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Galactic Activation Portals  (Portal Days) 






In total there are 52 Portal days (red) in the 260-day-template of the Mayan calendar Tzolk'in. Like the Nazca-lines in Peru, huge earth-diagrams and mystical patterns which can be detected by aerial view only, the pattern of Galactic Activation Portals becomes obvious only when standing far above time so to speak, looking at the entire 260-day mandala.

Looking at the red grid there are the two pyramids holding a diamond-shaped crystal. The upper one, standing upside-down, is drawing energy from the cosmic source, the lower one is providing security and stability from the Earth. In the center between the two pyramids we find a diamond-shaped pattern, symbolizing the divine seed, the utmost potential of creation, nurtured from above and below, from Heaven and Earth.

Portal days are energy nodes between common Earth-time and Galactic time, time-wave intersections that facilitate the reception of cosmic knowledge. On Portal days, two distinct perceptions of reality are intertwined and linked together. It's the 28-day Lunar rhythm which intermingles with the Galactic heartbeat - causing for universal wisdom to spiral down into our day-to-day life.


The frequency of Galactic Activation Portals is best understood as a tangible presence of seven-vibration, which makes life surprising and pregnant with meaning. Seven days it takes the Moon from one phase to the next. Approximately four times seven days lasts one full Lunar cycle. The four indicates the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) or the four directions: bringing energies into form, preparing the vessel for the seven to descend.


If you add the numbers of the four corners of the Tzolk'in chart together you get 28. Continue to count four corners by moving diagonally towards the center. They always will add up to 28! Within an Earth-year (365.25 days) almost exactly 13 cycles of 28 days are contained.

There is an interesting numerological connotation to the number 28: Lunar energy which vibrates to the number 2 (duality) meets Galactic energy, vibrating to the number 8 (the symbol of infinity). 2 plus 8 make 10 - symbolizing unity (1) and power (0).

<I am a Galactic Activation Portal - Enter me…> Accept the invitation - a joker is given to you. The cosmos is inviting you to receive a great energy - to become a vessel for the divine. Let yourself be carried away - participate, flow with the river. To fulfill your destiny you are given access to a surplus layer of energy. There is important transformational work for you to complete in this lifetime. Feel grateful and honored to get support from the whole existence. - When you have found the courage to trust life, when you take on the challenges existence offers you in order to develop necessary skills and talents, when you have learned to enjoy surfing waves far bigger then you, when you can allow to be possessed by life itself - then you have become an invitation yourself - a Galactic activation portal - wide open, for anybody to enter through you.


Core Days

If you carry the signature of a Core day, you are given the clarity to overlook life from an elevated point of view. You know how to focus - you may accomplish whatever lies before you. The secret is dwelling into the Now - diving deep into THIS very moment. It is experiencing the vertical dimension of potentially infinite depth in the Now, versus the experience of linear time as infinite string of shallow moments  generating the illusion of what we call time. Tasting the Now in all its intensity opens our senses. Our very same life becomes more colorful, tasteful and rich. In fact - whole existence is already blissful - just we are not, due to our egos. It is very important to understand that we are much more than just a person, a name with a story. Overcoming the idea of being a separate "I", there's no division anymore between this body and the whole universe. Personality is accidental and very transitory. The vital energyof the core days is about gathering courage, and then cultivating which allows oneself to disappear as a person. It is allowing letting the universe act through you, move through you and guide you. Just be the witness and enjoy the divine drama. Understand the illusory quality of time and bring your totality into the now. There is no need to worry about the next moment. If you're truly in the Now, you will meet the next moment with the same totality. Future will always come to you in the form of the Now.




The seventh column (colored in blue) is at the center of the Maya calendar Tzolk'in - the 20 Core Days. Again, mystical seven reveals its special qualities. The twenty Core days are the spinal column of the Mayan calendar, the umbilical cord to the energetic center of our Galaxy. Past, present and future are contained in the eternal now. The Core days are the Himalayas within the Tzolk'in. No wonder that during the last inducement of Core-energy in the Great Cycle, about 2'500 years ago (747 B.C. - 353 B.C.), many enlightened masters have walked the Earth (Gautama Buddha, Mahavir, Zarathustra, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and many more).

From the rooftop we are overlooking the huge pattern of ongoing creation. Life is intense and at times overwhelming. During these 20 days past and future are meeting. The Now becomes important and pregnant with meaning. In perfect balance we have the power to dismiss the past and redirect the future. These 20 days illustrate a gap between the worlds. New visions are descending and fragrant flowers are blooming. Get out of your own way and allow existence to flow through you. We can achieve a genuine inner balance. Meditation and centering are easily coming to us - just make yourself available. Trust and courage are the qualities to grow. Allow to get tuned by existence itself.





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