellow Cosmic Sun

Today is an important Mayan holiday, marking the last day of the 260-day round of the Mayan calendar. On this day, in Guatemala, locals still create pathways of yellow marigold flowers laid from homes to burial grounds. It is a time to ook back and pass review, express gratefulness for all that has taken place. And then turn around and look ahead, envision and outline, lay the foundations for the coming nine months. Today and tomorrow we're capable of ordering and structuring our ideas in practical ways.


Thursday, October 31

P 1 Imix-Imix (IMIX) - Red Magnetic Dragon

On this first day of a new 260-day cycle, another sacred Mayan holiday, we wake up into a meditative Libra Moon energy. Connect with the fiery impulse of the Mayan dragon, feel the pioneering urge for departure. There's a sharp edge to this day, so patience is indeed a great virtue today. It's possible to unite different strands of energy, and therefore determine the outcome of a situation. Overall a highly powerful and auspicious beginning of this new 260-day period!


Friday, November 1

2 Ik-Ix (IMIX) - White Lunar Wind

The fourth of seven Uranus - Pluto squares is exact today, redefining how the two instigators are cutting into reality for the coming months. It seems that all information necessary to resolve an issue is readily available. However, for some reason, resources are not utilized. White Lunar Wind is a polarizing force, full of interesting mental stimulation. Subtle and persistent, Wind eventually penetrates all obstruction, mountains into deserts. Waiting is not an issue when one's attuned to the eternal.


Saturday, November 2

3 Akbal-Manik (IMIX) - Blue Electric Night

In the morning we experience a void-of-course Moon in Libra.  At 11:35 a.m. MDT, the Moon joins the Sun in Scorpio. One day before New Moon, a prophetic gap opens up, a crack to gaze through, giving a sense of where things are about to go. There's the uncanny sense that troubled waters may be ahead, that we should retreat to safe grounds.  This Blue Electric Night is profound and full of inner resources. It teaches us how to apply these resources, and how to make best practical use of what we know.


Sunday, November 3

4 Kan-Ahau (IMIX) - Yellow Self-Existing Seed

Remember to set the clocks back one hour! By 5:50 a.m. MST, the Moon lines up with the Sun. Every six months it happens that New and Full Moons produce eclipses. Eclipse days are always somewhat challenging, there's an imbalance between Yin and Yang which can be stressful. This eclipse is a reality check, it may have a sobering effect. Looking at the hard truth has never been easy, however it can be a very  good thing. Clarity will help us make the right moves. Scorpio is also depicted as Phoenix, the sacred bird rising from its ashes. It is the sign of transformation. Death is followed by rebirth.




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