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Week 7

February 10 - 16

The Freedom Riddle

All through the year of 2014, the two Centaur planets Cyllarus and Hylonome are prominently highlighted in the celestial web. Discovered in the late nineties, these two minor planets add a very particular edge to the present cosmic cocktail. Hylonome is aligned to the Galactic center, while Cyllarus adds into and sharpens the Uranus-Pluto square.

Although astronomers of today's age and time generally have no clue or appreciation of astrology, it's always amazing how names chosen for new planets couldn't be more accurate.

There's synchronicity all over, wherever we look. We might have a hard time accepting the fact, but there are many signs that the story was written long ago. Working with astrology it's often mind-boggling how destiny has its hands in the game.

It makes one wonder how much freedom there really is. Just think of accidents, how fast they occur, and what far ranging consequences they might entail. Being in the wrong place in the wrong moment can change the course of one's life. One freak event can alter the entire world's history. And let me tell you, from the cases I've studied, every single person directly involved carries the signature of that event, seemingly being anchored in their astrological chart. Meant to share an experience, destiny magnetically pulls us into a particular vortex.


Rassouli - Joy of Freedom


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not fatalistic, there's huge personal freedom. However it comes in a different costume than we would expect. It's not in the 'what', but in the 'how'. There's immense freedom in how to get along with life. Our choice of attitude is where freedom manifests. Are we ready to say 'yes', embracing what life has to offer? Are we making the very best of the inevitable? Are we humble? Are we strong enough to let go, even of the sweetest of all pleasures? Do we have the greatness to simply say 'thank you'; whole-heartedly, without any regret, reservation or resentment? Have we cultivated the inner virtue of living totally? Are we enjoying the show while it lasts? Are we ready to call it a day, at any moment?


It all comes down to the question whether we gave our very best for the short while we had the chance to. Were we riding on the wave, did we get carried by the currents? Were we willing to go the extra mile, transforming lower frequencies, redeeming our shadows?

And it's never too late to take a 180 degree turn. Existence is gracious and boundlessly forgiving. The very moment we shift our attitude, redemption is upon us. Every moment the universe is reborn. The entire past, and the projected future are nothing but phantoms. At any moment we have the freedom to jump out of behavioral ruts, changing the course of our trajectory.

In Greek mythology, Cyllarus and Hylonome were lovers, mates for life. However, similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet, destiny had a different plan. Cyllarus was killed on the battlefield. Hylonome, torn by grief rammed the sword into her chest.



I'm part of an online forum, dedicated to the research of newly discovered celestial objects, an exciting venture at astrology's cutting edge. Very recently, Zane Stein, the founder of this forum was featured in Mountain Astrologer magazine, exploring this Centaur couple.  He says: " Cyllarus sees what needs to be changed in the world, which — once seen — cannot be forgotten. It can make one a reformer or, at least, stir the desire for transformation. One sees the ways things are and knows that things could, and perhaps should, be different." He continues: "Hylonome instills hatred of remaining silent and stirs one to tell the truth. It can produce a storyteller who finds a way to weave powerful truths into his or her tales."

As the myth shows, these two Centaurs are at the center of an intense drama. When teamed up they set things into motion, there's a rare totality in actions induced. They remind us that intense love cannot be defeated by death and grief, transcendence is the central theme.

Naturally, such times of revelation are demanding, we get pushed to our limits. Things we used to believe in are falling apart, reality is catching up with us.

I came across Hatrick Penry's research. It's absolutely shattering when one realizes that the Fukushima accident was many categories worse than portrayed. Email and phone conversations of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) offiials, released under the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act), paint a very dismal picture. Both SFPs (Spent Fuel Pools) of unit 3 and 4 had collapsed. The water had drained, thousands of fuel rods were scattered in piles of rubble, burning away in a radioactive fire impossible to contain. Experts didn't know what should be done. Remains were bulldozed over, water and sand were dumped onto the debris, in an attempt to extinguish the fire. ¹

Most of this fallout was carried to the Northwest out to the Pacific Ocean.

Knowing this, one doesn't wonder any longer that entire species like starfish and sardines are literally going extinct. We deserve to know the truth. If there's any hope for future life on Earth, all Nuclear power plants have to be decommissioned.



Solar power is the only alternative. This scientific thesis shows that it isn't far-fetched for Solar panels to produce abundant amounts of energy to cover all our needs, and way beyond. If a Solar plant would be set up in the Sahara desert, an area of about the size of Switzerland would satisfy the entire world's energy consumption. On that note, you might have heard, if everything comes together, Sunmine, a two MW pilot photovoltaic plant will be set up on the brownfield site of the former Sullivan industrial compound in Kimberley, BC. After all, our area accounts for one of the highest Solar energy intensities in Canada.



¹ Considering the enormity of this claim I needed to verify for myself. I invite you to do the same. As one possibly would have to scan through thousands of pages in order to find the needle in the haystack this isn't a particularly easy job. However if you follow the instructions below you will see immediately.

- Click the seventh link ML12052A108 - FOIA/PA-2011-0118, FOIA/PA-2011-0119, FOIA/PA-2011-0120 - Resp 43 - Partial - Group Letter ZZ. Part 6 of 10. (459 page(s), 3/11/2011) and scroll down to page 64.

- Click the last link ML12034A191 - FOIA/PA-2011-0118, FOIA/PA-2011-0119, FOIA/PA-2011-0120 - Resp 46 - Partial - Group Letter CCC Part 3 of 3. (349 page(s), 3/16/2011) and scroll down to pages 61 and 94.


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