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May 14, 2014


Buddha Full Moon


It is said that Gautama Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and left this world under a Scorpio Full Moon. Regardless whether this is factual truth or not, the May Full Moon holds a profound potential for transformation and rebirth. It's an invitation to question everything, and realize that the universe re-creates itself millions of times in everysingle second.

There's a profound hum to this Full Moon. Deep-space traveller Sedna is exactly aligned with both Sun and Moon. 



Sedna’s 2003 discovery was a huge sensation. A 12’000-year orbit takes Sedna to cosmic depths of 1000 times the distance Earth has from the Sun; and Sedna's size of approximately 1000km is substantial. Named after the Inuit goddess of the sea, Sedna is a cosmic messenger, connecting us with oceanic depths and the vast expanse of our unconscious. SeDNA is the portal to a monumental memory bank, linking to an archive of universal DNA.


Albert Einstein's Sedna is conjunct Mercury and Saturn in Aries; while Vincent Van Gogh's Sedna is aligned with his Mars and Venus. These two individuals' original ideas not only altered the course of history but changed the very perception of our universe. Einstein was able to harness Sedna's unfathomable resources using his profound mental powers (Mercury/Saturn), while Van Gogh accessed this repository of universal truth through his creative passion (Venus/Mars). 

Since winter solstice, the three personal planets have been on a relay, passing on the torch, however running backwards. Venus opened the round, closely followed by Mercury. And for the past six weeks Mars was throwing sticks into wheels, taking the wind out of our sails, and force us to go back to the drawing board.


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Things haven't been going too smoothly. Forward motion was and, until May 20, still is seriously handicapped. And as is, when things aren't flowing as we'd like them to, all too easily we get frustrated, thus further aggravating already charged-up situations. It seems we keep running against walls. Situations are tense and frustration levels have shot up into the red.

It's not that astrology would provide the magic potion allowing us to escape to another reality during demanding stretches like this present one.


Working with astrology one is as vulnerable as everyone else. The big difference however is mental preparedness. Knowing the terrain we're currently passing through makes it less likely to take things all too personal. Foreknowing allows to brace oneself. One gets alerted and observes treacherous waters carefully. Precautionary measures can be taken, a life vest may be put on for example.

The Ukrainian crisis is a very interesting manifestation of present celestial tensions. The grand cross touches down through retrograde Mars, which expresses in weak leadership, general confusion and indecisiveness.



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On February 22, the legitimate and elected Ukrainian government was taken down by a coup d'état, instigated by the CIA, like so many times before in other countries. Behind the scene in the US there's a very dark force at work. Paul Hellyer, a Canadian ex-minister of defense who served under multiple governments is a top-level whistleblower. He gives firsthand accounts of the shadow government. Already back in 1961, President Eisenhower had given the clear and dire warning that the military-industrial complex would pose a serious threat to America and its citizens' future.

9/11 was definitely the eye-opener. If anything, this atrocity was the wakeup call. A collective initiation, it has become the cornerstone, triggering a process of global awakening.  9/11 made it ultimately clear that democracy is nothing but a farce, a mere mirage of what it was intended to be.

However, this time , the events in the Ukraine might take an unexpected turn...! The February 22 chart for Kiev reveals the seed of an ongoing cascade of events.

Four days prior to the Ukrainian coup, the Lunar nodes had changed signs. The plot had been set up under a Taurus South node, favoring corruption and cover-up, inertia was predominant. However, with Aries at the Moon's descending node everything changed!  Surprise, surprise, things turned out somewhat different than anticipated! Lethargy was replaced by dynamic controversy. And because the Lunar nodes move backwards, their sign changes are particular poignant. Before reverting from one sign to the one prior, the nodes find themselves in the first degree in a rather archaic, crude and undeveloped environment. Then, crossing over the zero line, all of sudden they find themselves in this highly sophisticated last degree, which is the fractal of ultimate complexity and final flowering. What makes this Nodal ingress ever more epic is Vesta, Mars and Ceres' intensity, nurturing the Libra North node with a rich meal of focus and dedication, unanimously in favor of exposing shady practices and corruption.



The key alignment of the February 22 chart is the applying Sun/Neptune conjunction in early Pisces, in hexagram #55, Abundance, Fullness. At first, Sun/Neptune indicates deception, that things aren't what they appear to be. According to Richard Rudd's Gene-keys, the deeper meaning of this zodiacal segment is freedom and ultimate liberation. This indicates, the final outcome could be very different from what originally was intended. Events in the Ukraine could take a totally unexpected turn. In other words, truth is out, people are waking up, understanding what's going on. It's become increasingly impossible to sweep things under the carpet.

I deeply enjoyed watching the 1h+ documentary "The Collective Evolution III: The Shift". It catches the spirit of what's going on in our present times, and connects the dots in genuinely inspiring and uplifting ways.



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