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Season Days


Season Days are days of initiation and new beginnings. If your signature consists of one of these four powerful generators, existence has given you great ambition and the power of accomplishment. Whatever your intentions might be, you've got the fire to follow through - you are determined to reach your goal. Extremes hold an attraction for you.

Check the direction of your Season Day to find out about what season you personify:


3 Chicchan
3 Oc
3 Men
3 Ahau



Four days in the 260-day Mayan calendar are of special importance - the Season Days . Each of these days is initiating and guarding one of the four 65-day "burner cycles", also known as seasons. The four cycles are working together in an evolutionary pattern. The Season Days are igniting and activating the power of the four directions, East, North, West and South.

Starting from the instinctual mind of "3 Chicchan", the ascending evolution moves on to the mental mind of "3 Oc", to the emotional mind of "3 Men", and finally expressing through the solar mind of "3 Ahau". These four days carry the roles of archetypes. We can use their boosting energy consciously when we become aware of their potentials and align to their driving forces .


Look at the 260-day calendar grid to find out in which of the four burner-cycles your personal energies are rooted in, i.e. which was the last Season Day before your own day sign falls on. This will tell you in which of the four Burner-cycles you're involved in.



The four Burner-cycles or Seasons


3 Chicchan ignites and initiates new beginnings. The following 65 days are related to East energy. These are good days to plan and to set goals.


3 Oc starts the refining process of your intentions. During these 65 days of Northern influence your visions will become more clear and well grounded.


3 Men throws you into the stream of life. Meet creative interaction and allow all cosmic influences. During these 65 days which are connected to the West transformation takes place.


3 Ahau inaugurates the season of fullness. During these 65 days of Southern energy projects and undertakings are growing ripe towards recognition and completion.



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