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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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Week 47

November 18 - 24


Rare double-comet flyby

of planet Mercury


Comets are known to be harbingers of change. And guess what, there are four comets in the pre-dawn sky! The NASA spaceweather page reads: "An apparition of so many comets at once is a rare thing, and amateur astronomers are encouraged to wake up early."

On November 15, comet ISON has jumped in brightness. Now it can be seen by the unaided eye. Just before dawn it rises as a faint smudge. November 18 and 19 may offer a first window of opportunity to get a glimpse of the comet. NASA sky maps for Nov 18, 19. show where to look. ISON will pass the bright star Spica, making it easier to find the comet. ISON is still approaching our star. For the coming ten days it will dive into the Sun's glare. However, after its close encounter on November 28, we might get treated to an impressive show, possibly lasting into February 2014.

As the Moon has been waxing towards November 17's Taurus Full Moon, new developments have become visible. Cornerstones have been planted, new ideas formulated. Now these insights are starting to catch attention, indicating widespread recognition is not far away.

A most auspicious event is taking place on November 18 and 19, when comet ISON and Comet Encke have a rare double flyby of Mercury. 'Messenger', a Mercury orbiting NASA spacecraft, will obtain first close-up views of ISON and its unexpected outburst, which began on November 15, boosting the comet's brightness tenfold and totally changing its tail.

ISON  November 12, 2013


ISON November 17, 2013

One might want to call cosmic events like this a 'coincidence', however coincidence doesn't mean 'random'. Believe me, there's no randomness in this universe. We're part of the picture, embedded in the same plane, so how could we see the complexity of it all. As  the late engineer Eugene Kleiner said, "It's difficult to see the picture when you're inside the frame."

Most often it's human arrogance to assume that we understand, that we can explain and 'know' what things are all about. Yes, we are able to invent fancy names. However, naming a cricket a 'cricket' doesn't reveal the cricket's mystery! Crickets may be dissected by scientists, in the attempt to understand them. However, we know that no science whatsoever will be able to bring a dead cricket back to life!

Life - the universe - nature - God, whatever you like to name 'It', is giving us clues of an intelligence we only can dream about. Einstein is quoted to have said: " "I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice." And also, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know." Just consider your own body. Every second, there are millions of intelligent decisions necessary for your life to persist. Our minds might trick us into thinking that we're at the apex of creation, that we're smarter than everything around us. Good thing that we're always tuned into and part of cosmic intelligence, even though we may be oblivious of it.

Tuesday, November 19's double-comet flyby of planet Mercury may look like a random event. Nevertheless, I suggest considering cosmic intelligence in action. For my part, I will be watching for subtle effects these two comets have on Mercury's creative and mental energy.

Comet Encke is a periodic comet, returning every three years. ISON on the other hand emerges from the depth of interstellar space, probably having its first and last visit of our Solar system. Comets are mavericks, crossing paths of other planets. Their orbits are unpredictable, they have the potential to reshuffle cosmic order, to the point of interfering with planets and disrupting their course. Comets are wild cards, heralding the emergence of something unprecedented. Their appearance might promise new perspectives opening up, declaring a point of departure.  

Planet Mercury's basic meaning is divine intelligence, 'pure mind' as Gautama Buddha called it. A highly creative tool when in the hands of consciousness. In the Tarot, this energy is depicted as 'Magus', the Magician; juggling the five elements (fire, earth, air, water and spirit), constantly rearranging their mutual order. The Magus is totally absorbed in play, he's an agent of ongoing creation.

To be involved in creativity is one of the most wonderful human experiences. To get captivated by a sparkling thought or colorful vision is a peak experience. Even in its early shape as vague dream it may be strong enough to generate the inner dynamic pulling you along.

Every moment gives us the chance to be creative. All it needs is a little nudge, to leave the comfort of the automatic pilot behind, ready to enter the unknown. Every time we set our foot on the ground can be the first and last time we took this step. To be aware of this constant 'newness' is to realize that we can ride the surf. All it entails is connecting with the wave below which bestows the awesome experience of the ride.


You might find this column to be very different from what you're used to. Writing about the different days of the week, I consult and combine different systems: The daily motion of Sun, Moon and planets including latest additions; the common Tropical zodiac with the I CHING overlay; the 260-day Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, as well as latest space news by NASA.

I would love hearing your feedback! 




Sagittarius A - Center of Milky Way Galaxy



Monday, November 18

6 Cauac-Cauac (IX) -

Blue Rhythmic Storm

This Storm day with a Gemini Moon could be quite a whirlwind. At the very best there might be an ongoing download of great ideas and visions. So make sure you catch the moment before these free floating impressions vanish again, slipping through the cracks. On the other end of the spectrum, we might deal with dangerous situations. Calm and appropriate measures are important, don't challenge an overwhelming situation with a daring attitude.



Tuesday, November 19

7 Ahau-Eb (IX) - Yellow Resonant Sun - Galactic Activation Portal 

Mercury and the Lunar North node are in dynamic hexagram 44, 'Encounter - Meeting'. As propitious as the situation looks, this isn't a time for bold moves. Exercise self-restraint, wait 'til restlessness fades out. Put emphasis on tying  up loose ends. Use the impetus to resolve systemic problems. Build the necessary resources to eventually cut through obstacles.  - Starting 9 a. m., the Moon is void-of-course for the entire day. In the Mayan Calendar this is a Portal day. Whatever happens today will have far-reaching consequences. The basic vibe is idealistic and spiritual, a great day to focus on how we're resonating with what's around us.



Wednesday, November 20

8 Imix-Chicchan (IX) - Red Galactic Dragon

As challenging as these present times are, there are also huge potentials for healing. It all begins with acceptance. No longer denying what we see is the starting point. And a change of attitude can do miracles. The Moon is in the emotional sign Cancer. Depending on our mood, the same environment can appear so differently. Hence realize how you create the reality you live in. Whatever you focus on will expand. We all live in the same world, yet each of us is in his/her own reality bubble.



Thursday, November 21

9 Ik-Etznab (IX) - White Solar Wind - Galactic Activation Portal 

Make it a point to celebrate this last day of Scorpio. Tonight, short before 9 p.m., the wild realms of Sagittarius are setting in. This could be a rich and colorful day. Maybe it's about passing revue, expressing gratitude for the many enriching experiences the last few weeks have surprised you with. From somewhere a suspicion might be sneaking its way in. Realize how this emotion is causing your energetic field to shrink, how you're cutting yourself off. Later on you will recognize that there was no reason for any distrust. Feel how your field expands again in the wake of this unexpected relief.



Friday, November 22

10 Akbal-Chuen (IX) - Blue Planetary Night

The first day of Sagittarius carries strong eleven frequency. The eleven and the twenty-two are 'master numbers', they resonate with our star's chaotic behavior. Every 11 years the Sun's magnetic field reverses; and every 22 years the cycle starts over. There's a constant challenge of unexpected twists and turns which doesn't allow for daydreaming. Constantly we have to adapt to the ongoing changes, they keep us awake and trigger consciousness to expand. For the better part of the day the Cancer Moon is void-of-course; to enter fiery and dramatic Leo by 5 p.m. This Friday night could make for a successful party, welcoming crazy Sag energy.



Saturday, November 23

11 Kan-Kan (IX) - Yellow Spectral Seed

From the Sun's perspective, today Uranus and Pluto are forming an exact 90 degree angle, their most intense connection since 1966. For many years compression has been building. Today this creative tension culminates, to slowly but surely move out of the red zone again. The Dreamspell calendar adds 'eleven' frequency. The Spectral Seed is exuberant and loaded with potentials. Through next Tuesday there's a great window offering itself to ignite new projects, Tuesday the 26th is emanating a particularly favorable vibe.



Sunday, November 24

12 Chicchan-Caban (IX) - Red Crystal Snake

Once again, the Moon is void-of-course for an entire day. Enjoy the non-linear, just float along. Plans might have to be changed to adapt the overall flow. The Crystal Serpent is a charismatic day, it may have a mysterious and secretive aura and could be quite dramatic. Connect to your instinctual wisdom.


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