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Week 52


December 23 - 29

2014 -Year of dynamic changes


Unlike any other time of the year, the period between winter solstice and New year has a very unique flavor, beaming us into a different zone altogether. With winter solstice the new cycle has begun, however the year has yet to find its close. For ten days the world is in limbo. Old and new are intersecting. Days are now getting longer, nonetheless we're looking backwards, passing review.

This is the time to reassess our place in life, honoring what we've accomplished; to then turn around looking ahead, adjusting and confirming our goals, envisioning what we'd like to achieve. The focus should be on lightening our load, and making peace with what is. This will give the necessary momentum to move ahead. The past cannot be changed; hence we better stop blaming ourselves and others for what went wrong.

The Sun is in Saturn's sign Capricorn until January 19. The ringed giant is the most distant planet we can see with our bare eyes. Saturn is known as 'Guardian of the threshold'. He's the 'Lord of karma' - the great teacher. Saturn wants us to understand that we're here to learn something. Should we fall short, fair and constructive feedback will come our way and we might get sent back to the starting line. Saturn sets the bar high; he wants us to excel, to master our trade. But he's also relentless and unyielding, nobody's allowed to sneak by.

Capricorn is the sign of crystallization. Deep inside, invisible to the eye, the master plan is developed. Cardinal earth is the divine architect, engineering the seeds, carefully building the foundations, putting atoms and molecules into right order, aligning the proper sequence of life's DNA, preparing the ground for spirit to manifest. In last week's column I mentioned: it's a particular sign of our times, two major zero-points are edging closer to one another. Eventually, by the year 2220, the two will merge, initiating a new Great year, sending humanity off on a fresh precession cycle of 26,000 Earth years.


On December 18, the Sun lined up with the Galactic center, and then, three days later it arrived at the winter solstice point. The Sun is our main point of reference. Without it we wouldn't be here, everything would be dark, barren and lifeless. Our star is the primary manifestation of divine energy. It's the source of spirit, light and warmth, the one most important celestial body.

2013 was the year of the Water Snake. However, beware, the Snake is still in charge 'til the end of January 2014! Many plots and hidden agendas were brought to public awareness. In June Edward Snowden exposed the National Security Agency's 'Orwellian' spying activities. After an initial numbness, slowly the consensus is growing that these secret activities will have to be curtailed and contained. Clear legal boundaries have to be implemented. The danger of a totalitarian regime persecuting its dissidents is all too real. Despite their reasoning, the US government hasn't been able to name one single terrorist attack that was prevented by their extensive (and expensive) spying programs.

Controlling and reactionary forces slowly but surely seem to be losing support. A more liberal tone is setting in. For the first time in years the US Republicans have agreed on a budget deal. The World Trade Organization has approved removing trade barriers, rich countries have agreed to support poorer nations. Iran no longer is the American arch enemy, while Cuba's trade embargo soon might come to an end.

Common sense is gaining a much stronger foothold. New perspectives are opening up, leading-edge concepts are getting a chance, there's openness to experiment, readiness to cut problems at their roots, growing willingness to apply radical solutions.

Only a few hours after the Sun touched zero degree Capricorn, planet Venus reached the pinnacle of its 584-day cycle. In such an evolved state, the planet of desire, beauty and prosperity displays mature and accomplished energy. Situated in the 29th degree of Capricorn, Venus shines like a beacon, announcing quite some social changes. Venus is in hexagram #60, 'Self Restraint'. One of its central themes may turn out to be a more fair distribution of wealth. A hot topic of 2014 will be the raising of minimal wages. The insight is dawning that the economy will only come back to a healthy state when everybody is given their fair share. The wealthy 1% may realize how much happier they too could be if the remaining 99% wouldn't be plagued by so much stress and anxiety. Researcher Bruno S. Frey reveals that a happy and content life isn't granted by material values alone. Equally important are family and friends, health, a job that gives the sense of being needed, and the chance of living in a democratic society where one is able to participate in local political decisions.

Through May 2014, both Venus, Mars and Earth are on the same side of the Sun. Venus retreats throughout January 2014, while the Red planet will be closest to us between March and May. Venus and Mars are 'personal' planets. While they're retreating we may question whether our goals and ambitions are in tune with our highest values. Revisiting our dreams and desires might want us to apply some adjustments. An increasing number of people might realize that first of all we're social beings, that there's great pleasure in giving, that caring for one another is fulfilling. If there's anything bringing us closer together it may be difficulties and hardship.

There are many signs that point to revolutionary and ground-breaking ideas finding unexpected support. Planet Mars is in Libra through July, lending its voice to Uranus and Pluto, the two powerful instigators. Raising questions as to how situations are handled is the starting point. We shouldn't underestimate the social media - as it's been said, one spark can set the whole world on fire.



Ian Cooper - Breakthrough

Monday, December 23

2 Ix-Cimi (BEN) -

White Lunar Wizard

The Moon is in Virgo, waning, in its disseminating phase. Caution and care are great virtues. It's very important to be one's own best friend, to be generous, kind and forgiving. To be human means being imperfect. Each one of us has weaknesses, vices, dark sides. It's natural so don't feel you're different. We have a psychological shadow as much as we have a physical one - this is the price for the immense gift of having a body, of being incarnated. When we're at peace with our own dark side we're not giving it too much attention. We know it's there, it makes us humble, allows us to feel empathy for all those who suffer more severely. The White Lunar Wizard is intuitive and gentle, yet ready to face the paradox and not afraid to polarize.


Tuesday, December 24

3 Men-Cauac (BEN) - Blue Electric Eagle - Season Day

Early morning planet Mercury enters Capricorn. Today's energy is earthy and focussed, things flow along smoothly. We have a plan and we stick to it. And naturally there's excitement in the air, after all its Christmas eve! The Blue Electric Eagle has lots of fun socializing, we're very much enjoying getting emotionally involved with our friends and family, we enjoy coming to know each other in new and unexpected ways. There's mutual readiness to open up and share deep and intimate stories and feelings. There are only four Season days in a 260-day round. New directions may open up, new projects ignited.


Wednesday, December 25

4 Cib-Eb (BEN) - Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

The Moon is in Libra, half way between full and new, at its waning square. This is not the easiest day, we should be extra careful, particularly as Mars is opposing Uranus. Impatience might be an issue, so make it a point to slow down. Whatever this Christmas day has in store for us - there's a very important message hidden. So listen well. It is a riddle, and it may be coming back in many different shapes and tones through the coming seven months. Planet Mars receives the combined force of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This intense configuration hints at powerful interactions, situations which demand us to make concessions. Facts might appear in new light, we may see what went wrong, realizing what corrective action is required. The Yellow Self-Existing Warrior gives strength and the stamina to stand alone; combined with a readiness to confront and address what's out of balance.


Thursday, December 26

5 Caban-Chicchan (BEN) - Red Overtone Earth

A wild and eventful day, lots of fast and furious motion and a good portion of rebellion. If you chose to go out, mixing in with the crazy hum of shopper's frenzy then do it consciously, from an observer's perspective. Trust your instinct, listen to your intuition and cruise though this churned up sea. Should you rather chose to stay home or go out to nature, this could become a very creative and adventurous day. Again, it won't hurt to be extra careful, Mars and Uranus have very sharp edges! Red Overtone Earth is innovative, wild and always good for surprises. Confidence is good, too much of it however can be dangerous.


Friday, December 27

6 Etznab-Etznab (BEN) - White Rhythmic Mirror - Galactic Activation Portal

We wake up to a Scorpio Moon. Strong and passionate emotions might be triggered today and tomorrow. It's very important to express these potentially overwhelming feelings, they need to be shared. As the word 'e-motion' implies, feelings move us, they make us get up and on our path, they're the engines of evolution. Waves crashing onto the shore, that's where life began. Water represents our soul. Water can take on any form, any shape, its essence never changes. It doesn't matter what name we give these breakers that are gushing the shore line with relentless force. Whatever our experience may be - empathic, upset, hurt, angry, moved - be open, honest and direct - and remember to connect with your heart. Just feel your chest, and also give yourself the space to retreat. Know that the other person is another you. White Rhythmic Mirror days stimulate transformation and peak experiences.


Saturday, December 28

7 Cauac-Chuen (BEN) - Blue Resonant Storm

Whatever the bigger picture may be, this is a very interactive day. Yesterday's events might still hang in the air. Moving the energy helps. Doing what needs to be done we may make us forget inner blockages and excuses. Going with the flow is important, let currents carry you wherever life wants you to go. Be assured, it will be the right place. On Blue Resonant Storm days energies move very fast. Welcome the thunderstorms, focus on the light coming in from beyond, allow to be shaken back to life, you might break through into unknown territory.


Sunday, December 29

8 Ahau-Kan (BEN) - Yellow Galactic Sun

The Moon is void-of-course in Scorpio before 10:37 a.m., then it moves on into the sign of Sagittarius. For the last few days of 2013, planet Mercury is strongly highlighted. Able to tackle big problems and capable of communicating difficult ideas one should attempt the summit attack. At the same time though, extreme care and caution is a must, we're handling explosive situations with lots of built up charges. The Yellow Galactic Sun is all embracing and comes from a place of idealism and transcendence.


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