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Nebula in the Galactic plane of the Milky Way (image credit Spitzer Space Telescope)

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The cosmos within us

is a reflection

of the outer cosmos

Every part, however tiny, is a fractal of the whole of creation. And everything is part of everything else.

We're all interconnected, in resonance with one another. We all share the same sacred and divine center which thwarts any explanation.

Forms come and go, they can only exist within the framework of time and space.

The great void, the quantum vacuum is the eternal womb from which everything arises, and into which everything eventually is re-absorbed, merging back into oneness.

The quantum vacuum is a store of infinite energy. Quantum equations  demonstrate that a single square inch of space  contains more energy than all the estimated  billions of galaxies within the universe taken together.

It's now believed that the quantum vacuum is in such impeccable balance that it cancels itself out. Forms arise out of small impurities. For patterns to become actual and manifest, a seed for crystallization is necessary.

In an oversaturated solution just one tiny dust particle is necessary to trigger a chain reaction of crystalization, transfiguring the formless liquid into a distinct crystal.

The symbol for the quantum vacuum is the circle, the zero. When the circle gets compromised, when it gets bent and twisted it becomes a figure eight. When I was a boy I drove my bicycle into a wall, the front wheel got deformed. The twist made bicycle riding bumpy and unpleasant.

When the eight is laying on its side it becomes the symbol for the infinite. Whenever things can’t be captured by numbers anymore, infinity gets called upon.

As long as we're enclosed in a rational and finite world we likewise live within a box. Mathmatics and science work very well within this confined space. Coming to its boundaries, the edge of the world, infinity starts seeping in. Mind likes to keep the world within the box of predictability. This makes it possible to believe that everything is under control. Infinity however is a bait, teasing us to get out of the box, inviting us to embrace the unexplainable.

The figure eight and the infinity symbol both consist of two counter spinning circles. Zooming in on the center of the glyph, we find two vectors intersecting, crossing over each other at a right angle. These vectors mark the four corners of the world, the four directions.

The vertical line of power is the lightning bolt, it represents divine inspiration and consciousness. The horizontal line portrays Earth, reliable ground is under our feet, providing for safety and continuity. Earth is receptive and stable, offering its fertile soil, longing for divine impregnation.

  The cross within the circle is the astronomical symbol for planet Earth. We're right at the center of the figure eight, at its vortex, where the two counter spinning loops intersect with one another. The two loops of the figure eight are the image of our cosmic body encompassing the entire cosmos above and below us.   



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