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The 20 Wave-Spells


Each calendar round of the Tzolk'in  contains 260 days, thirteen columns of the 20 Day-signs. The ancient Mayas conceived time as moving waves of 13 days each. The first day of such a 13-day Wave spell gives birth to a new cycle - like New Moon. The particular Day-sign which ignites such a 13-day period creates the original intention, the theme for the entire 13 days. The Wave spell therefore can be understood as the month you're born in. It represents the pulse of creation you consciously or unconsciously have chosen to find integration.



Red Eastern Castle

IMIX - The Sea-dragon   (1)

You've got a lot of pioneering energy, initiative and creativity. You are a true original with a strong and intense urge to nurture. You are an emotional powerhouse. Be clear with your intentions - they are going to manifest - you will find ways to make them real.

Challenge: Nurture your family, friends and pets without dominating them. This prevents you from power struggles caused by your over-protectiveness. Witness yourself and understand that others have their own perspectives and ideals to live by.



IX - The Wizard   (2)

You want to know the hidden truth, seeking for answers everywhere. Your search for life's meaning can become quite adventurous and aggressive. There is a strong urge to refine and polish your inner jewel and to express whatever you have found to be true.

Challenge: Find balance with responsibility. Don't avoid commitment, but don't drown in it either. Sacred wounds - deaths, transforming events - have sent you inward in search for truth. These are gifts from the Wizard - don't avoid them - flow with them.


MANIK - The Hand that Heals   (3)

You are an innovator with a multitude of ideas. Share your light and be a transformer. You are a nomad living an unconventional life-style, travelling to unusual places. Tensions between your innate desire for freedom and your basic need for security (home and family) may be a theme in your life.

Challenge: Create a unique life-style and interests that will allow you to honor both desires - freedom and security. Do not let society tell you how to live and learn to finish what you started.


AHAU - The Solar Lord   (4)


You are an idealist, a romantic. Your life is a process of ripening into your potentials. Attracted to a glamorous life-style you enjoy performing your personality, developing a refined ego. You can convey great visions and initiate beauty. Living up in the clouds you make poor choices, which lead to problems and disillusions.

Challenge: Bring your highly ethereal vibration down to Earth - ground yourself. Descend from the world of ideas and explore your earthly senses. Meditate and feel your body from within, allow life energy to move through you. You will become integrated and responsible for your decisions.



White Northern Castle   

BEN - The Pillars of Light     (5)

You are a conqueror, full of initiative. You feel the constant need to improve yourself and to surpass any competitor. You are focussed on achieving your intentions and goals. You are giving a good teacher, being a living example of your truth. You have got a very specific task. You might take a quantum leap.

Challenge: Allow others to have their opinions. You tend to be self-righteous and strongly confident concerning your believes. Move more and more into your heart, feel the deep compassion that connects you with all other beings.


CIMI - The Bridge between Worlds   (6)


You feel a strong commitment to community, offering all your gifts and talents for the common good. You are constantly refining your expressive skills. You understand the importance of continuity and you validate tradition and history. You are down to earth and have great interest in sharing.

Challenge: Balance the time sacrificed to others with the time you use for yourself and your own intentions. Understand why you sacrifice your time and energy for others benefits.



CAUAC - The Thunderbeing   (7)

You are seeing life from many perspectives simultaneously. Your life is a process - you are thrown back and forth - facing internal contradictions and paradoxes. You need and you don't need - want and don't want. Your need to belong creates friction with your desire for freedom and independence. Seeing too many perspectives makes it hard to find a place where you can win.

Challenge: Always find the positive perspective and anchor yourself to these views. Allow to release attachments to old concepts that were once considered truth. Give yourself a clear direction towards the spiritual realm. Out of chaos stars are born.


EB - The Heart of the Human   (8)

You are a humanitarian. You love to share with others. You have great interest in the dark recesses of humanity and the world. Many trials and challenges are strengthening you. Your strong connection with Earth inspires your practicality and lets you benefit from its resources.

Challenge: You might find yourself helping and wanting to please others. Though, compromising yourself might get you agitated. Learn to express whatever is beneath the surface, release feelings of resentment and anger. This prevents you from building up tensions in your body that will create sickness.





Blue Western Castle   

CHICCHAN - The Celestial Snake     (9)

You are committed to life and you intuitively know what you have to do; although - consciously or logically - you might not understand why. You grow through powerful inner conflicts and internal wrestling towards dedicated positions on issues. When you get going you play hard ball, being viewed as fanatical or extremist.

Challenge: To soften - open your heart to others. Learn to trust your own insights. Find peace within yourself, then a deep trust for life will arise. Welcome change and transformation.


ETZNAB - The Mirror of Self   (10)

You are willing to go the distance, putting yourself into positions to stimulate change within yourself and others - activating transformation. You are devoted to life's call. In seeking transformation you may take risks, even life-threatening ones; at least you will be with others who live in this manner.

Challenge: Seize the moment, overcome personal obstacles and hesitation: good fortune, honor and riches could result from your actions. You're not a victim but a prosperous enlightened being. You have chosen to grow through difficult experiences - decide on being responsible for the situation you're in.




CHUEN - The Power of Illusion   (11)

You show big interest in the world around you - to say, you are very curious. You have the strong need to stand in the limelight, gaining attention of the public - being a politician or an actor. You are attracted to teaching, performance and presentations of all kind. You definitely love to play. You might have many interests and hobbies.

Challenge: Cut away the facades and false fronts. Be a true, authentic human being. Too busy playing all the different roles somewhere along the line you could have lost sight of your true self and of spirit's intention. Balance play with work. Overcoming laziness opens the way for success in a public way.




KAN - The Cosmic Seed   (12)


You are a born leader and you will find ways to express your leadership. You may appear to be lazy but you are quick to react to good opportunities. This evokes a lot of aliveness and creativity. Your mental abilities are strong and you may become an expert - being influential.You radiate a natural charisma. Others admire your confidence and willingness to take a stand.

Challenge: As you are a strong individual, your challenge is to mature in love-relationships. You can become lost in your own world and suffer from lack of mental flexibility. Maturing sexually, finding balance between overt sexual aggressiveness and repression assigns you to become a disciple of Tantra - becoming balanced and whole.



Yellow Southern Castle

CABAN - The Navigation of the Earth   (13)


You're a dreamer and you possess a most fertile imagination. You may excel in arts or have a great appreciation for them. Your greatest asset is the ability to bridge the gap from fantasy to fact, applying ideas in a practical way. You may find ways to make fantasy pay off.

Challenge: Allow to let go of opinions, beliefs and reality framework that have become outdated. Don't get lost in your mind, neither past nor future are real - both are mere projections. Feel the Earth under your feet and learn to deal with pain and pressure - so you can reconnect with your intense emotions.


OC - The Loyal Heart   (14)

No matter, how unconventional your life-style or work - you are committed to it. You are consistent and you may stick with a program or chosen activity for years. You can be extremely stubborn, continuing an intention to its ultimate extreme. In your loyalty and your constant beliefs you are an inspiration to others.

 Challenge: Witness life situations from many perspectives. Learn to walk in other's moccasins, become omni-perspective. Give others the same rights you claim for yourself. Issues of possessiveness and jealousy are the shadow side of your loyalty. Relax your ideals and allow the ones around you to live as their spirit calls them to.



AKBAL - The Power of Darkness     (15)

You are extremely private and reclusive - looking forward with anticipation to seclusion and time alone. Because your life is very busy these alone times are precious and may be hard to come by. You own a deep need for secure foundations, either in intellectual or material ways. Religion and science may give you intellectual or inner security; possession of valuables is a materialistic way of obtaining it. You know to honor high values in yourself and others.

Challenge: Don't become lost in the realms of your inner self, for this may cause depression. Let go of your rigid ideas and ignore your strong need for security for a moment. Find the part of you that dares to adventure and join the world of the unknown.


CIB - The Cosmic Warrior     (16)

You are a strong willed person. Your ideals do not change easily because of others opinions and you usually keep yourself above criticism. Your intuition is highly attuned and your ability to give advice is widely appreciated. But beneath your confidence you feel you're not good enough and you deal with fears of rejection - imposing a shadow on your self-esteem.

 Challenge: Remember, you have a lot to offer to the world. Lighten up on yourself and overcome seriousness. A good belly laugh will readjust you to life and reconnect you with your senses.



Green Central Castle

MULUC - The Changing Moon   (17)


As the water is compelled to flow and gather at the lowest, so is your will propelled by powerful and irrational urges. Instinct is relied upon instead of the rational mind. You are acting without rational explanation - out of a deep compulsion. You are trying to keep yourself in control for not offending others who don't understand you.

Challenge: Trust in your instincts and your inner guidance. Surround yourself with people who support your individuality. This will allow you fully expressing your sensitive nature. Give yourself the freedom to be controversial.


IK - The Spirit of the Wind     (18)

You are changeable and clever, driven by the strong motivation to communicate. There is a message to get across - teaching or performing. You carry ideas with you, which you like to share with humanity - you look for opportunities to do so. Remember to listen to the wind!

Challenge: Keep balance between your mental and your much ignored intuitive side. The wind speaks to those who feel. Learn to make commitments and stick with them. This will help you overcoming indecisiveness and will awaken a sense of responsibility and obligation.




MEN - The Power of Vision     (19)


You have the ability to know the difference between things and you are able to express such distinctions. You are articulate and you know how to manifest your feelings and emotions. You may use this talent to excel in a creative project or as an artist. You can be psychic at times. Connect with your unconscious, it can become your best friend.

Challenge: Relationships may jeopardize your free-soaring nature. Your unconscious self has chosen such circumstances to learn from these experiences. Allow unconventional relationship patterns. Give yourself the quiet space to regenerate. Nurture yourself in seclusion to come back sharing your abundance.



LAMAT - The Venus Star     (20)

You appear to be soft and harmonious, but you are a competitor, a fighter. Hard like a diamond you attract frictions and confrontation to polish your many facets. You enjoy excitement - routine is your enemy.

 Challenge: Harmonize different energies, thoughts and ideas. Tune into other people's views and perspectives and find positive outlets for oppositions and debates. Use your complex and intelligent mind as your servant. Practicing any type of meditation will teach you to disconnect from your mind's absolutism.

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