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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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The Castles


The five castles are mirroring different stages in a natural process of unfolding and growth. Each castle is containing four waves of time (Wave-spells); one of each direction. Four times 13 days are totaling in 52 days each. The five castles are forming a spiral, completing a full cycle of 260 days - one Mayan calendar round.




Red Eastern Castle     Wave-spells: Imix - Ix - Manik - Ahau     

The generation of light


Fresh beginnings are in the air, your life is a constant renewal. Innocence, curiosity and trust in eternal wisdom are your fortes. You contribute original ideas, providing the backbone for new evolutionary cycles to unfold. Divine sparks, ideas and visions are descending on you, forcefully seeking for expression. Your brave and innovative spirit is a delight.




White Northern Castle      Wave-Spells: Ben - Cimi - Cauac - Eb   

The purification of light


Focus your energies and internalize your fire. Bring awareness into your body, ground yourself in your heart and feel Earth's gravity. Develop your skills and be patient - success and breakthrough are coming in their own time. Face the paradox, integrate duality and find the golden means balancing extremes. Learn from your ancestors - study history and tradition. Digest and integrate this knowledge. You are to improve upon the past and asked to share your refined understanding.




Blue Western Castle      Wave-Spells: Chicchan - Etznab - Chuen - Kan   

The transformation of light


Your path is to merge with the world, experiencing oceanic oneness. You are unpretentious and you radiate nobility. Strongly dedicated to your companions you have the inner strength to surrender your ego unto existence. Cooperation and compromise are easy and natural. Joining and relating with others brings you inspiration and opens surprising new gates. Share your creative talents and formulate your opinion.



Yellow Southern Castle     Wave-Spells: Caban - Oc - Akbal - Cib     

The expansion of light


You were given abundant life-energy. You definitely have something to share - you are nourishing and fueling your audience. You are fiery, reactive, outspoken and emotional. Become more patient. You may bring big projects to completion, just remind yourself: real things need time to grow. Recognize your destiny and follow the path toward maturity. You have to find a way to convey your ideals, to release your verve.






Green Central Castle     Wave-Spells: Muluc - Ik - Men - Lamat

The renewal of light


You are complete within yourself. Venerate your inner voice, your intuition and instincts. Recognize the repetitive and programmed nature of your rational mind; this will allow you to ignore its nagging and critical comments. Dare to be controversial and learn to price the intimate connection you have with your higher self. Be your own best friend and be enchanted with your company. Others will admire you for your self-contained and accomplished nature.





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