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Week 6


February 3 - 9


The Existential Question


The Year of the Wood Horse began with a drum roll. Just hours before Sun and Moon lined up, a large Solar eruption showered Earth with intense energy. Avid readers might remember, two large Solar flares fired 2014 up. Such powerful cosmic events herald outstanding years.

On February 6, Mercury begins its three-week retreat. As was the case last year, Mercury will be in water signs when moving backwards. However, there's one very important difference to its 2013 retreats. Back then Mercury stayed in water signs for the entire reverse period. This year, Mercury will come to a standstill in the early degrees of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. And then it will cross back into the air signs prior, where it eventually will resume to forward motion.


Mercury is a very important planet, air is its natural element. The innermost planet of our Solar system resonates with perception and thinking; with our ability to understand, express, share and communicate. The fact that Mercury turns backwards in water signs and revisits the air signs prior, indicates that clarity will arise out of initial confusion. Backtracking emotions, analyzing and understanding irrational urges means returning to stable ground. Times of introspection are empowering, enabling us to reach sound and meaningful decisions.

Through the coming days, the 'messenger of the gods' heads into its first yearly loop, running out of steam by February 6 while touching on to planet Neptune. Spells of strong empathy, heightened intuition and great imagination on the one side; moments of confusion, challenges to keep dreams and reality apart on the other. Furthermore we might find ourselves standing on shaky ground, unable to conceive a clear picture of where we're at and why.

 The good thing is, by February 13,  the winged messenger is back in Aquarius. On February 15, when exactly between Sun and Earth a new synodic cycle will start. And by February 28, Mercury will conclude its retreat.

The coming six months offer unprecedented opportunities, a very rare window for change is opening up.  Indeed, it would be very sad if we would miss. Many favorable celestial influences are teaming up. generating great synergies, likewise pulling us through a keyhole.


The potential for fundamental shifts setting out is substantial. However, changes won't come along smoothly or cheaply. First, we have to accept sobering assessments. We have to open our ears to the truth, literally allowing being kicked in our ass. As ONE humanity we have to wake up from sweet and toxic denial. These are exceptional times of unprecedented magnitude. There's nothing to lose, and everything to be won.

As the true magnitude of Earth's condition is coming to light many more whistleblowers will be emerging from the woodworks. Realizing the gravity of our situation, an increasing number of insiders will find their way back to integrity. After all, when looking into the devil's eye, fear evaporates. When the question of life and death becomes an existential reality, courage flares up. All of a sudden innocent servants of the devil will dare to speak up.


Before healing can gain foothold, lies have to be exposed and corrupt schemes debunked. The clearer we realize that we're about to hit a brick wall, the more dramatically our civil courage will rise and turn out to become infectious. Simultaneously, visionaries and pioneers will gather the prowess to step out of the twilight zone, promoting alternative solutions that have been waiting in drawers for decades.

There's no set final outcome. It all will depend on how deeply we love life - the one and only maxim that counts. Time will tell whether we had the guts to change the course of history.

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